Inspiration: Elle Edits Versace for H&M Blouse

As you know, I managed to get hold of one of the fruit print Versace for H&M blouses a couple of weeks ago. I adore it and I can already see it becoming a summer staple of my wardrobe.

So imagine how delighted I was when I casually flipped the page of my Elle magazine and found this:

I especially love the look in the middle. The pastel heels and striped skirt look so sweet. I have now made it my mission to... well, ideally find a spare £258 to buy that Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt but, failing that, to find a similar striped skirt.


Wishlist: Vogue 2677 White Cat's Eye Sunglasses

My prescription cat's eye glasses are my life. I have truly horrendous eyesight. You know the kind where people put on a pair of someone's prescription glasses and say "Woah! Your eyesight's terrible!" (Well, yeah, I wear glasses...)? That's the kind of eyesight I have.

I do wear contacts if I'm leaving the house at the weekend- a rarity- but I'm very new to them and I can only wear them a few hours at a time before I feel like my corneas are slowly, excrutiatingly peeling off.

I found my glasses at an amazing little online shop called Dead Men's Spex. I can verify for them, they're awesome! As soon as I saw them, I fell in love with them. They have this perfect quirky vintage thing with three little tiny stars in the corners.

I've had so many comments on them from strangers, the girl working in the Bravissimo changing room was a rather surreal example, and Darren Criss even told me that he loved them. True story!

So when I was shopping in House of Fraser way back in October- having only just been fitted for my contacts- and tried on these Vogue sunglasses, it was love at first sight. I had no money back then and I have been praying that they will still be in stock.

I was dismayed to find they had been taken off the website when I went back to buy them. I wouldn't let that stop me though and after frantically searching, I have finally found some! I am so excited. I'm snapping these babies right up tomorrow!


Catwalk Copycat: Jean Paul Gaultier

Ok, last week I was cheeky and used an autumn/winter collection. Since it's been ever so nice over the past few days, I'll get back on track with a spring/summer.

This week I've chosen Jean Paul Gaultier's couture collection which was inspired by Amy Winehouse. As a long-time winged eyeliner and beehive fan myself (although maybe to slightly less extremes), I always admired Amy's style so this couture rework is right up my street.

Sequin skirt. £60. Topshop.
Adidas polo shirt. £8. Sports Direct.
Red snakeskin belt. £14. Topshop.
Disc earrings. £5. Accessorize.
Suede shoes. £78. Office.
Double cuffs. £14. Asos.
Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner. £5.29. Superdrug.

There is a photo that shows this as the eyeliner she used. I'm pretty pleased by that as I use a Rimmel liquid eyeliner too (Glam'Eyes, if you must know).


25th February 2012

Last week, I posted my first weekly inspiration. I chose vintage Disneyland as my theme as I adore the hyper-real colours that were created from a result of the then-popular trends, the surreal dreamland effect of the Disney design and the effects of bygone film.

Straight away, I had the perfect outfit in mind but I had to wait until the light of the weekend before I could don it. Luckily, today was a beautiful day and I managed to take some photos in the forecourt of a local classic car dealership to run with that vintage theme.

How amazing is this vintage Chevrolet pick-up truck? Want!

Blouse: Versace for H&M
Dress: Topshop
Cardigan (over bag): Primark
Bag: Ebay
Pumps: Primark

It felt really good to be able to go out in something as summery and fun as this. Woohoo, roll on the summertime!

5 trends that I wish would just go away

You know when you see an item of clothing in the shops, in the street, on celebrities and basically everywhere you look but you just don't understand the appeal? Think Ugg Boots. Yeah, we all know that feeling.

Here are my top 5 trends that I wish would just go away and never come back. I don't include Ugg Boots. They're just a given.

1. Chunky zips

River Island, is this really necessary?

This is my biggest pet hate right now. It angers me with a venom I didn't know possible. Picture the scene: I'm in Topshop looking for that perfect dress for my graduation or my holiday or a family event. Across the shop floor, I see something beautiful. It's a dress that is prettier than anything I've ever seen. It has a fitted bodice and a full skirt. It's probably in a delicate pastel shade with a dainty floral pattern and made of some lovely soft material. It is perfect! I pick it up and, lo and behold, there is a great big whopping gold zip right down the back. NO!

How did anybody ever decide this was a good look? At what point does someone produce a cracker of a dress and then think "You know what would make this even prettier... A huge ugly zip right down the middle!". It completely destroys the pretty effect of the item, cuts a line right through the silhouette, totally detracts from the style of the item, adds nothing to the design and isn't even functional.

It makes me want to throw the clothes across the shop floor.

2. Leggings

They didn't look good in the 80s. Or the 90s, for that matter. And they definitely don't look good now. Nope, not even the velvet ones. Or the Mary Katrantzou ones. Or the leather-look ones. Definitely not the leather-look ones. Is it 1978? Are you Olivia Newton-John? Then they won't look good on you.

Nobody wants to see your pants and cellulite (we've all got it!). If you absolutely must wear them, at least wear them under a dress. With boots. Anything to hide the fact that you are actually wearing leggings.

3. Skull cut-out tops

I have to admit, the first time I saw this look, I thought it was pretty cool. "How original", I thought. Then I saw another one. Then another. Then another. Now it's no longer original or creative or innovative. It's just another one of those blooming t shirts with a skull cut into the back. Do something crazy! Be different. Be daring. Cut a penguin shape into the back or something. Anything but another boring skull!

4. Overpirced tat

This top is over £100. Seriously.

Ok, so this one might be a little subjective but by tat, I basically mean really, really basic stuff. Plain white t shirts. Black skirts. Things you can buy in Primark for about £5. I know that not everyone wants to buy clothes in Primark. The quality isn't great and some people are still concerned with the ethics. That's fine. We've still got places like Topshop for reasonably priced basics.

Which is why I will never, ever understand The Kooples. Have you seen the advertising? It might as well say "Hey! You're a hipster with more money than sense! Shop with us!" or "Are you slim and attractive, with an equally slim and attractive partner? Shop with us! You can even share each other's clothes!". Seriously, though, £105 for a simple black T shirt? You have got to be kidding me!

Luckily, I'm neither slim, particularly attractive, hipster or loaded, so I will never have any pressure to shop there. Phew!

5. Hipster glasses

They. look. ridiculous. They were never cool, not even in an ironic way. Now, I know I wear cat's eye glasses (which are prescription, I hasten to add!) but that's not quite what I'm talking about. I mean the proper, full on, massive geek glasses. I wore a pair once. It was Halloween and I was dressed up as Garth Elgar (I came 2nd place in the club fancy dress competition!). That is the only time they are ever acceptable.

The only time this look works. Shwing!

They do not make you look intelligent. They do not make you look stylish. They certainly do not make you look fashion forward. They just make you look like a massive ponce. End of.

Unless you're Garth Elgar, of course. That's a different matter!


Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Extreme

I have been obsessed with black eyeliner ever since I was 16 years old and discovered emo.

Aged 18 and not looking the slightest bit like a melodramatic emo kid...

Every single week since September 2004, without fail, I have donned the liner on at least one occassion. Now that I get up at 5:30am for work, I tend to slap on some mascara and leave it at that but it's still pulled out of my make up bag every weekend.

I'm, generally speaking, quite loyal with my cosmetics but my preference for eyeliner has changed a lot. Until I discovered liquid eyeliner in 2007, I used a Miss Sporty eyepencil. Then it was Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner until I discovered that Rimmel had a much more intense black version. I was quite happy with that, once I'd accustomed myself to the teeny tiny brush. For days when I wanted a dramatic look, I'd head for Benefit's Bad Gal eyepencil.

Then I was merrily minding my own business in Boots and discovered this: Soap & Glory's Supercat Eyeliner Pen. Look how adorable the packaging is. How could I possibly resist that?

Photo found at

I was drawn (heh) to the idea of an eyeliner pen. A quick whoosh! and my liner is done. Winged and all. Easy peasy. I could even wear my eyeliner to work and not look like I'm about to fall asleep in the middle of my own maths class!

I tried the tester on my hand and I was in awe! It was such an intense black and it was so easy to use. I snapped it up in an instant and I couldn't wait to try it out.

So, the next day, after applying all my make up, I eagerly popped the lid off and swept it over my eyelid. It certainly wasn't what I expected.

The pen struggled to draw over my make up so it took a good few strokes before any discernible ink came out. When it did finally appear, it was a lot more washed out than it had been on my hand. I reapplied some but it just rubbed off. Hmmm, not impressed...

To give the pen it's due, it is super easy to apply. It's a lot more difficult to end up with wonky liner (though it is possible!) and it takes only a few seconds to swoop on. It's just not as dark as I thought it would be.

Another downside is that because of the nature of using a pen, it's difficult to get a fine tip to the wings. The liquid liner I use (Rimmel) has a very, very fine brush that allows for perfectly tapered eyeliner. This just doesn't work out that way.

One final point, this smudges really easily. Your eyes may water with a sudden gust of wind or on a particularly bright day and you will have panda eyes. The staying power is really quite bad.

Will I buy this again? No, I'm afraid not. I do very much like the use of a pen though so I will probably try some different brands. Hopefully I will find that perfect pen liner before too long!


Unlikely Style Icon: Bet Lynch

I love vintage kitsch. I love animal print. So it seems only natural that I would be head-over-heels in love with Bet Lynch's style. (In fact, if you Google "Young Bet Lynch" on Google images, you can find my photo on the second page!) The brassy barmaid from Coronation Street is well known for her adoration of tacky, over-the-top style... and I love it!

Luckily for me, leopard print is having something of a revival (as you can see here, here and here) so I don't need to hunt long to find that Rovers Return chic.

First things first, we need leopard print. Lots of it. Preferably a big fur coat.

Leopard print fur coat. £55. Topshop
Bodycon dress. £20. Boohoo
Gold earrings. £12.50. Topshop
Multi strand necklace. £12. Marks & Spencer
Suede ankle boots. £60. River Island
MAC lipstick in Russian Red. £13.50. MAC

The fur coat is, of course, a necessity. Although Bet was a fan of over the top glamour, mixing prints was quite rare. Instead, team with a simple black bodycon dress and suede ankle boots for Weatherfield glam. Accessorize with gold to accentuate the leopard print- hoops or large studs and multi-strand necklaces bring kitschy glitz to the look. Finalise with a sweep of bright red lipstick and you're fit for the Rovers!

The usual, love?


Inspiration: Vintage Disneyland

I adore vintage photographs. I have a huge collection of them on my computer. It's not the Hollywood starlets that I like to look at but the ordinary people going about their daily lives. It shows me how real people dressed and styled themselves, not just those with stylists and millions of pounds to hand.

This week I have been inspired by vintage photos of Disneyland (and Disney World but I suppose the two are pretty much interchangable). I visited Walt Disney World for the first time in July and it was the happiest I have ever been in my whole 23 years. Seriously. I actually teared up once because I wanted to go back there so badly. True story. And I don't even like Disney!

The colours are magical. Everything is pastel and pretty. It really feels like you have been transported to another world. Combine this with the pastel shades favoured for fashion in 1950s and 1960s America plus the hyper-real colours that vintage cameras gave and you have the perfect colour palette for a nostalgic, spring look.

These photos are all from and I think it's fairly obvious which are which!

My challenge this week is to come up with an outfit which draws on these photos for inspiration. I think I have an idea already!


Wishlist: American Apparel Chiffon Double-Layered Shirred Waist Skirt in Sky Blue

What I really want is a sunburst pleat skirt in pale blue. I can't find any of those though so this American Apparel skirt will do. It's a close enough design.

It is the perfect shade to go with my Erdem for Topshop blouse. It's pretty, floaty and ideal for summer.

Definitely top of my wishlist right now!


Catwalk Copycat: Oscar de la Renta

Summer isn't even here yet and already we're looking to next winter. Yes, fashion season is here and the autumn/winter looks are strutting down the runways.

Over in New York, Oscar de la Renta showcased his sensational autumn looks in a Valentine's Day spectacular. They are gorgeous!

Jackie Kennedy meets vintage air hostess, the 1960s inspired collection is all powder shades and nipped waistlines with fluffy jumpers, wide hairbands and dainty glamour. I'll tell you one thing, this look is not for the low maintenance!

I know we're supposed to be turning to these looks at the end of the year but, let's face it, they are far too pretty to shelve away for another 8 months. As winter (hopefully, at some point) thaws into spring, these delicate, cosy looks are the perfect transition. Plus, you'll be safe in the knowledge that you are a good few steps in front of the rest of the pack.

Cream jumper. £36. Topshop.
Pink pleat skirt. £15. Missguided.
Silver heels. £20. New Look.
Silver headband. £7. American Apparel.
Pink faux fur stole. £5. River Island.

Style your hair into a huge bouffant bob, making sure you use an ample supply of hairspray, and off you go.

Review: Topshop Unique Autumn Winter 2012 2013 Show at London Fashion Week

If I could live next door to a Topshop, with a connecting door to my bedroom (though preferably one that locks from the inside to prevent nosy shoppers popping their head in just as I crawl out of bed in the morning), I would. To be honest, I own so many Topshop pieces that I might as well. My dressing room is essentially my own mini branch of Topshop. Mannequin and all. True story.

So just imagine how excited I am to be sitting here awaiting the live stream of the Topshop Unique Autumn Winter 12/13 show. Unlike other late running shows, Unique have very thoughtfully put up a little announcement that tells us that they are “running fashionably late”. This is doing nothing to settle the excitement that is butterflying around in my tummy like a particularly energetic butterfly on a spring day.

I owe a lot to Unique. Thanks to their Dalmatiantastic Autumn Winter 11/12 show, I am obsessed with the print. I think I own more Dalmatian print pieces than Cruella de Vil. So I can’t wait to see what is on offer this year.

Ooh, the lights are dimming. The music is swelling up. It’s time to find out...

Oh. My. Word. The first model marches out and I am captivated already. With a utility style coat, it looks a combination between the Home Front and a dapper 1940s gent. With simple fresh make up and perfectly clean, straight hair, I’m already on the edge of my seat! Though, admittedly, the possibility of getting my own hair that straight is minimal!

As the next looks stomp out onto the catwalk, it becomes evident that next year is all about the relaxed uniform. Burgundys, blacks and greys are dominant, punctuated with cheeky hints of lame, patent and checks. Aviator jackets, overalls and boxy layers; it’s Dad’s Army goes 21st century.

These practical looks evolve into something more sumptuous as the models showcase black velvet dungarees and jumpsuits. Now this is something I could get into! I blooming love velvet! The warfront feel shimmies away further into something that, somehow, resembles a Tudor/Mod hybrid. Leg o’ mutton sleeves accompany flowy blouses and shift dresses in silvers and whites whereas bright red square print polonecks with huge puffed sleeves pair up with black short shorts.

The erratic collection continues with metallic pleated kilt skirts, floral print chiffon wide leg trousers and burnt orange iridescent hotpants (which look a lot more chic than they sound!).

The black velvet trousers have me in awe. I simply cannot wait to get my mitts on those! Tapered at the ankle but flowing loose at the thigh, they will be perfect to hide my mega thighs. Catwalk looks to flatter the plumper woman? Hooray!

Unique end the show in spectacularly sexy style with textured minidresses in gold sequins and a white textured dress, complete with tantalising cut out back, that perfectly recalls 1960s London.

Overall, the show is one of many eras. From the blitz to the opulent Tudors and back to freespirited Mod living. The boxy layers in shades of grey and white create a utility feel which is perfectly offset against the lavish velvet and sequinned little numbers. At first glance, these styles- particularly the earlier ones- may not seem to merge fully with my wardrobe but it’s certainly not difficult to see how I can incorporate this style in my day to day life. It’s not even spring yet and I’m already hankering after these eclectic pieces!

Forget the summer. Just roll on autumn already!


18th February 2012

I bought this awesome leopard print top last week in Primark. I saw it hanging up across the shop floor and made a beeline towards it, dragging my reluctant little bro behind me.

They had a billion size 8s and 10s and then, right at the back, I found a 12. I thought it might be a little tight as the material has very little stretch and I usually buy a 14, but it fit perfectly.

It combines my two favourite things right now- leopard print and a peter pan collar. Plus, it was only £8. Billy bargain!

My skirt is also a bargain from Ebay. It's from one of those little cheapy clothes sellers. It's pretty short but, aside from that, much better quality than I was expecting.

I wore it with these suede New Look Mary Janes. I rarely wear heels so this was quite an event. I went to town in them and everything!

Here, have a picture of my face!

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-One BB Cream Light Review

For a little product with such a long name, it sure has some expectations surrounding it. I almost didn't buy this because of those unbelievably annoying "BB? BB... BB!" adverts. They absolutely do my head in and turned me off this BB cream all together.

However, after reading glowing reviews in Glamour and The Daily Mail (online, after a Google search, I hasten to add!), I was suckered in and applied for a free sample.

Now, my problem is that I am pretty overexcitable. Plus, I am very easily swayed. I am an advertiser's dream! (I once refused to buy anything but Happy Eggs because I liked the thought of happy breakfast!). After one application of this little sample, I was screaming "Smell my face!" at my fiance like a madwoman. It does smell good... and that was all it took for me to buy a full-sized bottle.

After some dawdling in the Boots at Reading train station- the barrier man had very nicely let me pop out whilst waiting for a connection to go to the shop, so I felt I had to buy something, but the cream was priced at £9.99, more expensive than I had read online- I decided to bite the bullet. Luckily for me, it was on offer after all at £8 or so (and I was served by a very nice older gentleman who was so chatty that I nearly missed my train and left my paper on the counter).

The next morning rolled around and I couldn't wait to try the cream on properly. Mindful of this upcoming review, I snapped some photos of myself before, completely make-up free. I then smoothed the cream in and took photos of myself after.

My skin felt lovely. It was so smooth and soft. It also smelt absolutely delicious. Though I'm afraid, that's the only positive. There was none of this smoother complexion, no covering of blemishes, no illuminescent glow that I noticed and my skin didn't even feel hydrated. Of Garnier's 5 promises (even, cover, hydrate, illuminate and protect), they achieved, possibly, one (I can't verify how much UV protection the cream gave me). If I was telling this to my class of 9 year olds, they'd desperately call out to tell me that it is 1/5.

There was one more noticeable effect, aside from the soft skin and lovely smell. My face went a very fetching shade of orange. I have pale skin so I bought the light version and still. Orange. In fact, when I saw the resulting photographs, I chickened out and deleted them all instantly. Well, I sent them to the recycling bin so they're still in there. Which is probably a mistake.

So, all in all, was it worth the money? No, not really. Yet I'm still optimistic. I'll just try another brand. Maybe a more expensive one. I mean, all the adverts say BB creams are miracle workers, so they must be worth it. Right?


Treasures: Erdem for Topshop NewGen 10 China Print Collar Tee

The first thing I did this morning (after turning my alarm off 5 times... Seriously!) was to check the Topshop website. I'm not sure why. There was no motive. I was just sleepy, confused and that made sense at the time.

Part of me thinks it was a mistake. Part of me thinks it was a huge lucky twist of fate. Either way, I now have this winging its way to me:

It's so pretty! Look at it! It's got a little lace collar and a blue china print and a little keyhole back. I'm so in awe that I forgot how to use connectives correctly.

I got a little free magazine with it too and I had a free bag sitting in my basket which was very exciting. However, when I went to check out, somebody had swiped the last bag out of my basket. How annoying! I always thought items in your basket were untouchable until you were timed out.

Never mind. The Erdem top is mine and that's all that matters!

This is all thanks to London Fashion Week, you see. Topshop are celebrating 10 years of NewGen by collaborating with 20 of their past NewGen recipients. What's more, £7 from each sale goes to Centrepoint, a charity that helps homeless young people towards a brighter future. Designers collaborating include Meadham Kirchhoff, Christopher Kane and, of course, Erdem. Seriously, I want all of them. Give them to me!


Unlikely Style Icon: Nora Batty

Welcome to the first installment of my new series- Unlikely Style Icons. We already established in this post here that I am not one to be swayed by the usual style icons. I don't care how many glossy magazines put you on the front cover or how often you are hailed as an icon. If you don't have something intriguing about your look, it won't inspire me. End of.

I am, however, completely drawn to ugliness. I love the macabre and creepy. I see beauty in abandoned buildings, in odd faces and in anything twisted. This leads me to find inspiration in the most unusual of places, hence my longing to create this series.

So, here I am, typing up my very first installment. Who better to launch it with than that British icon Nora Batty?

I suppose it's inevitable that I would find something appealing about her washerwoman style. I am the reigning queen of Nora Batty Ankles. Not purposefully, I hasten to add. I just have odd sized legs and if tights fit around the ankles, they will barely reach my hips. So I wind up buying extra large tights which gather very attractively around my ankles. I'd rather that, though, than a pair that is likely to stay on the bus seat if I stand up too fast.

Ok, so right now you think I've pretty much lost my marbles. But look a bit closer. The paisley pattern is bang on trend, coloured hosiery hasn't been this popular since the 1980s and even the orthopaedic shoes are enjoying a revival among the hipster types.

So how can we translate this look into something that would catch the eye of any street style photographer?

Well, this floral shirt dress from is almost identical to Nora's patterned apron. Wear it over a patterned chiffon blouse from Vero Moda at Asos to recreate that pattern mix that made Mrs Batty such a recognisable figure.

Complete the look with Topshop tights (wrinkled ankles are at your discretion!) and black block heel shoes from Dorothy Perkins.
Whether to keep the hair rollers in is up to you!


15th February 2012

Today I went to the cinema to watch The Muppets with my little bro. It's a pretty good film with some absolutely cracking cameos. I squealed in delight twice at two particularly familiar faces.

Leopard print cardigan: River Island
Long sleeved black top: Primark
Black jeans: New Look
Velvet pumps: Kurt Geiger

After the film (and a Frankie and Benny's!), I dragged my brother around the shop. Here he is posing in Primark.

I reckon he's quite a talented little model- He actually makes those zebra print sunglasses look good!

Oh and ps: I got my hair cut. What do you think?

Inspiration: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is back and, according to Channel 4, it is bigger, fatter and gypsier!

I have to admit, I adore this programme. It is unashamedly tacky and the girls' "more is more" attitude is contagious. After a while, I end up thinking "Maybe dressing as a pineapple for a hen do isn't such a crazy idea!"

Let's be honest here: We all watch for the dresses. Here are my favourites from last night's series premiere, all belonging to a traveller girl named Dolores:

Who else would dress up as a palm tree, and dress their bridesmaid as a pineapple, for their hen night?

Incorporating neons into rather exuberant bridesmaid dresses.

A cat-themed wedding dress. Of course.

Then, right on cue, Oscar de la Renta showcases his (quite wonderful) autumn/winter 2012-2013 ready to wear collection in New York. It is really sensational with more than a little 1960s air hostess feel about it. His showpieces include huge tulle ballgowns with a Disney princess appeal that absolute remind me of the gypsy gowns.

It might seem extravagant but I do find a glimmer of inspiration in the tacky gyspy dresses. Maybe dresses too wide to fit through the doorway and my own weight in rhinestones is a bit too much for my tastes, although with a little toning down, I reckon it could work pretty well.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Sequin vest. £32. Topshop.
Blue tutu. £59. Vivien of Holloway.
Glitter heels. £65. Schuh.
Multi strand necklace. £25. River Island.

I actually have a big petticoat upstairs. Maybe I'll give it a whirl!


Valentine's Day Fashion

Well, it's Valentine's Day. I've never been one for this tradition, really, so we're not doing anything today. Instead, I've spent the day coming up with three Valentine's Day outfits for any style- pretty, vampy or quirky.


Valentine's Pretty

This is a look for those pretty princesses. Designed with cutesy dates in mind, this is ideal for picnics in the parks, walks on the beach and other romantic classics. The pink lace dress is pastel perfection teamed with muted shades of cream and nude.

Lace dress. £35. River Island.
Alice band. £8. Accessorize.
Earrings. £7.50. Topshop.
Quilted bag. £25. Accessorize.
Nude suede shoes. £38. Dorothy Perkins.
Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP. £50. Debenhams.


Valentine's Day Vamp

This is for the traditionalist. Nothing but drinks in a swanky bar will do. The satin dress screams sensuality whereas the black suede heels add a glamorous touch. Don't forget the seamed stockings for some real vintage glamour. Perfect your Marilyn wiggle and your look is complete!

Red satin dress. £89. Vivien of Holloway.
Black beaded necklace. £6. Vivien of Holloway.
Clutch bag. £20. Accessorize.
Seamed stockings. £16. What Katie Did.
Black suede heels. £50. Topshop.
Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDP. £50. Debenhams.


Valentine's Day Quirky

For the quirky girl, I'd imagine romantic dinners and walks on the beach aren't for you. You'll be doing something much more exciting. Strawberry picking or a Jack the Ripper tour of London or an art club. I figure that, whatever it is, you're going to want to be comfortable and free to move easily. Heels and a mini skirt are not the most appropriate attire here. This playsuit is comfy, but still cute, and the brogues allow you to walk for hours without your poor tootsies screaming out for relief.

Playsuit. £40. River Island.
Earrings. £18. Tatty Devine.
Pink scarf. £7. Accessorize.
Glitter heart ring. £18. Tatty Devine.
Suede bag. £10. Dorothy Perkins.
Metallic brogues. £32. Topshop.
Stella McCartney Stella EDP Print Collection Look 3. £35. Boots.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you do!

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