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Guys, guys, guys. There's only 3 months until Christmas Eve! Although, let's be honest here, the best part of Christmas is the build up so, really, we've only got 2 months until things get exciting. I'm one of those people who puts my tree up on 1st December without fail. All of my Christmas blog posts are planned. My lifelong dream is to have one of those really tacky, impossibly lit up houses. Yes, I'll admit it: I am a Christmas nutcase! 

With that in mind, it goes without saying that I was incredibly excited to be asked by The Christmas Boutique to review some of their decorations, even more so when I opened it up to find practically everything was in my favourite traditional Christmas colours of red and white.

These frog baubles may not be traditional, but they are so quirky I just can't help but adore them! I've already decided that they are going to be lined up on one of my office shelves, like the three kings of the amphibian world. 
While we're on the subject of baubles, let's talk about these adorable mini heart baubles. Sold in packs of 12, there are more than enough to adorn your tree. Just be aware that they come without strings to hang, so you'll need to have your own on hand. 

Look at this fella's happy little face! Perched on a little swing, the string of which forms the hanger, the snowman decoration can swing to his heart's content. Can we also take a moment to appreciate the Christmas tree advent calendar? I can't wait to rill this baby up and hang it in my bedroom. In fact, I might even ask Rich to fill it up for me so I have a little surprise every morning! 

As we're talking about hanging things in the bedroom, let's turn to stockings. I don't have a fireplace so mine always lives at the foot of my bed. These tartan and burlap stockings are sold as a pair, which is useful. The burlap stocking seems much more sturdy than the thin fabric of the tartan one, and it has more bells too. They jingle and everything! 

My favourite of the lot is these two tea light holders with knitted covers. I'm gutted because the one of the left somehow smashed between my unpacking it and photographing it. I'm not sure how as I didn't throw it around or manhandle it. You may be able to see, right on the far left side of the photo, that it has left an incredibly sharp point which is a bit worrying. The knitted covers are so lovely, though, so I'll find a replacement glass to use instead. 
Finally, we have these two felt gift sacks. They're absolutely huge and the felt is really sturdy. The cartoon designs are perfect for kids or, you know, Christmas obsessives like me.

The Christmas Boutique has such a huge amount of decorations, ornaments and accessories. Pretty much anything you need is on there. In fact, there's 50% off everything at the moment, so check it out and get yourself ready for the festive season. There's not long to go, you know! 


  1. Ohhh this post has got me in the festive mood :D Love the mini heart baubles and the knitted tea light holders. This will be our first Christmas in our house (although it's still a rented property...) so I'm looking forward to filling a larger space with Xmas cheer! x

  2. Since becoming a mother, Sept - Dec is completely dedicated to the season and because of Florida coming in April I have nearly finished Christmas shopping already!

    All those things look beautiful! Love the wee frogs! xxx

  3. Oh I love it all! I'm such a big Christmas geek, too, and I love stretching the season out as long as possible! I've already got Christmas on the brain; I even bought a couple of new decorations last week! Haha!

  4. I love the tea light holders / cosies! Such a clever idea! You've got me all excited for Christmas now! :) x x

  5. Eeeek I bloody love Christmas!!! This is the first xmas themed blog post ive spotted this year and its got me ridiculously excited! Those little frogs are hysterical and I love the red and white themed decs
    Gemma xx

  6. Oh my gaaad this website is amazing! I really want my house to be filled with Christmas decorations this year! You really can never have enough in my opinion! xx

  7. Aaaargh Christmas is coming!! This post is so exciting!

  8. Ahh i loved this post, i share your utter excitement for Christmas too, I'm already scrolling pinterest daily for ideas! Such a lovely package of stuff the little ornament on the swing is so cute :) xxx

  9. I've already planned my Christmas blog posts too! One of them has even been written and scheduled.

    I love you for sharing this website, i've had a browse and spotted a nativity set I'm going to have to buy! x

    Beth Tinkerbell

  10. Christmas is by FAR the best time of the year! I too am a fellow christmas nutcase! x


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