I'm writing a book!

Oh man! Another blogger book? Erm, well no actually. Funnily enough, I haven't been offered a several-thousand-pounds book deal and I have no ghostwriter lurking in the wings. Instead, I am writing and publishing an e-book. Exciting, right?
For about a year now, I've had an idea brewing in my mind for a book but it never seemed the right time to start it. Then I heard about InFoBoMo. One of my favourite, most inspiring bloggers, Regina, has teamed up with some blogging and digital masterminds to set up a challenge along the lines of NaNoWriMo: Writing an entire book in a month. The twist here is that the book is non-fiction with an informative purpose. 

So what have I chosen to write my book about? My original idea is something ambitious and will take much longer than a month. Instead, I thought about something that I'm really good at and can offer helpful, original advice on- Organising yourself as a blogger*.

I've written a few posts based around the theme of organising your blogging life (such as organising PR samples and this very old, but very popular, post on organising yourself as a blogger), so my ebook will be an expansion of these with activities and tasks to complete in your own time, running from setting up a posting schedule, all the way up to offering sponsorships and working with PRs. 


Why am I telling you this now? Because I need your help! While I'm writing my labour of love, I have a couple of questions to ask. Literally two questions. If you could take the time to answer them here, it would be hugely helpful!
If all goes to plan, my book will be available in June. Of course I will tell you when it's ready!

*This isn't the title. 


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like such a great idea and I'll definitely be one to read it :) Answering the questions now x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  2. This is seriously awesome news, my fabulous friend! Well done you - can't wait to see the final product! Becky Bedbug, published author, aye? GLORIOUS <3

  3. How exciting! I can't wait to read it, I'm sure you'll have plenty of interesting advice :)
    Megan x
    London Callings

  4. Sounds brilliant. I will submit my answers x

  5. This is amazing. Congrats, can't wait to see it when it's finished! Good luck with the writing. :)

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  6. Wow good for you =] high five!

  7. OMG so exciting! I'm really looking forward to it ;)

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

  8. Wow that's great! I can't wait to read it! I'm glad you're writing an ebook. Looks like you're definitely gonna have fun. I wanna start one now lol! If you need any more help with the book besides the questions I'd be happy to help in anyway I can :)

  9. Oooohh oooohhh this sounds incredibly exciting! I look forward to reading it when it's all done and available, and I'm sure it's going to be amazingly insightful :D

    Fii || little miss fii

  10. So excited to see your book Becky! A blogger book I'm looking forward to :D xx

  11. Oh WOW! Such amazing news. Looking forward to seeing what you produce, Becky. And if we can ever help by giving you a shout out, or anything at all, then please do just shout up, we'd be more than happy to help :-) x

  12. Ooh how exciting! I've done the survey. Good luck!


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