Brighton Hen Party

A week before Laura's wedding, we headed into Brighton for her hen party. Laura's not much of a partygoer so one of her bridesmaids had arranged a more low key event. That doesn't mean it was quiet though! 
Bride to Be Tiara
We began with a burlesque class at a club called Funfair. To be honest, I was a bit worried. I have a dancing and performing background but this was a long time, and a good few stone, ago! I'd intended to keep it quiet but of course Laura mentioned it. No pressure then! I was also a little nervous because I'd never met Laura's other hens before and the thought of moving gracefully in a room full of strangers was pretty daunting. 
Burlesque class Brighton
Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about! Laura's friends were all lovely, our instructor Rebecca was really supportive and I ended up having a great time. In fact, we recorded our routine and when we watched it back, we were all pleasantly surprised to see how great we looked! (Apart from the bit where I fell on the feather fan and bruised my bum!) It was a lot of fun, and look how great this mirrored room is!
Funfair Brighton mirrored room
After all that dancing- which stretched muscles I didn't even know existed- we relaxed with a meal at Ask. I plumped for the ravioli martimmi which was absolutely delicious!
Belvoir Elderflower presse
Once we'd filled up on Italian food and Prosecco, we headed around the corner to Lucky Voice. I'd never heard of it but you better believe I'm going back! It's a karaoke bar but you're given a private room just for you and your friends so you don't need to sing in front of strangers... and you have complete control over the playlist! A screen displays the words to every song and a touchscreen next to it allows you to choose from a massive selection of songs. It was so much fun and I've decided that my new karaoke jam is Lady Marmalade. There are branches all over the UK so definitely check out your closest one. I can't recommend it enough! 
Hen do checklist
It was such a great day although, of course, the wedding was even better! I've already written a maybe-too-personal post about that so look out for it in a couple of days.

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  1. WOW! This sounds like my kinda party!!! That burlesque class looks amazing and props to you gals for doin' it!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! I live in Brighton so I always like seeing what people get up to when they visit! x

  3. Lucky Voice is SO fun! Sounds like the perfect hen!

    Sophie x


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