100 Happy Days: June

Last month, when I started my 100 Happy Days project, I intended to choose the 9 happiest days. June ended up being so happy that I had to up that number to 12. Being off work, I've had to do lots of happy things to keep me relaxed and chilled out, so I've ended up with lots of happy moments this month!
Day 29: At Alton Towers with Marie //Day 31: South West Blog Social //Day 32: Visiting Leona
Day 34: Having fun at Kew Gardens //Day 35: A surprise birthday party// 
Day 38: Relaxing with the ducks
Day 39: Afternoon tea// Day 40: Hanging out with my grandma// Day 42: Visiting the V&A museum
Day 43: Cinema with my little bro// Day 44: Playing fashion bloggers with Helen// Day 45: Dancing in the streets at Pride

Turns out I managed to add up my days completely wrong and I repeated two of them on Instagram. I'm an idiot! 

London Pride Trafalgar Square

After all the fun of the Pride parade, we walked over to Trafalgar Square (well, after a quick Nando's stop off) to see Conchita perform. I got really lucky, as we stood in front of a bench on which people were standing and, after 10 minutes or so, one of these people left. I hopped up on the bench and had a completely clear view over everybody's heads. Amazing!

The show was running a bit behind, so we had a dance to Sam Fox first. Her dancers are amazing!

There's always one who breaks away to dance in the fountain.

After Sam Fox, Anthony Cotton (Coronation Street's Sean) introduced Ian McKellen to the stage. He got such an amazing reaction from the crowd.

Sir Ian was a hugely inspiring, and hilarious, speaker: "Who's idea was it to put a massive cock here?" He had been speaking to a Russian teenager who had come to London for his first pride, and was so touched by the boy's story that he wore a T shirt with the Russian words for "Some people are gay, even in Russia. Get over it". 

He then introduced Conchita to the stage, and the reaction from the crowd was amazing.
She looked beautiful and sang so wonderfully. There was a lot of singing along to Rise Like a Phoenix. 

Afterwards, I danced in the street to Katrina and the Waves. It was so surreal to be twirling around in the middle of these roads that are usually so busy. 
 It was wonderful to be part of something so positive. I can't wait for next year, or for Brighton Pride at the beginning of August. Bring on the rainbows! 


London Pride Parade

Last summer, I visited Brighton Pride for the first time and loved it! I was desperate to visit London Pride this year and it totally took my breath away. Brighton was amazing, but London is something completely different. The entire parade took almost 2 hours to pass by us, and then we headed over to Trafalgar Square to party. I ended up taking 644 photos and it was a mammoth task whittling those down. To make it a little easier, I've split the day into two posts: London Pride Parade and London Pride in Trafalgar Square.

It was a wonderfully sunny day at home, so I packed my sunglasses, loaded up the suncream and put on my loveliest sandals. Then we stepped out at Picadilly Station and... rain. Rain everywhere. 

I hadn't really dressed for the weather! Luckily, the rain cleared up and we found a great spot at the end of Regent's Street. Throughout the parade, there were showers on and off but the rain couldn't dampen the spirit and joy. 

Boris? Is that you?

 Free chicken! 
George is still going, and 91 now! Hooray for George! 
I was collecting all the stickers!

I also got a rainbow wristband to match the rainbow loom band I made especially for Pride. 
Sinitta was there! The parade stopped for a while when she was level with us so we got a special little concert. 
 You may not believe me, but this is the back of Sir Ian McKellen's head. He was walking with Stonewall, and shaking hands with everyone in the crowd. I was so starstruck, and freaking out about whether to get a handshake or a photo, that I managed to get neither. Good work, Becky!

It was such a fun, positive and joyous event. Next year, I'm putting together a group of LGBT bloggers to walk in the parade, so let me know if you'd be interested. I'm very excited! 

101 in 1001 XIX

#12 Attend a blogging event
The South West Blog Social was such an amazing event!
I also attended the fabulous Curvy Kate event.

#13 Meet a blogger in real life

What with the South West Blog Social, I met a whole host of bloggers! Amy, Harriette, Carly, Emily, Tasha, Hannah and Chelsea amongst others! 
I also met Lucie, Hollie, Nicole, Elena and Lucy at the Curvy Kate event. That's 12+ bloggers in one month. Wow! 

#32 Visit Alton Towers
Marie and I had a wonderful time at Alton Towers

#57 See all the exhibitions on my list
I saw both the Wedding Dresses and Italian Fashion exhibitions at the V&A this month. 

#96 Read 75 books (69/75)
I honestly thought I'd read a lot more this month, but I guess 3 books isn't so bad. I accidentally included My Mad Fat Diary here when I actually read it last month, so ignore that. 

#101 Watch all the films

We watched One Chance this month, which I've been meaning to see for a while. I loved it! Such a joyous- and hilarious- film. 
I can't believe I'd never seen Big Fish until now. It's so beautiful and I cried everywhere! 

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