Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-One BB Cream Light Review

For a little product with such a long name, it sure has some expectations surrounding it. I almost didn't buy this because of those unbelievably annoying "BB? BB... BB!" adverts. They absolutely do my head in and turned me off this BB cream all together.

However, after reading glowing reviews in Glamour and The Daily Mail (online, after a Google search, I hasten to add!), I was suckered in and applied for a free sample.

Now, my problem is that I am pretty overexcitable. Plus, I am very easily swayed. I am an advertiser's dream! (I once refused to buy anything but Happy Eggs because I liked the thought of happy breakfast!). After one application of this little sample, I was screaming "Smell my face!" at my fiance like a madwoman. It does smell good... and that was all it took for me to buy a full-sized bottle.

After some dawdling in the Boots at Reading train station- the barrier man had very nicely let me pop out whilst waiting for a connection to go to the shop, so I felt I had to buy something, but the cream was priced at £9.99, more expensive than I had read online- I decided to bite the bullet. Luckily for me, it was on offer after all at £8 or so (and I was served by a very nice older gentleman who was so chatty that I nearly missed my train and left my paper on the counter).

The next morning rolled around and I couldn't wait to try the cream on properly. Mindful of this upcoming review, I snapped some photos of myself before, completely make-up free. I then smoothed the cream in and took photos of myself after.

My skin felt lovely. It was so smooth and soft. It also smelt absolutely delicious. Though I'm afraid, that's the only positive. There was none of this smoother complexion, no covering of blemishes, no illuminescent glow that I noticed and my skin didn't even feel hydrated. Of Garnier's 5 promises (even, cover, hydrate, illuminate and protect), they achieved, possibly, one (I can't verify how much UV protection the cream gave me). If I was telling this to my class of 9 year olds, they'd desperately call out to tell me that it is 1/5.

There was one more noticeable effect, aside from the soft skin and lovely smell. My face went a very fetching shade of orange. I have pale skin so I bought the light version and still. Orange. In fact, when I saw the resulting photographs, I chickened out and deleted them all instantly. Well, I sent them to the recycling bin so they're still in there. Which is probably a mistake.

So, all in all, was it worth the money? No, not really. Yet I'm still optimistic. I'll just try another brand. Maybe a more expensive one. I mean, all the adverts say BB creams are miracle workers, so they must be worth it. Right?


  1. I have tried a lot of Garnier products.I love their smell(lovely!) and their packages but I could never find a product that I would buy again...And it's such a pity because they do smell wow!!

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  3. I was really excited for BB creams but have literally not noticed a difference when I've tried samples. I've heard about an Estee Lauder one though? Crossing my fingers that one might change my mind..


  4. If i have a good skin day and i just are in need of a bit of a fresher color (i tend to have a very pale yellow color when overtired) i use this BB cream with some powder over it. However, i agree with you that this is for sure no miracle worked and wont last long at all on my skin. I want to give the La Roche Posay one a shot in the future since i heard very good things about it.


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