Wishlist: Vogue 2677 White Cat's Eye Sunglasses

My prescription cat's eye glasses are my life. I have truly horrendous eyesight. You know the kind where people put on a pair of someone's prescription glasses and say "Woah! Your eyesight's terrible!" (Well, yeah, I wear glasses...)? That's the kind of eyesight I have.

I do wear contacts if I'm leaving the house at the weekend- a rarity- but I'm very new to them and I can only wear them a few hours at a time before I feel like my corneas are slowly, excrutiatingly peeling off.

I found my glasses at an amazing little online shop called Dead Men's Spex. I can verify for them, they're awesome! As soon as I saw them, I fell in love with them. They have this perfect quirky vintage thing with three little tiny stars in the corners.

I've had so many comments on them from strangers, the girl working in the Bravissimo changing room was a rather surreal example, and Darren Criss even told me that he loved them. True story!

So when I was shopping in House of Fraser way back in October- having only just been fitted for my contacts- and tried on these Vogue sunglasses, it was love at first sight. I had no money back then and I have been praying that they will still be in stock.

I was dismayed to find they had been taken off the website when I went back to buy them. I wouldn't let that stop me though and after frantically searching, I have finally found some! I am so excited. I'm snapping these babies right up tomorrow!


  1. I am dying to get a pair of cats eye sunglasses. Sadly, the weather around here doesn't exactly call for them. Well, that doesn't stop Victoria Beckham...

    Rosie Say Relax!

  2. those are beautiful!! And I think white frames are so chic. Unfortunately I don't think my face shape is quite right for cat's eye (for some reason cat's eye makes me look like a fish?) but they look stunning on you! Are they prescription by the way?
    so glad I found your blog after seeing you on lookbook! Look forward to keeping up with your looks here :)

  3. Those are so lovely, they remind me of Lolita!

    Lots of Love,

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  4. These are really cute! I would feel very 1950s sophisticate in them. Now, ready for the sun... xx

  5. Yeah, I wear glasses too and I know how it is. Last year I could finally afford my first pair of prescription sunglasses, I'm so happy now.

    P.S. Enter my awesome giveaway, win some bling!

  6. awww you look amazinlgy cute :)
    I love cateye sunglasses!
    this post is really great!

  7. love the blog doll! stumbled onto it from a friends page and thought i'd say hello :)

    newest follow <3 follow back ?

    hugs, xo!


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