Ok, so a late Friday Favourites this week. I've been pretty poorly this week (sick days and everything) so I'm a little behind. Spending all weekend on the sofa tucked up under my duvet though so I should be back to full strength by Monday. 

I spent a good hour and a half, at least, on this XKCD strip. I was determined to get all the way through it and, after spending about half an hour on it and telling Rich that the vastness of it was freaking me out, I found this:

I don't know if I can effectively convey how much it creeped me out! It's like he knew I would spend all that time looking through it. If you lose your patience, there's a zoomable map of it but I recommend you try the original first. 

How much do I want these Jeremy Scott x Adidas ballet flats? Erm, more than anything, I think! I would rock these at work. Unfortunately we're not doing Ancient Greece this year, because these are Hermes-tastic!

This is such a gorgeous Addams Family print. In case you can't read it clearly, it says "Are you unhappy, darling?" "Oh, yes, yes! Completely." I've always had an unusual view of beauty. I think derelict buildings and graveyards are the most beautiful places. I find this print so utterly romantic and stunning. I really, really want it!

In a couple of weeks time, we are raising money via Genes for Jeans day. I'm not really one for jeans, as you may have noticed, so I need some denim inspiration. Ok, so Jasmin's look might be a little bit risqué for work, but I do adore the pin-up attitude. That denim hair band is adorable. I think I could rock something like that.

Finally, I want to show you something that is awesome on all kinds of levels. The (super foxy) Morgue created this drawing of me. How amazing is that! I feel like a rock star! 


  1. Those shoes are too cute!

  2. Becky you are absolutely ADORABLE ....

    we'll follow you

    Lelli, italian fashion family

  3. i love illustrations of real people. it's just so much funner than people in real life don't you think?

  4. Sick days off school aren't as much fun when you're a grown up. Hope you're feeling better, the autumn term is a killer xxx

  5. Those ballet flats are awesome! Greek mythology revisited!



  6. I love those Adidas pumps, and yes that portrait is awesome.


  7. Seriously? That drawing is KILLER!! :)


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