Sponsor Shoutout: Beth Tinkerbell

I've featured blogger-friend-turned-real-life-friend Beth of Beth Tinkerbell before, and now I'm lucky enough to have her sponsoring me again this month. As always, when somebody sponsors me more than once, I've taken a look at her latest post and chosen my top three.

Youtube Celebrity Culture
Beth's thoughts on the increasingly celeb-like adoration of Youtubers are really interesting and I have to say I totally agree with a lot of her points. Have a read and see what you think. Should Youtubers be heralded so much?

Reading Habits Tag
I had to include a book post, since Beth and I are both such bookworms! It's interesting to compare her reading habits with mine. I'm telling you, this girl is a reading machine! 

Handbag Essentials
The teddy totally swayed me here. In fact, the teddy (What's his name, Beth?) appears in a lot of her posts, which always cheers me up! I can't believe how prepared Beth is. Her essentials include scrunchies, hand gel and a first aid kit, no less. I'm lucky if I find a pen!

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