Winter nails // China Glaze Techno & Daisy Black Diamond Star

With Christmas approaching, I knew that I wanted to make a start on the festive nails. To ease me in, I decided to begin with a more winter-themed approach, rather than cracking out the red and green straight away.
Winter white and silver Christmas nails
Initially I wanted my nails to be white and gold but it didn't really work out. Instead, my nail technician suggested using a silver and it worked out beautifully! I didn't catch the brand of the white but the smaller silver particles are Daisy Black Diamond Star and the larger ones are China Glaze Techno. 

I love how they look like icicles although I am a bit worried about the inevitable discolourisation. The white is already starting to yellow around the bottom and I've only had them 3 days so I may need to pop in for a colour change before getting my next set of infills. 

I'm already booked in for 17th December and I've got something truly spectacular in mind for Christmas! Just you wait!

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Oh, December! My favourite month of the year! Just you wait and see the posts I've got lined up for December. It's going to be the most festive year on Becky Bedbug yet! 
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101 in 1001 XXXII

Compared to October, November has been quite a relaxing month. It's all systems go now though as I prepare for Christmas! 

#51 Visit 10 new-to-me cemeteries (2/10)
Overgrown graveyard
This month I visited the stunning Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol and it was one of the most interesting cemeteries I've been to. 


Arnos Vale Cemetery

When I was looking up Bristol attractions for our festive day out, I found Arnos Vale Cemetery listed. Well, you know me! My interest was certainly piqued and a quick Google showed that it is one of the Victorian necropoles* that I love so much.
Headstones in silhouette
*Apparently necropolises is a perfectly acceptable plural of necropolis, but why would I turn down the opportunity to use necropoles?

Black Friday with Justmylook

Whenever sales season is upon us, I head straight to the beauty department. You can keep your designer handbags and 3D TVs. For me it's all about the beauty brands so I'm super excited about the incredible Black Friday deals at Justmylook.

Like it or not, Black Friday has well and truly landed in the UK, so we might as well make the most of it, right? I mean, we're all buying presents for our loved ones at this time of year anyway so a discount can only be a good thing. Or, you know, you can just buy yourself some presents, which is what I always do! Since beauty is my thang, I've been checking out the offers from Justmylook and got a little wishlist planned. Let's take a look at the Black Friday deals you'll find on Justmylook today.

Oooh yeah! Absolutely everything available on Justmylook is eligible to a 20% discount. All you need to do is buy at least two products (hardly taxing!) and pop in the code BLACK at checkout. As great as this discount is, Justmylook have pulled out all the stops to bring my fantastic offers on specific products.


Christmas Gift Guide // Stocking Filler & Novelty

I am so excited to publish the first of my Christmas Gift Guides for 2015. I know they're somewhat of a blogging cliché but I absolutely adore buying presents and creating these guides make my heart sing. Each guide will have a theme (I won't be doing For Him and For Her because, y'know, #LetGiftsBeGifts) and I'm kicking off with stocking fillers and novelty gifts.
Christmas Gift Guide Novelty and Stocking Fillers


A Festive Day in Bristol

It's only a month until Christmas Eve and I could not be more excited! My festive adventures started at the weekend, when Visit Bristol very kindly sent me to explore the winter fun in the city. As well as time spent ice skating and at the German Christmas Market, we sampled some local food and popped into the aquarium.
Bristol Christmas Market Tree


Festive London

Following on from my free things to do in London and creepy things to do in London, I thought this was the perfect time to create a list of the best festive things London has to offer. 

Muppets Christmas Carol Prince Charles Cinema
This year, for the third time, I'll be going to the Prince Charles Cinema in London for a Muppets Christmas Carol Singalong. Everybody is encouraged to wear their best Christmas jumpers with prizes for the best ones. If singing isn't your thing, they also show screenings of Christmas films such as Elf, Die Hard and Gremlins.

More information // Prince Charles Cinema

From the blog // Muppets Christmas Carol Singalong 2013Muppets Christmas Carol Singalong 2014



Mod Dolly Acorn Shirt
Paige has the incredible experience of wearing her own illustrations. 


Sponsor Shoutout // November

This is a great month because I'm being sponsored by two awesome bloggers- Lisahh-Jayne and Dannie of Famous in Japan- who have both been here before. 

The Alchemist Manchester Review
If you're a fan of beauty and lifestyle blogs (which you probably are if you're reading this), then Lisahh-Jayne will be right up your street. I particularly love reading about Lisa's goals and finding about the places she visits. I liked her review of The Alchemist in Manchester- mainly because my brother's flatmate works there (Hi, Tyler!)- and the Coronation Street Tour. I'm also thrilled that she's started her Christmas Gift Guides. Any excuse for a bit of festive cheer!

OyatsuBox July - Famous in Japan
Dannie is one of the best people I've met* through blogging and I love her blog, Famous in Japan, because, hello! Japanese culture galore! Dannie never holds back on revealing her true feelings, whether that's her opinions on a certain YouTuber's book or blogging in general. Her beauty posts are always super honest and, of course, her blog is filled to the brim with Japanese goodness. Her layout is gorgeous too, which is always a bonus! 

*Although we talk every day, we've never actually met in real life.

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Review // Rusty Cutter Beefeater

I love a good steak so I was chuffed to be invited along to the newly-refurbished Rusty Cutter Beefeater in Bedhampton. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, I popped down the A3 to experience it for myself.
Beefeater cow logo


Review // Lush Celestial Moisturiser

I was gutted when I found out Lush had discontinued British Nanny, my favourite moisturiser. While mourning, I was offered Celestial in a blog sale and snapped it up. I'm glad to report that it's every bit as lovely as my beloved British Nanny!
Review of Lush Celestial Facial Moisturiser


Sponsor Shoutout // Glamour and Giggles

This month, I'm being sponsored by the lovely Priyanka of Glamour and Giggles. I've followed Priyanka on Twitter for a while now so I can confirm that she is a fab. Her blog is also a great read for any fans of beauty but, if that's not enough to convince you, let's take a look at three reasons why you should check out Glamour and Giggles.

Black Friday 2015 Beauty Sales
High end beauty is great and all but let's face it- we don't all have the money to be buying Charlotte Tilbury palettes every month. Not only does Priyanka highlight more affordable products, but she also gives a heads up on upcoming sales and deals. Her post on 2015 Black Friday beauty sales is the perfect example of this! 



Fundamentals For Drawing Letters
I'm definitely going to be taking advantage of these hand lettering courses!


Winter at Lush Reading

Lush's Christmas collection is possibly my favourite thing about this time of year, and you better believe I've already bought it all! Last weekend, I was kindly invited to Lush Reading to check out the collection after hours.
Lush Cranberry face mask


Almost Famous, Manchester

When I visited my brother in Manchester, which feels like ages ago now, I was completely overwhelmed by how many interesting bars and restaurants there were. I pretty much wanted to go to all of them which wasn't entirely possible since I only stayed one night. However, Jamie was very keen for me to visit Almost Famous, which he assured me sells the best burgers.
Almost Famous Manchester Menu


My best friend's wedding

I met Laura at university 7 years ago and we pretty quickly became best friends, mostly due to our mutual love of Harry Potter. At the time she was in quite a difficult place but a few years ago she met a guy on World of Warcraft and it was very apparent that they had deep feelings for each other. Finally, three years ago, after years of agonising over what to do, she and Matt made it official and became a couple. It's not a secret that Matt creeped me out at first. I thought he was clingy and, quite frankly, a bit weird (Sorry, Matt!). Once I met him, however, all my fears subsided. Ok, he was clingy and yes, he was definitely a bit weird, but in the best possible way. Over the past three years, I've come to regard Matt as one of my closest friends as well as Laura, and he and Rich are like brothers to each other. Last summer, the four of us went to Florida where Laura officiated our wedding ceremony and it was the happiest time of my life. 
Signing the register wedding photo


Nails // Essie Poor Li'l Rich Girl

Now that we are well and truly in autumn, I figured it was time to ditch the neutrals and head more into berry shades. When I arrived at the nail salon, I already had the idea of getting a burgundy colour. It was just a matter of deciding which one to get.
Essie Poor Li'l Rich Girl Swatch

Brighton Hen Party

A week before Laura's wedding, we headed into Brighton for her hen party. Laura's not much of a partygoer so one of her bridesmaids had arranged a more low key event. That doesn't mean it was quiet though! 
Bride to Be Tiara



70s inspired Missoni dress
Look how bloody beautiful Carrie looks in this Missoni dress!


Review // StriVectin and Cult 51 Skincare

Maybe it's because I'm getting older but I'm definitely gravitating more towards skincare lately. My mum has incredible skin and, as much as I'm hoping it's genetic, I do also remember her religiously sticking to her skincare routine. With this in mind, when the folk at BeautyExpert offered to send me some of their best skincare products, I was keen to try them out.
Review of Beauty Expert Skincare


101 in 1001 XXXI

This month has been insane! Between the Bloggers' Blog Awards, walking tours, Manchester, Halloween and watching my best friend get married (not to mention her hen do!), I feel like I've barely sat down! The upside of this, of course, is that I've managed to cross off a lot of my goals.

#17 Visit my brother in Manchester
Jack and Vera Duckworth front door
This month I travelled back up to Manchester and, unlike last time, I actually got to see some of the city! What a great place! 

Fright Night 2015 // A foggy day at Thorpe Park

In what is becoming something of a tradition, Marie and I popped down to Thorpe Park for their Halloween Fright Night event. Unlike last year, it was very cold and very, very foggy. All day, the park was covered in a blanket of the thickest fog I have ever seen. As you can imagine, this made taking photos very difficult but it was really atmospheric. Perfect for Halloween!
Nemesis Inferno in Thorpe Park fog


Sponsor Becky Bedbug in November

You guys, it is so close to Christmas! Don't worry, though, I'll lay off another 30 days before I start cracking out the festive posts. You better believe they're all planned already, though! That said, November is looking to be a jampacked month with a whole load of posts planned so it's going to be a great month to sponsor.
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