About Becky Bedbug
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Becky Bedbug was born in December 2011 as a place to share my personal style while tentatively moving into the career world. Over the years, my blog has evolved to showcase travel, beauty and fashion. 

About Becky
Born in 1988 in Hampshire, England, I'm a chubby student of death who loves reading, exploring and watching Alan Rickman (On the TV, I mean, not through binoculars...) My husband Rich, who is unfortunately not Alan Rickman but still a very lovely man, and I married in August 2014 at Hogwarts. OK, so it was the Hogwarts in Florida but it's real! We live in Hampshire, since I am a true Hampshire Hog with a tendency to slip into the old country accent when I get overexcited, with four pets of the stuffed animal variety: Fluffy, George, Bagpuss and Pepe. When I'm not buried in a text book or rapidly descending into a pit of assessment deadlines, you can probably find me panicking on a budget airline, buying all the Lush bath bombs, or slowly disappearing under the quicksand of clothes that is my spare room. 

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