Review: Lush Big Blue and Honey Bee

When I visited Lush at Westfield Stratford City last month, there were only two bath ballistics that I hadn't tried: Big Blue and Honey Bee. It made sense to try them out and complete the set!

Big Blue

After the refreshing sea salt of Sakura, I was really excited to try Big Blue. It contains sea salt, lavender oil and lemon oil which just sounds like the most perfect bath. Unfortunately, it also contains a lot of seaweed. It floated all around the bath, softening to a gloopy mulch that brushed against my legs every time I moved. You know that feeling of food fragments floating around in the water when you're washing up? Yeah, it felt like that. I can't comment on the fragrance because I was too busy freaking out about the sensation!

Honey Bee

What with the trauma of Big Blue, I was looking forward to trying something a little less cringe-inducing. Honey Bee contains honey (surprisingly enough), bergamot oil and lemon oil, which gives it a nice citrus fragrance. I would have liked more of the honey notes, being named after the ingredient and all, but oh well. There was one huge downside though: It's very, very yellow. Yellow enough to stain the bath. Yellow enough to stain the skin. I got out of the bath looking like a guest star on The Simpsons. Not ideal. 

Turns out I wasn't missing much with these two! 


  1. I tried the honey bee bath bomb and was completely disappointed with it! It's just too yellow, it's horrible!
    Rachel | VintageDeer

  2. I've always wanted to try big blue but don't fancy the seaweed. Althought I've heard if you cut the leg off an old tight and tie it into that then you get the blue water and scent but can just take the remaining seaweed out. Does that make sense?
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. I think I would like to see you as a Simpson. Maybe you should try it out when the MAC Simpsons collab happens! xx


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