Fright Night 2015 // A foggy day at Thorpe Park

In what is becoming something of a tradition, Marie and I popped down to Thorpe Park for their Halloween Fright Night event. Unlike last year, it was very cold and very, very foggy. All day, the park was covered in a blanket of the thickest fog I have ever seen. As you can imagine, this made taking photos very difficult but it was really atmospheric. Perfect for Halloween!
Nemesis Inferno in Thorpe Park fog

We'd booked fast track tickets but as these didn't start until later in the afternoon, we spent the first part of our day visiting the rides with smaller queues, such as Detonator and Rhumba Rapids.
Thorpe Park Full Throttle Fastrack
Detonator at Thorpe Park
Detonator in the fog
You could hardly see the top of Detonator! While queueing, we were reminiscing about old days and how we were sure that ride operators would keep riders waiting at the top for longer. In fact, this time the operators were saying "Hold on tight" before releasing the carriage which we thought was spoiling the ride a bit. Of course, when it was our time, we were the ones who got stuck up there forever. I genuinely thought the ride had broken and we'd be left to dangle in the air for hours on end!
Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park
Creepy pumpkin carving
Clowns at Thorpe Park
This year's Fright Night theme was Big Top so there were creepy clowns chasing attendees around the park. Thankfully I'm not scared of clowns so I was happily taken a photo of this creep when she suddenly lunged towards me- hence the out of focus! 
Thorpe Park Big Top Maze
Last year, we braved the Blair Witch Project maze which was given a 2/5 fear rating and we coped admirably so decided to challenge ourselves this time with the 5/5 Big Top maze. Everything about this one seemed less scary than the Blair Witch Project- even the music being played in the queue was a happy carnival tune. Mind you, it probably also helped that it was daytime and there was an adorable little boy in front of us who kept telling us how excited he was. As it turns out, the maze wasn't at all scary. The main problem we had was how disorientating it was. Marie and I were in the lead and in rooms filled with mirrors, smoke, rapidly flashing lights and loud noise, we couldn't find the way out at all. A man behind us took over leading the group but somehow we managed to lose them and had to find our way through alone. After bossing this maze, I feel much more able to tackle others next year. 
Rollercoaster in the fog
Thorpe Park in the fog
Teddy tea party
No matter how fantastic the day was, I think my highlight was this man eating lunch with a giant frog and minion. It made me laugh more than it really should have.
Thorpe Park Fright Nights
Lights in the fog
We both had a fantastic time. Thorpe Park is one of my favourite places to visit and they're currently advertising a new ride to be opened next year. Named Minds Wanted, it's fronted by Derren Brown- who I bloody love- so I'm super excited to find out more about it! 

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  1. I think it makes for way scarier photos! I love fright night although the busy crowds kind of ruined it for me last year. Great post hun x

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. Oooh that does look spooky, fun though!

    Sophie x

  3. I looks so perfect with the fog.
    I love the photo of the man with the cuddly frog, especially how the frog looks like it's leaning on it's elbows listening.
    I've never been to Thorpe Park as I live too far away but you really make me want to go!

  4. Spooky photos! This would have terrified me as I'm terrified of clowns. But I've never visited Thorpe Park, so maybe I will, just not at Halloween! (You're braver than I!)

  5. Love the photography, so autumnal

  6. Fright Nights are a tradition for me as well, but I really failed at it this year! Despite being a shift worker we managed to pick a half term date to go and I swear at one point we were the only people over 18 in the queue, awful. I also agree with you on the mazes - some years I'm not sure if I enjoy them or not as sometimes they are TOO scary, but this year we went on all of them and none of them were that bad, although on the Big Top one we did all get stuck in a corner when we went the wrong way in the mirror room and couldn't get out!

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

  7. Guy with the chainsaw was bloody scarey.... xox

  8. I love Thorpe Park fright nights! Me and my boyfriend used to go every year but haven't for a while. I love that first shot of the park in the fog!

    hellomissjordan.com xx


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