Top Books of 2015

For the first time ever, I managed to achieve my goal of 50 books. In fact, I ended up reading 53 books which is amazing for me! I've had a look over these 53 books and chosen my six favourites. 
Best books of 2015

Top Outfits of 2015

Every year, I post fewer and fewer outfit posts. It's a real shame because I love outfit posts and finding interesting locations (WHY did I take none in Paris or Berlin?) but I just never seem to have the time. Hopefully that will change this year. I'm going to put it at the top of my list of priorities!
2015 blogger outfits
January: I love Snoopy! I bought this jumper in summer 2014 and was just waiting for it to get cold enough to wear!
February: I must find this Gerard Way sweatshirt because I absolutely love it and I think I've only worn it twice.
March: For the first time since I started the blog, I went a whole month without an outfit post. I did post these outtakes though!


Top posts of 2015

I'm not going to start this post by saying "Wow, this year went so fast" because, let's face it, everybody does that! Instead, I'm going to keep it simple: Here are some of my favourite posts from 2015. Enjoy!
Hula hooping in York

101 in 1001 XXXIII

As you can imagine, December has been a pretty hectic month! Somehow, in between all the frantic running around, I managed to squeeze in a lot of my 101 in 1001 goals!

#61 See 5 shows 1/5
After a good couple of years of meaning to visit it, I finally got round to seeing The Book of Mormon. I took Myles and we both absolutely loved it. Hilarious! Unfortunately, it was only when I wrote this post that I realised I didn't blog about it. I did vlog it though! 

#66 See 10 exhibitions 1/10
Crime Museum Uncovered
Top of my list of exhibitions to see was The Crime Museum Uncovered and, oh man, was it amazing! 


2015 goals reviewed

I thought 2015 had been a bad year but, actually, when I looked at my goals for this year, I've pretty much achieved them all. Guess sometimes- or most of the time, perhaps- the perception of how well you've done is negatively biased. It's easy to think that things haven't gone to plan but this is why goals are so important: when you revisit them, you can see how much progress you've really made.
2015 blog goals

What I Got For Christmas 2015

I know there are a lot of people who don't like these posts but there are also a huge amount of people who do. I shouldn't really have to put a disclaimer in here but I'm going to anyway: The reason I'm posting this is because I'm really happy with the effort my family have put into these presents and I want to share that. Not because I'm boasting (because, seriously, how many other bloggers are going to read this and go "Wow! I wish I had that book about social class!") but because I'm in love with and very excited by the wonderful gifts I've got. Deal with it.
Christmas Presents for blogger


OOTD // Vivien of Holloway Tartan Skirt & Gypsy Top

One of the many blogs I abandoned over the years was called Becky's Vintage Wardrobe and, as you may imagine, was dedicated to my love of vintage clothing. My absolute favourite brand for reproduction vintage clothing was Vivien of Holloway and I had a whole wardrobe filled with their dresses. I loved that they were true to 1940s and 1950s style but available in a wide range of sizes and hard-wearing.  Vivien of Holloway plus size


Fourth Blog Birthday

On 27th December 2011, I sat at my laptop and started a blog. I'd had several blogs before- including one dedicated to my teenage angsty heartache- but they'd all fizzled out after a couple of months. As I wrote about my concerns for finding nice clothes to wear as I started out on my teaching career, I fully believed that this new blog would go the same way as all the others. After all, I was beginning my first teaching position in a week's time, and I'd be far too busy to keep it up.
Becky Bedbug is 4


Christmas Break at CenterParcs

I hate nature. Like, hate nature. Born and bred in a busy suburban town, the darkness and quietness of countryside freaks me out. For a while it's been a joke between me and Rich that a trip to CenterParcs would be the worst possible holiday for me. So what did we decide to do before Christmas? Go to CenterParcs, of course. No, I don't know why either. I think it was my idea too, which just makes the whole thing even stranger.
Christmas Trees CenterParcs


Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas at last! I don't know about you but I literally spend all year looking forward to Christmas! In fact, when I was a kid, I would always use my wishes to wish that Christmas would come faster.
Christmas make up
Judging by the number of book-shaped presents under the tree, I'll mostly be spending my day reading and, of course, stuffing my face. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

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Christmas Eve 2015

This year, I had my Christmas Eve outfit picked out weeks in advance. I bought the accessories super early and spent time identifying the perfect dress to go with them. I knew I wanted a fitted silver, sequinned dress. Unfortunately, that's surprisingly difficult to find in plus sizes. Eventually I found this one from Asda but when I went to buy it on payday, it had completely sold out. Gutted isn't the word. I tried everywhere to find a suitable replacement but couldn't find a thing I liked. Instead I settled on this red lace Primark dress that I bought for Christmas two years ago. Plus size Christmas Eve outfit


Christmas Nails // China Glaze Fairy Dust

It's been over a year now since I first got my acrylic nails and it's insane how much they've changed my life. Seriously. Before I got my nails, my dermatillomania was spiralling out of control. In fact, I'd just finally opened up about it to my doctor after suffering for 15 years. Then, suddenly, I had these nails and it was physically impossible to pick my skin. At first, I found this really distressing but I very quickly lost those compulsions and now I'm (almost) entirely scab-, pick- and scar-free. In fact, my doctor's said that next time somebody comes in with dermatillomania, he's going to recommend they get acrylic nails!
Embedded image permalink


Sponsor Shoutout // Have The Town

This December, I'm sponsored by Kirsty of Have The Town, which has a lovely festive look for Christmas! Have The Town is one of those blogs (like my own) which is about anything and everything, with bits of fashion, beauty, travel, books and everything in between! If that wasn't reason enough to check it out, let me give you three more reasons.

Guinness Factory
Kirsty's travel posts are certainly not your run-of-the-mill blogger clichés. Sure, she has trips to Rome but there's also Pirate Mini Golf, outdoor screenings of The Little Mermaid and the Guinness Factory. Anyone else reckon she should write an alternative UK travel guide?

UK Epcot Worker
Working at Walt Disney World? Living alone in Florida? US road trips? Kirsty's life is like a checklist of everything I wish I could do but am far too scared to! I just want her to tell me all about her adventures!

12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl
Unlike so many bloggers, Kirsty doesn't act like a Disney Channel child star. She's not afraid to blog about all those things that us adults do. Like pub crawls! I absolutely loved her tips on surviving The 12 Pubs of Christmas pub crawl. 

If you like your blogs varied with a super-cute, witty blogger at the helm, Have The Town is the blog for you!

To find out how you could be featured in a post like this, check out my sponsorship page.

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Review // The Library of Fragrance Marshmallow and Paperback

I'd seen The Library of Fragrance in Boots and was intrigued by the concept. The idea behind The Library of Fragrance is to appreciate all those everyday scents that we take for granted and find a way to make them wearable. As well as usual fragrances such as rose, vanilla and jasmine, they also stock more unusual scents- fireplace, leather and tobacco, for example. So that I could experience The Library of Fragrance myself, I was sent two such products to review: Marshmallow and Paperback.
Library of Fragrance Review Marshmallow and Paperback

Winter Wonderland 2015 // LDN Secret Santa

Every blogger knows that the best thing about blogging is the wonderful people you meet. This is largely down to those brave bloggers who take it upon themselves to arrange events and meet ups, one of whom is the incredible Lauren at Blonde Vision. As @LDNMeetUp, she organises absolutely amazing events in the London area, and earlier this week ran the second of her annual Secret Santa meet ups at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  Winter Wonderland Ferris WheelThe event works in much the same way a usual Secret Santa does- you're given a name and have to buy that person a present without revealing who you are. Lauren used a fantastic site called Draw Names that meant it was totally random and not even she knew who we were partnered with. Another huge benefit of this is that it wasn't reciprocal so I had no idea who was buying my gift (and still don't!). However, Lauren's Secret Santa had a little twist.


Sponsored Video // My Memorable Christmas Moments

Once the Christmas advertising campaigns hit the screens, you know the festive season is upon us. This year, Littlewoods have released a beautiful advert with a piano arrangement of OneRepublic's Counting Stars and the hashtag #MakeTheirChristmas, which you can use on Twitter to share your own Christmas stories.
Child dressed as nurse
This hashtag has got me thinking about how people have made my Christmasses in the past, and my memorable Christmas moments. I've chosen a few of my most special Christmas memories to share with you here.

Crime Museum Uncovered and Murder Mystery with BGO

As weird as this sounds, murder is one of my great passions in life. Not actually murdering, you understand, but reading and researching the crime. I'm just fascinated by what turns people- ordinary people by all accounts- into killers. It goes without saying, then, that I've always been fascinated by the Metropolitan Police's Crime- or Black- Museum. A teaching museum only accessible by those who work in crime, it contains artefacts from some of the most famous crimes in London's history. In October, the Museum of London allowed these items to be viewed by the general public as they opened their Crime Museum Uncovered exhibition. It was top of my to-see list, so when Joe Blogs invited me to London for a Murder Mystery event, I figured I'd combine the two for a murderous day out in the capital.
Crime Museum Uncovered



Bloglovin' seems to have fixed itself after weeks of being buggy, which means I suddenly have loads of posts from weeks ago to catch up on. This will probably be a longer-than-usual FF post!
beaches in caloundra near brisbane
Lucy's trip to Brisbane looks perfect! 
I really need to try the Moschino Fresh perfume
Miu Miu, ss2016, glasses
Sara's glasses collection is the stuff of dreams! Just look at these Miu Miu cat eye glasses!
secret santa tips
Gillian's written a great post on how to rock Secret Santa.

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Best Christmas Candles 2015

As much as I say I love candles, what I really mean is "I love Christmas candles". I stockpile them from September onwards and then as soon as the new year kicks in, I completely reject them. This is the reason why I have a dedicated candle cupboard in the kitchen, yet still buy approximately 87 festive scented candles at the end of each year.
Christmas Candles 2015
With so many candles, and a Diptyque-induced divorce imminent, I figured I'd put them to good use and write a round up of the best Christmas candles of 2015.


Christmas Tree Farm

Top of my list of things to do this festive season was to buy a real Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm. In fact, what I really wanted to do was find a Christmas tree farm where I could choose my own tree to cut down but Rich assured me that wasn't possible. What do men know, eh? I found an incredible farm just 30 minutes away where it is, indeed, possible to cut your own Christmas tree- Crockford Bridge Farm Crockford Bridge Farm Christmas Trees


OOTD // Tartan Dress & Christmas Cardigan

Now that December is here, you better believe I'm going all out with the festive fashion. I've been a Christmas jumper advocate for a long time now and one of my favourite things to do each year is buy a nice new addition to my collection. Plus size Christmas jumper


My Christmas Wishlist

For the past couple of years, I've shared my Christmas lists and both times I've felt the need to preface my post by explaining why I put so much stuff on them. I'm not greedy, I just really like surprises and I figure that if I have a really long Christmas list, I never know which items I'm going to get. Awkward intro over, let's take a look at what I'm hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year. 
Christmas Wishlist


Winchester Christmas Market 2015

Every year, I pop back to my university city of Winchester to visit the Christmas Market and it's one of the highlights of the festive season. This year, we decided to head down a little earlier than usual but this turned out to be an odd decision as it just didn't feel like Christmas. 
Christmas pomander wreath


My favourite Christmas decorations

I'm having a right 'mare with my tree this year. I've been working on it for a week and just can't get it looking "right". Since I'm still battling it, I thought I'd bridge the gap before a full-on Christmas tree reveal post (Is that a thing? I'm making it a thing) with a peek at my favourite Christmas decorations.
Harrods Christmas Tree Decoration


My Christmas Traditions

Those of you who have been reading a while will probably know I am a huge Christmas fan. When I was a child, my wishes would always be something like "I wish it was Christmas now". I'd start writing my Christmas list in September and would have a little running countdown to Christmas Day in my diaries. Part of the reason I love it so much is that it is steeped in traditions, both old and new. 

Christingle orange
This is my ultimate Christmas tradition. Every year, for as long as I can remember, my whole mum's side of the family has gone to my grandparents' church for the Christingle service on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately (for me, at least!) last year my grandparents went on holiday over Christmas so I dragged my little brother along. This year, they've moved and my little brother will be spending Christmas at Butlins with my mum. I flat out refuse to have a Christingle-free Christmas so, although Rich may be coming with me (and hating every second of it), I'll go alone if I have to!

From the blog: Christingle 2014 // Christingle 2013 // Christingle 2012


Review // Lush Christmas 2015

The release of the Lush Christmas collection really heralds the start of the festive season and it's always super exciting to find out the new releases. Unfortunately, this always mean retiring a few and I'm gutted that this year three of my favourites- Christmas Penguin, Christmas Eve and Melting Snowman- have been relegated to the retirement home. We do, however, have some really incredible new products so swings and roundabouts!
Lush Christmas 2015 Review

Victorian Festival of Christmas at Portsmouth Historic Dockyards

Ever since the year I met Rich, I've wanted to go to the Victorian Festival of Christmas at Portsmouth Historic Dockyards. I'm a big fan of Victorian history (I actually once considered studying Victorian history at uni) and a total Christmas nut, so it seemed like the ultimate festive day out for me. 
Victorian Characters


Friday Favourites CXLVIII

Swiss Christmas Market
Michaela has been selling cookies at her local Christmas market in Switzerland and it looks gorgeous! 


Charity of the Month // National AIDS Trust

As many people will know, December 1st marks World AIDS Day- a day to show support to those living with HIV and AIDS, remember those who have died and to unite in the fight against the virus. World AIDS Day runs alongside the National AIDS Trust so it made sense to support NAT throughout December.
National Aids Trust Logo


Review // Nivea Caring Micellar Water

After trying the much-hyped Garnier Micellar Water, I was intrigued to try other brands. Nivea stood out to me so I picked up a bottle of their Caring Micellar Water to give it a go.
Nivea Caring Micellar Water Blogger review


My Christmas Plans 2015

This Christmas is super exciting for me because it's my first year being able to drive and working part time. It's amazing how much more I can do now that I have the freedom of going wherever, (almost) whenever I like! Most of these I could do with public transport but there are a couple of things that would have been almost impossible before. 
Christmas tree baubles

OOTD // #MyStyleMyDress with House of Fraser

Jersey dresses make up about 90% of my wardrobe. They're just so easy to wear and super versatile, so it's fitting that House of Fraser decided to use this grey jersey dress for their #mystylemydress campaign.
Grey jersey dress plus size


Winter nails // China Glaze Techno & Daisy Black Diamond Star

With Christmas approaching, I knew that I wanted to make a start on the festive nails. To ease me in, I decided to begin with a more winter-themed approach, rather than cracking out the red and green straight away.
Winter white and silver Christmas nails
Initially I wanted my nails to be white and gold but it didn't really work out. Instead, my nail technician suggested using a silver and it worked out beautifully! I didn't catch the brand of the white but the smaller silver particles are Daisy Black Diamond Star and the larger ones are China Glaze Techno. 

I love how they look like icicles although I am a bit worried about the inevitable discolourisation. The white is already starting to yellow around the bottom and I've only had them 3 days so I may need to pop in for a colour change before getting my next set of infills. 

I'm already booked in for 17th December and I've got something truly spectacular in mind for Christmas! Just you wait!

Buy Black Diamond Star and Techno* here

*Affiliate link has been used in this post

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Sponsor Becky Bedbug in December

Oh, December! My favourite month of the year! Just you wait and see the posts I've got lined up for December. It's going to be the most festive year on Becky Bedbug yet! 
Sponsor Becky Bedbug in December
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101 in 1001 XXXII

Compared to October, November has been quite a relaxing month. It's all systems go now though as I prepare for Christmas! 

#51 Visit 10 new-to-me cemeteries (2/10)
Overgrown graveyard
This month I visited the stunning Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol and it was one of the most interesting cemeteries I've been to. 


Arnos Vale Cemetery

When I was looking up Bristol attractions for our festive day out, I found Arnos Vale Cemetery listed. Well, you know me! My interest was certainly piqued and a quick Google showed that it is one of the Victorian necropoles* that I love so much.
Headstones in silhouette
*Apparently necropolises is a perfectly acceptable plural of necropolis, but why would I turn down the opportunity to use necropoles?

Black Friday with Justmylook

Whenever sales season is upon us, I head straight to the beauty department. You can keep your designer handbags and 3D TVs. For me it's all about the beauty brands so I'm super excited about the incredible Black Friday deals at Justmylook.

Like it or not, Black Friday has well and truly landed in the UK, so we might as well make the most of it, right? I mean, we're all buying presents for our loved ones at this time of year anyway so a discount can only be a good thing. Or, you know, you can just buy yourself some presents, which is what I always do! Since beauty is my thang, I've been checking out the offers from Justmylook and got a little wishlist planned. Let's take a look at the Black Friday deals you'll find on Justmylook today.

Oooh yeah! Absolutely everything available on Justmylook is eligible to a 20% discount. All you need to do is buy at least two products (hardly taxing!) and pop in the code BLACK at checkout. As great as this discount is, Justmylook have pulled out all the stops to bring my fantastic offers on specific products.


Christmas Gift Guide // Stocking Filler & Novelty

I am so excited to publish the first of my Christmas Gift Guides for 2015. I know they're somewhat of a blogging cliché but I absolutely adore buying presents and creating these guides make my heart sing. Each guide will have a theme (I won't be doing For Him and For Her because, y'know, #LetGiftsBeGifts) and I'm kicking off with stocking fillers and novelty gifts.
Christmas Gift Guide Novelty and Stocking Fillers


A Festive Day in Bristol

It's only a month until Christmas Eve and I could not be more excited! My festive adventures started at the weekend, when Visit Bristol very kindly sent me to explore the winter fun in the city. As well as time spent ice skating and at the German Christmas Market, we sampled some local food and popped into the aquarium.
Bristol Christmas Market Tree


Festive London

Following on from my free things to do in London and creepy things to do in London, I thought this was the perfect time to create a list of the best festive things London has to offer. 

Muppets Christmas Carol Prince Charles Cinema
This year, for the third time, I'll be going to the Prince Charles Cinema in London for a Muppets Christmas Carol Singalong. Everybody is encouraged to wear their best Christmas jumpers with prizes for the best ones. If singing isn't your thing, they also show screenings of Christmas films such as Elf, Die Hard and Gremlins.

More information // Prince Charles Cinema

From the blog // Muppets Christmas Carol Singalong 2013Muppets Christmas Carol Singalong 2014



Mod Dolly Acorn Shirt
Paige has the incredible experience of wearing her own illustrations. 


Sponsor Shoutout // November

This is a great month because I'm being sponsored by two awesome bloggers- Lisahh-Jayne and Dannie of Famous in Japan- who have both been here before. 

The Alchemist Manchester Review
If you're a fan of beauty and lifestyle blogs (which you probably are if you're reading this), then Lisahh-Jayne will be right up your street. I particularly love reading about Lisa's goals and finding about the places she visits. I liked her review of The Alchemist in Manchester- mainly because my brother's flatmate works there (Hi, Tyler!)- and the Coronation Street Tour. I'm also thrilled that she's started her Christmas Gift Guides. Any excuse for a bit of festive cheer!

OyatsuBox July - Famous in Japan
Dannie is one of the best people I've met* through blogging and I love her blog, Famous in Japan, because, hello! Japanese culture galore! Dannie never holds back on revealing her true feelings, whether that's her opinions on a certain YouTuber's book or blogging in general. Her beauty posts are always super honest and, of course, her blog is filled to the brim with Japanese goodness. Her layout is gorgeous too, which is always a bonus! 

*Although we talk every day, we've never actually met in real life.

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