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At the beginning of the year, I revamped our living room and the difference has been immense. It feels much more like a home now, rather than just a place we rent. Since it's made such an impact, I'm now turning my attentions to our kitchen which is an unloved, often-forgotten space. (Forgotten when it comes to me, that is. As far as I'm aware, food just appears whenever I'm hungry, although I'm sure Rich has a different story!)

I've always wanted a really tacky pink kitchen but now we have a pink sofa, that might be one step too far into Barbie Dream House territory. Perhaps it's time to grow up and think sophistication? Eh, like that's going to happen! With that in mind, here are some items I'm thinking of including in our new kitchen.
Girly kitchen items
Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers // Pink Casserole Dish // Slate Heart Serving Dish // Pink Mixing Bowl // Heart-Shaped Plate // Heart-Shaped Bowl // Drinking Jar // Make Good Things Happen Travel Mug // Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand // Pig Out Snack Bowl // I'm Too Pretty Mug // Billie Toast Rack

Of course, it can take some financial planning to prepare for a new kitchen (and for me to buy all these cute things), and tools like the TSB loan calculator are perfect for making sure you budget appropriately. If it was down to me, I'd have those fancy innovations you see on kitchen adverts, like sinks you can cover with a worktop when not in use, and under-shelf lighting. However, that might have to wait for when we have our own home, unfortunately!

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  1. All of those drinking receptacles are just beautiful - but I, mot so sure I could get away with the 'Too pretty to work' mug in the office!
    We recently revamped our living room too. It has made such a difference. We just want to sit in it all the time now :)
    Laura |

  2. Love the pink casserole dish - it could almost persuade me to start cooking (almost)!

    Claire | | xx

  3. I need that ferris wheel cake stand in my life. It's so cute!! After having probably one too many drinks served in mason jars, I'm trying to switch all of my glasses to them... though my parents have other ideas. Lovely wishlist, :D

    Fii | little miss fii

  4. I love everything =]

  5. haha love the I'm too pretty to work mug! That's incredible! Love this post, my partner and I are moving into our new house in a few months and it's completely bare so I need lots of pretty ideas like this please! Angelica x

  6. Love all of this! I actually have the heart bowls from Wilko and the slate heart <3

  7. Ooooh lovely wee bits and bob! An all pink Barbie Dream House sounds ideal to me?! :') I'm sure Rich could be persuaded!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  8. If you have an Asda that does homewares, check it out because I was in my local one today and they have a pink mixing bowl similar to that in the sale! Their Prince's Trust kitchenwares is similar to some of this as well, and really well priced. Iwas going to suggest Wilkos for heart shaped stuff! They always seem to have some.

  9. That pink casserole dish is actually dreaaaaaaaamy! x

  10. My kitchen is tiny but I am always filling it with stuff from Homesense, because they have so many cute things! I think my pride and joy is a massive pastel pink Le Creuset teapot. That statement puts me slightly into the "my life is sad" territory, but it's SO PRETTY and SUCH HIGH QUALITY and WHY BE A GROWN UP IF YOU CAN'T HAVE CUTE DISHES.

    Aisling | aisybee.


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