Marvelle's recount of Disneyland Paris has really made me want to go again. I went when I was 7, but everyone was speaking French (I know, who would have thought?) and I was so confused! It put me off for life but she's changed my mind. 
I'm so jealous of Kate's amazing wardrobe
Magda Archer might be my new favourite artist. 
This Murakami Valentine's card is hilarious! 

Other stuff

This article describing what every single episode of The One Show is like is great because a) It's very true and b) Richard Osman. Lovely, lovely Richard Osman. 

January in Review

I hate January! It's rivalled only by February but at least February has the advantage of being short! 

Favourite outfit

Pirate teddies! Yaaargh! 

Favourite book

The Reluctant Fundamentalist was such a surprise to me. Very interesting and thought-provoking!

Favourite day out
I only went out once in the entirety of January! That's pretty depressing. Still, my trip to Reading was fun!

Other favourites
Go behind-the-scenes of the emoest of emo diaries

Become a YouTube millionaire with Glamour magazine... or not!

I started my 365 project and, so far, it's going well!

Word of the month

I had some pretty grand resolutions but, erm, they haven't really come to fruitition. My YouTube channel has dropped off the radar after a great start to the year, and I've only posted two personal style posts. However, I have kept up the 365 project, so that's a good thing! I'll keep up the other two as the year goes on, I promise! 


101 in 1001 XIV

#81 Get married Book wedding
This is a huge step forward! Rich and I have been engaged for almost 5 years now and kept postponing our wedding. Finally, we have bitten the bullet and booked our wedding/ honeymoon hybrid for this August. Only 6 months and a bit to go! 

#96 Read 75 books

I'm hoping to read 50 books in 2014 and I've got off to a good start, with 4 read this month. I'm not far off my 75 target already- I think this makes 52 in total since I started my 101 in 1001 project. I've still got 15 months to go! 

#101 Watch all the films

I've changed the wording of this one slightly. All the films. Yep, all of them.

I watched Saving Mr Banks this month but there's no photo of that, for obvious reasons. It was wonderful. Emma Thompson is a genius! Similarly, there's no photo for The Wolf of Wall Street which is well worth the hype, despite how long it is. We watched 12 Years a Slave too, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's so important that I feel like I should have found it more interesting than I did. 

I've loved Elvis' music for a long time but had never seen one of his films until this month. I have to admit, Love Me Tender didn't really draw me in but I'll try some more.

After reading, and hating, Submarine, I got a lot of comments recommending the film adaptation so we had a watch. It was brilliantly shot, but the storyline was just not there for me. The most interesting thing about it was that the lead was played by the emo vampire kid from Being Human.


Book review: NW

NW- Zadie Smith
I've never read White Teeth, although I did read On Beauty about 5 years ago and I remember being underwhelmed with it. I'd considered buying Zadie Smith's latest novel, NW, for a while due to the insane amount of praise and hype but, in the end, it was one of the choices for the Mirror Book Club. 
NW is divided into four parts, each one telling the story of a Londoner in Willesden who went to school with each of the others. Their stories, which are interwoven with each other, follow the trials they have faced since leaving school and highlight the differences in their lives. Each part is written in a different style which I do understand- each character has a different personality and the written style reflects this- but I found it a little too try-hard. The first part, written about the frustrated and far too trusting wife Leah, was by far the most difficult to read. It's perhaps supposed to be original and quirky, but it just comes across as the desperate work from an unimaginative creative writing student. Here is a prime example:
On top of this, I found the characters unlikeable and underdeveloped. Leah is very naive and optimistic, Natalie- originally named Keisha- is desperate to hide her council roots, Nathan is a possibly violent vagrant, but none of these personality traits are actually explored. They are just there. The only character that is in any way likeable is the drug user-turned-family man Felix, but his section is only very short. A missed opportunity, I feel. 
 In the end, I just didn't care. That was the main problem with this book: It left me utterly apathetic. I didn't dislike it, I just wasn't at all bothered. I'd rather hate a book completely than be left feeling totally unmoved. 


365 IV

22 These berries might not be aesthetically pretty, but I like them for some reason.
 23 Such a wonderful day!
 24 I really love old books!
25 My ASOS fortune cookie. 
26 Taking some photos for an upcoming book review.
27 Fuel for your furry friend!
28 Just booking our wedding...


27th January 2014

 Dress: Joe Browns c/o Fashion World

Two outfit posts in one week! It's a blogging miracle! I was contacted by Fashion World recently and invited to take part in their blogging style challenge. I chose this Joe Browns halterneck dress because I love the shape and the colours. I don't own a lot of blue, so it's nice to mix up my colour palette a bit. I really, really love the bright pink trim and the shape of the neckline.
Sorry, that's a bit of a chesty photo but at least you can see what I'm talking about! Now, I work in a fairly simple way when it comes to getting dressed: I pick a dress and throw it on. Done. It's one of the many reasons why I love dresses so much! 

This dress might be a bit summery for the current climate, so I threw on a plain black cardigan over the top, teamed it with opaque black tights and a pair of patent black pumps from Primark. The material of the dress is quite thick, so it didn't feel too breezy! To add a little more colour, I picked out the bright pink of the trim and sash, and matched it to my MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick. 

I can't wait until summer- I think this is going to be the perfect picnic dress! 

Body Confidence Week in a day

You guys know I'm all about body positivity. However, I only found out about Body Positivity Week after it had finished, which wasn't great. Never one to miss out on a technicality, I've decided to join in anyway, albeit a little late. 

1. "You are amazing just the way you are"
The concept here was to post a photo of yourself exactly as you are. So, as I type this, I have make up smeared all over my face and big puffy eyes due to allergies. My hair is also super fluffy because I washed it last night! I have a couple of spots on my chin too. Aren't I a delight right now?

2. Post your favourite picture of yourself
I have a few photos of me that I love but I think this is my favourite. I also have a collection of great photos of me here, if you're interested in checking out some more. 

3. Take a photo of the part of your body you're least confident with
My whole mouth/lip/chin area has always been an area of insecurity for me. I was blessed with my dad's testosterone levels so, even as a kid in primary school, I had some hairs there. Great! I also had insanely wonky teeth until my braces fixed that and, although they're straight now, they're pretty discoloured. I also have no definition to my upper lip. It just kind of fades into my face. I'm really selling myself here, aren't I?

4. Take a picture in public
This is in an easy one, since I do this all the time! This is my favourite one because a) It has Leona in it and B) because some girls walked past and made a snarky comment as we posed for it. Did we care? Nope! 

5. Casual Fridays!
Onesies! I love onesies more than life itself! 

6. Take a picture in your favourite outfit
I'm still ridiculously in love with my Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop dress. I think it makes my figure look amazing. Yeah, I said it! 

7. Take a picture when you just wake up

Morning! This is what Rich sees every day when he wakes up. Lucky man, right? 


Day in the Life of Becky: January

It's been a year since I started writing these Day in the Life of Becky posts and I'm still really enjoying them. They're some of my favourite posts to write although, I have to admit, I wasn't sure I'd get one done this month! I have to be honest and confess that I've had a really boring January, doing nothing but sleeping all weekend!

9am Waking up fairly early to get ready for the day. 

10am I received this lovely package from Access All ASOS, including a handwritten personalised note. What a great start to the weekend!

11am Preparing for some photos.

12pm On the train! Choo choo!

1pm I always take photos of Ed's milkshakes! I promise I won't next time I go!

2pm Essential stop to Lush, of course! Look at the size of this soap!

3pm Rummaging through the rubbish of TKMaxx

4pm Walking home in the rain.

6pm So, shopping ban is going well...

 7pm A healthy snack. Ha! 

 8pm Time for a Lush bath! 

 9pm I love to light a candle when I snuggle up in bed. This is Fireside Treats and it's lovely! 

10pm As always, a little read before bed. Zzz...

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