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Beth is awesome! She's not just a blog friend, but a real life friend too. I've been very lucky to meet up with her a couple of times over the past year, even though she lives oop north (well, Yorkshire, which I'm not sure is really north or not. What are southerners like, eh?). You should check out her blog, Beth Tinkerbell, just because she's my friend and that makes her automatically great but, if you need further encouragement, here are my three favourite recent posts from her.

University Diaries: How do I write a personal statement?
Personal statements can be very intimidating for prospective students, especially when you know you're entering a competitive course. Beth has recently written hers, and she includes her tips in this post. She has some really great advice, like discussing why you want to attend a certain type of university, and whether you should focus more on experience or interests. I'd definitely check it out if you're applying to university soon.

Lush Cinders Bath Ballistic Review
I found Beth's review really interesting because I've just used Cinders and suspected I'd bought a dud as it didn't smell and didn't change my bath water colour. Reading this has confirmed that there was definitely something wrong with my bath ballistic. You know I love Lush, so anybody who posts Lush reviews will do it for me!

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Chocolate Brownies Recipe
Beth eats a gluten-free diet, so she's a great person to follow for recipe advice. This post is great because she teamed up with her dairy-free friend Lucy to create brownies suitable for both their dietary needs. 

Do head over to Beth's blog and don't forget to stop by her Twitter too. 

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  1. Yorkshire is up North!! I'm a reyt northerner me :) x


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