January in Review

I hate January! It's rivalled only by February but at least February has the advantage of being short! 

Favourite outfit

Pirate teddies! Yaaargh! 

Favourite book

The Reluctant Fundamentalist was such a surprise to me. Very interesting and thought-provoking!

Favourite day out
I only went out once in the entirety of January! That's pretty depressing. Still, my trip to Reading was fun!

Other favourites
Go behind-the-scenes of the emoest of emo diaries

Become a YouTube millionaire with Glamour magazine... or not!

I started my 365 project and, so far, it's going well!

Word of the month

I had some pretty grand resolutions but, erm, they haven't really come to fruitition. My YouTube channel has dropped off the radar after a great start to the year, and I've only posted two personal style posts. However, I have kept up the 365 project, so that's a good thing! I'll keep up the other two as the year goes on, I promise! 


  1. I think it's alright to slip off the resolution bandwagon a little bit as long as you get back on!

  2. That jumper is so amazing!

    1. It's a legal requirement that you have to speak in a pirate accent when you wear it!

  3. I agree; January is an absolute bastardo of a month and hibernation should be enforced for the whole 4 painfully long weeks that are involved! Haha, only kidding. But next January I'm definitely booking a holiday or starting a new hobby so it doesn't feel as though it drags on quite so much. Roll on Spring! ^_^

    1. Haha I totally agree! Good idea about booking a holiday!


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