OOTD // Brighton Pier

Last time I visited Brighton Pier, it was wet, cold and windy. The weather meant there was hardly anybody on the pier and it was freezing! Just a few weeks later and I had the complete opposite experience. It was hard to find a quiet, shady spot to take these photos! I did try to get some photos under the big Brighton Pier sign but people kept walking through shot. Blogger problems!

Plus size jumper and mini skirt

Jumper: Marks & Spencer
Skirt: Primark (Similar here)
Leggings: Evans
Boots: ASOS


Nails // Essie Go Ginza

After having bright pinks and corals for my last few sets of nails, I felt like going for something a little more understated this time. I had a few different colours in mind and couldn't decide which, so I just stuck my hand in the bag and went for the first one I pulled out- Essie Go Ginza. (Yes, I have a bag of nail varnishes. I need some sort of actual storage system but, for now, a big Boots carrier bag under my dressing table will do).

Essie Go Ginza Swatch

Go Ginza is the palest lilac shade which is almost white under some lights. I love this because it seems to be a different colour every few minutes- from lilac, to grey, to white- and each one is really pretty. This also makes it really versatile so I don't need to worry about my nails clashing with my outfit. To be honest, this is not something I ever worry about, but it's still nice when they work well together. As with most Essie nail varnishes, Go Ginza is opaque from the first coat, so there are no patchy or streaky bits, and it has a lovely glossy finish. 

I'm so glad I pulled Go Ginza out of the bag. The pale, delicate shade is beautiful and I can't stop staring at my nails!


Wishlist // Swimwear for Big Boobs

It's rare for me to go on holiday anywhere that requires swimwear. Not because I have anything against swimming, but just because I tend to go for city breaks and the hotels I stay in don't usually have a pool. 2017 is different. I have four trips coming up where I definitely need some swimwear. The only problem is my boobs don't tend to like your standard Primark bikinis and that's pretty annoying. If you're busty, you'll understand how frustrating it is to get cute swimwear to fit. I've had a look around and found the cutest bikinis and swimsuits for those of us with a bit more up top.
Swimwear bikini swimsuits for big boobs


Eurovision Travel

I can't believe it's Eurovision time again already but I am very glad it is. Last year, I wrote a post about my favourite Eurovision moments and I thought it would be fun to write another themed post this time. Initially, I'd promised myself that I was going to try to get hold of tickets for Eurovision this year but when Ukraine won, I decided against it. Hopefully I'll be able to buy tickets for next year, so I can't wait to find out who wins! Since I've never been able to attend Eurovision in person, I've instead written a post about some of the great cities I've visited that have hosted the contest (as well as some I'd love to visit!)

Eurovision host countries


OOTD // Embroidered Jumper

Let me tell you, I am all over this embroidery trend! I was so happy with my embroidered dress last year, so it thrills me that I can now buy embroidered boots, jackets, bags... the lot. This jumper is just one example and I love it!

Plus size embroidered jumper


Review // Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer

Before we last went to Salzburg, I suddenly realised that I'd run out of primer. Rich was going into town so he offered to stop off and buy a new one. My plan was for him to pick up a replacement Bare Minerals Prime Time, but it's not stocked in my local store so Rich had the challenge of finding a suitable replacement. Bless him, he tried but he was completely overwhelmed and ended up being convinced by the salesman that the primer containing 'actual flakes of gold'- Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer- was the best one. As it turns out, he made a pretty good choice!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer Review


How are you voting?

I may be alone here but I bloody love election time! I just get so excited with all the build up, then I try to stay awake all night and usually end up falling asleep on the sofa. Last General Election, I wrote this post to showcase the range of different blogger voices, and there was no question in my mind that I would do it again this time round. 

General Election 2017


Nails // Topshop Pink Is The Colour

I often choose my nail colour with the weather in mind, so when it looked like we were going to have a nice, bright spring, I went for this gorgeous coral shade. Then the clouds and rain rolled in... At least it's nice to have colourful nails, even if the weather leaves a lot to be desired!

Topshop Pink is the Colour Orange Coral Nail Varnish Swatch


May Wishlist

Doesn't feel much like summer is on the way yet, does it? The shops would have us think it is though, so I guess we'd better cross our fingers for warmer weather soon. At the end of the month I'm visiting Riga, and since the city appears to have a colour palette of reds, oranges and mustards, I've decided to theme my wishlist around that. 
May Wishlist


Review // Lush Melomint Bubble Bar

When the Lush Kitchen opened in 2014, this was one of the first products that caught my eye. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to snap one up, and although it's appeared several times since, it has always evaded me. Until now. Finally, finally, I managed to get hold of one! 

Lush Melomint Bubble Bar Review


April Reading Round Up

April was not a good month for my reading. I can't even use the usual excuse- sure, I had some deadlines but they were all in the first two weeks. Beyond that? I think I was just a bit lazy! I'm making a promise to myself that May will be better!
Eleven Kinds of Loneliness The Goldfinch


OOTD // White Lace Dress

I know fluted sleeves are everywhere right now but I love them so much! I've got a lot of tops and dresses with these sleeves to take photos of so you better at least pretend you're also into them for the time being! This gorgeous white lace dress is from Simply Be and I've pretty much been wearing it everywhere for the past few weeks.
Plus size white dress
White lace dress: Simply Be
Black tights: ASOS
Black ankle boots: Missguided (Similar here)

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