My ukulele! This is Percy and Rich gave him to me for my birthday. I've been teaching myself for the past fortnight using Pineapple Pete's Uke School and I can currently play Hurt and Jackson by Johnny Cash. Next up is Dream a Little Dream of Me- my favourite song ever.

This funky camera bag (the pink chevrons are my favourite). I tend to just lug my camera around like a tourist since the only camera bag I have is a massive unwieldy ugly thing. I do worry about knocking it around, however, so I'm after something pretty to keep it in.

A cute little garden shed. We're also going to be doing up the garden in the summer and I've started taking inspiration from around the internet. This is just perfect. Mint and lemon is the colour theme we're working with.

I'm obsessed with prints lately as we're starting to think about how to decorate the living room. This United Kingdom print with a heart sticker to place where you like.

Kaylah's amazing nails. I have absolutely no patience whatsoever and I am the messiest nail-painter in the world so unfortunately anything this pretty is just not a possibility for me!

This tiny little piggy necklace is just adorable. Pigs are my favourite animal in the world.


  1. My boyfriend has taught himself acoustic guitar since Christmas (he has played bass for years) The Johnny Cash chord book was the best thing ever- he loves it.
    Love the UK print. That would go so well in my house! x

  2. That camera bag is incredible!! :) I've been looking for one that is aesthetically pleasing. The one I have now looks like a lunchbox. :p

    ps: I love 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash. The video for it is chilling.

  3. cute!

  4. Love that dress so adorable...i said this a milion times already you look like a doll my dear

  5. I love that picture of you!

    xo Jennifer

  6. I love your ukulele! That camera is so amazing, I want it so bad! And I saw Kayla's nails, she must be super patient huh?


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