Review: Lush British Nanny Moisturiser

After running out of the Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturiser (which I hated, by the way!), I looked to Lush for a new one. I spent some time on their website deciding on the best one and settled on British Nanny, mostly due to the fact it has SPF30 and I'm obsessive about staying pale. However, when I got to a Lush store, I ended up spending a little more money than I planned and thought I'd save on the slightly cheaper Skin Drink, which I reviewed here. I did still want a pot of British Nanny though, so I put it on my Christmas list and my mum very kindly bought it for me.
As with Skin Drink, the black pot has a screw lid and is 100% recycled plastic. It's in one of the black pots, so it's part of the free face mask scheme: Take five clean, empty black pots to Lush and you'll receive a free face mask. Awesome! 

The moisturiser is a creamy white shade and has a heavily perfumed smell. According to the website, this is the scent of honeysuckly. It's definitely very floral, a little musky and, I hate to say it, but a little "old lady". The scent also hangs around on the skin so I can smell it for a good hour after applying. Having said that, it's packed full of natural oils such as almond, hibiscus, coconut and jojoba, so it's filled with Vitamin C and E goodness.

Of all the Lush moisturisers, this has the thickest formula and, believe me, it is thick! It almost has the consistency of butter, although less greasy. I've never experienced a moisturiser as thick as this. Of course, this means you only need to use a tiny bit so it lasts forever. Despite the extra thick formula, it doesn't make my skin feel greasy.  

I've never been afraid of a really thick moisturiser, so this is perfect for me. It's the ultimate winter moisturiser and that high SPF means I don't need to remember sunblock on sunny winter mornings. Hooray! 


  1. Ooo I've not heard of British Nanny,I'm completely in love with their Vanishing Cream moisturiser,it's such a dream to apply :)
    Louise x

  2. Sounds nice, not sure I'd like the old lady smell though...


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