Charity of the Month: Care Pakistan

As part of my refreshed blog plan for 2015, I'll be promoting a different charity each month, giving them a sidebar ad and writing a post explaining why they are such a great cause. Of course, I'll also be donating to each charity and I urge others to do the same.
I've mentioned before that I mainly teach Pakistani children, so I have a real affinity with Pakistan. It's a place I would absolutely love to visit and I dream of being able to volunteer as a teacher there at some point in my life. 

Partly because of this connection I feel with Pakistan, and partly because of the sheer inhumanity of the event, it was with horror and heartbreak that I read about the Peshawar shootings last month. Innocent children were targeted in a horrific attack by extremists just because their parents are members of the army. Unfortunately, the assaulting of school children is not an isolated case in Pakistan. I'm sure everybody knows the story of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, now a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who was shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking out in support of girls' education.

Despite these dangers, many Pakistani children, in my experience, remain dedicated to their education. After the Peshawar attacks, many returned to school in a brave act of defiance against the terror. Closer to home, in my day job, children work extremely hard to push themselves, often attending private tuition alongside their schooling and, for those who are Muslim, Islamic teachings. Most are taught that their teacher is on a level with a parent and should therefore be respected as a parent. From my experience in teaching, I've found Pakistani children to be more hard-working, respectful and determined than those of any other nationality. 

Yet many children still live in a culture where it is difficult to access education. Over half of all women in Pakistan are illiterate and the country has the third highest number of illiterate adults in the world. Despite the Pakistani constitution that gives children the right to an education, 21% of children do not receive one (source).

Care Pakistan is a charity that was set up 25 years ago in order to provide more children with access to education. There are now 175,000 children- both boys and girls- being educated across 257 schools provided by Care. As it turns out, the cost of educating a child for a whole year is £12. 

Think about it: £12, less than a MAC lipstick, is enough to educate one child for an entire year. Can you imagine the difference that could make to a child's life? Not only that, but it filters into the local community and, the more children who are educated, the country as a whole. 

Children are the future, and I can't think of a better way to safeguard the generations to come than providing them with an education. 

Huge thanks to Areeba for her help and support as I wrote this post. 


  1. I think this is such a good idea! One of my goals for 2014 was to start donating and doing more for charity, I would love to volunteer but I don't really have the time with my new job so I want to help out in different ways x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love this idea :) and just donated!

  3. Love this idea Becky. I think that using your media power to give attention to charity is awesome. I will be checking out each of the ones you post. Checking out this one right now!

  4. This is such an awesome idea - what a great way to use your blog for something so positive.

  5. Brilliant post Becky, I love that you're doing this. It's a real eye opener!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  6. This is such a wonderful and altruistic thing you're doing, good on you! The children of Pakistan really do need people like you willing to help them get the education they deserve - it's a thing so many of us take for granted and reading this really makes me appreciate every learning opportunity :)

  7. I can't express how much I loved reading this post. I'm from Pakistan, and it's nice to know you care, and feel the way you do about Pakistanis.<3 Seeing positive things written about Pakistan or Pakistanis really puts a big smile on my face. You have the power to really make a difference, and I'm so happy to see that you have chosen this charity, and are educating all your readers about how they can help the children of Pakistan. Thank you so much for this blog post and choosing this charity. I'm just going to start donating to them. I love you and your blog so much haha♡ x

    link text

  8. I love this idea Becky! I can't tell how happy I am that you chose Care Pakistan and took time to write about this! You're the best and I'm glad I was able to help some way :)


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