What's on my coffee table

My coffee table is a crowded place. It's only one of those little Ikea £5 ones but it's always crammed with things! The problem is, I use something, put it down on there and then just never get around to putting it away properly so everything builds up. Interestingly though, this tells you quite a lot about me so let's take a look!

Let's start top right and go clockwise.
Cotton buds are an absolute necessity for me! My dermatillomania affects my ears so I always need to have a bunch of them within easy reach.
Various receipts, tickets, lottery tickets and other paper ephemera that I've thrown down and forgotten about.
Sellotape and Christmas ribbons. I point out that these are not left over from Christmas! I was wrapping up a late present.  
The black ribbon at the top is one of the little hanging ribbons that you get inside dresses. I always snip them out.
An empty glasses case. I'm not sure why!
An advent candle that I never got round to lighting. This is left over from Christmas!
A payslip and one of those vouchers from WHSmiths. It's not actually expired yet. Woohoo!
A map from Highgate Cemetery, a Christmas brochure from Winchester and the letter from Alyssia's Secret Santa (too lovely to get rid of!)
My new box of Thrrrob blusher which I got from Becky's blog sale. Yay! 
Deodorant, two lip balms, comb, cheap compact mirror from a cracker, hair bobbles, foundation brush and, yes, that is a nit comb. Don't worry, I'm nit-free but working in a school makes me a little paranoid and I like to check from time to time!
Christmas Radio Times, temporary tattoos, a lolly and a Honeydukes chocolate wrapper. I'll keep anything Harry Potter related! There's also a packet of Fizzers and a solitary white chocolate coin above. 
Pens, craft knife, scissors and a paintbrush. How is it I can never find a pen when I need one?
Some cheap wax tarts that I think were sent in a totally unrelated eBay order.
A little game in a tin that was one of Rich's stocking fillers.
The pink iridescent box contains Get Out of Geek Night vouchers that Rich made me for my birthday and allow me to have him all to myself on a Thursday. I'm yet to use them because I'm waiting for a special occasion. 
My contacts, a new box of contact solution and eye drops. I've been having trouble with my contacts lately so hopefully this will help. The roll of microporous tape is there from sticking on a makeshift eye patch when I had to take out one of my contacts.
Right in the middle is a nice big box of Quality Street which is still unfinished. Yum yum! 

You'll be glad to hear that I've since cleared away all the clutter and put it in its rightful place! Now it only has the essentials (Quality Street included!). I'd love to see what other people keep on their coffee tables so please do let me know if you have any similar posts!  


  1. We don't even have a coffee table! My mum and stepdad don't like clutter, but I am the queen of clutter, every surface in my room has things on but things I do actually use. It's not like i'm a hoarder, unless you count all of my beauty products and books.


    Beth Tinkerbell

    1. Where do you put your Quality Street if you don't have a coffee table!?!?! ;)

  2. My parents coffee table is like this, except there's three of them adding stuff to it xx

    1. I don't even want to imagine the carnage if there was a third person!

  3. You can't often see the top of my coffee table, it's currently piled up with piles of hardback books we brought, stock to sell, cross stitching stuff and a tonne of just ... I just don't actually know what!

  4. I wish I had a coffee table to get all cluttered with lovely keepsakes like this ^_^ particularly love the Quality Street, reminds me so much of home!

  5. I love these posts! I'm one of those people who keeps every surface looking neat and tidy, with flowers and fashion books on coffee tables. But with everything else rammed into draws so full I can barely open them! Thats probably quite symbolic of me too!

    Jenna ||

    1. I'm so jealous- I wish I could keep my surfaces tidy and pretty!


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