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Last month was kind of hectic so let's, just for a moment, pretend it's not November while I introduce you to October's sponsor- Emily from The Bell Jar Blog. As Emily lives near me, I've met her in real life a couple of times- once, rather mortifyingly, when I was half-asleep on my commute home without a speck of make up on- and she's truly lovely. She didn't bat an eyelid at the sight of my post-work look! Most recently, I bumped into her at our local rock club on Halloween where she and her friend had a cracking Grady Twins costume going on. That's pretty much a reason to follow her anyway, but let's look at some more.

pink Instax and purple shell bag
Like me, Emily is an old school, early-00s emo kid and her music taste reflects this. She's uploaded two playlists to her blog- The Myspace Years Playlist and a rock-oriented Halloween Playlist. Both are incredible (in fact, I listened to the latter while I got ready for my Halloween night out) so I'm lodging a formal request for more soon. Needless to say, I'm insanely jealous of the upcoming gigs she's attending. Smuggle me in with you?

Barry M Treasure Chest and Rose Hip Swatch
Ever since getting my acrylics, I've become obsessed with nails. I'm insanely jealous of Emily's because hers are real. They're a gorgeous shape and she has such great taste in nail shades. I think this pink and gold look may be my favourite but I love them all and they're definitely worth keeping an eye on. 

Girl on the Train book club
There is nothing I love more than finding out a blogger I already love writes book posts. Not only does Emily write book reviews (I really enjoyed her review of John Dies at the End) but she's written about her experience running a book club which I found really useful. 


I could be here forever because I love Emily's blog as it is but some bonus reasons to follow include: she loves Lush, her blog is cruelty-free, she visited Dismaland and because I say so. Are you convinced yet?

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  1. Jack Off Jill cancelled their Glasgow date. Heartbroken, but I did buy an awesome "feminist witch cat lady" JoJ tote with my refund money...

    Emily sounds like a girl after my own heart, will check her out.

    Lis / last year's girl



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