Marvelle's recount of Disneyland Paris has really made me want to go again. I went when I was 7, but everyone was speaking French (I know, who would have thought?) and I was so confused! It put me off for life but she's changed my mind. 
I'm so jealous of Kate's amazing wardrobe
Magda Archer might be my new favourite artist. 
This Murakami Valentine's card is hilarious! 

Other stuff

This article describing what every single episode of The One Show is like is great because a) It's very true and b) Richard Osman. Lovely, lovely Richard Osman. 


  1. You really should give Disneyland Paris another go if you can, it truly is the most beautiful place. Some of the cast members there get a bad rep for being rude, but when I visited Disney in the US they were actually a lot ruder which really made me appreciate our Euro park even more.

    1. That's such a shame! There's no need for rudeness.


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