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Every now and then you come across a blog where it's clear that, for the blogger, words are important. Emma's blog, Everything but the Cabbage Stick, is one of these. Emma writes about her life with her husband and two (adorable) children with just the right amount of humour. Her blog is just something very different to what you may be used to in a blog, and it's interesting to see a blog with such a unique approach. Apart from Emma's keen writing, let's take a look at what else makes her an individual.

She lives in Jersey
You don't come much more niche than that! For those who may not know, Jersey is one of the British islands off the coast of France with a population of just 97,000. Emma loves to explore the areas of interest on the island, such as the Jersey Maritime Museum and lots of trips to the beach! If you're thinking of visiting Jersey, Emma's the person to talk to!

She's a real family girl

Emma's posts about her family are so sweet! From her adorable story about being married to her husband for 8 years, to her brutally honest account of giving birth to her eldest child, she is unashamedly open about her love for her family, and it's heartwarming to read.

She is honest
So many bloggers are aspirational, and present a Pinterest-perfect perception of life. Which is great, but it's also nice to read about some bloggers' deeper thoughts and feelings. Not only has she written a list of the things that made her cry, but she followed it up with a list of things that should have made her cry but didn't. That's the sort of open honesty I can get on board with! (I didn't cry at my wedding either!) 

If you're looking for something a little different to break up the monotony of Mason jars and macarons, I seriously recommend checking out Everything but the Cabbage Stick

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