Tori has a wonderful post on turning 30 and what she has learned.
Ellie looks gorgeous in her activewear (and I'm so jealous that she lives near the Olympic Park!)

Charlotte has made a change and decided to leave uni. I might write a post on tis too soon, actually. 

A short Friday Favourites this week as Bloglovin' is playing up and I don't have the energy to battle with it. Expect an extra long post next Friday!


  1. Argh bloglovin is annoying like that sometimes. I love it but on some days it will stop scrolling further down and not show me the new posts I have to read. It's like it doesn't understand my needs!

  2. I get the feeling with Bloglovin. Lately when I go back to check for new posts it re-marks ones I've read as unread and I get confused as to whether I've read something or not >.<

  3. I'm actually so happy to know that I'm not the only one totally pissed off by Bloglovin'... Looking forward to your post next week! I'm off to look at all these posts. Have a great weekend, Becky!

  4. Thanks so much lovely lady! Hope Bloglovin' starts working for you soon, super annoying when it gives up. Hope you're having a fun packed weekend! ;) xx


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