University Catch Up // Semester Two

I can't believe that I only have three more deadlines until I finish my master's. When I first thought about studying my MA, it seemed like a hugely overwhelming and intimidating thing but here we are, almost at the end, and I feel like I've just been swept along with a studying tide. I was picked up in September, carried along for a while, and now I've been set down at the end looking back over the past year like How did I get here? The good news is that it was far less scary than I could ever have imagined. The bad news is I don't want it to end! Now that I'm approaching the tail end, let's have a look back over my second semester. 
University semester two catch up


My Travel Wishlist

Travel never used to be at the forefront of my mind. I had a little flitter with it in 2011 when I went to Orlando, Amsterdam and Madrid in the period of 5 months (thank you student bursary) but, other than that, I wasn't too fussed. Until two years ago when Rich took me to Berlin and Paris for our anniversary and suddenly all I wanted to do was see the world. Last year I managed to travel a fair bit but there's still a lot more I want to experience. If I won the lottery tomorrow, these are the first visits I would make.
Travel wishlist


March Reading Round Up

It's nearly April so I should probably combine this post with next month's, especially as we're three weeks in and I haven't even finished one book yet (it's a chunky book, to be fair!), but I feel guilty about the complete and utter lack of content. Can't wait until I've finished these next two essays and I have time to blog again! Still, March was a pretty good reading month. Six books- and some big books at that- which kind of makes up for April's impending disappointment!
Stack of books


Disney Store 30

These past few weeks, my life has been completely dominated by Disney. I'm off to Walt Disney World in 163 days (not that I have an app that counts down or anything...) so it feels like I've done nothing but plan. My dining reservations are all booked, I'm starting to buy special Disney clothes to wear, and my Instagram saved folder is 100% cute Disney images. So the timing for the Disney Store's 30th anniversary could not be any better! 


OOTD // Dungarees

I think the last time I wore dungarees, I was about 3. I still remember this dark green cord pair I had. Oh, the 90s! I've toyed with the idea of trying a pair out for the past few years, and tested the waters with a couple of dungaree style dresses (here and here), but I've left it until now to go the whole hog. I saw this gorgeous black pair and I just couldn't resist giving it a go. Man, I wish I'd done it earlier! Plus size dungarees
Dungarees: H&M 
Top: Primark (similar here)
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Peacocks (similar here)


A Mother-Daughter Day with Festival Place

Remember I wrote that post all about my mum for Mothers' Day (which she did see, by the way!)? Well we headed over to Festival Place for a mother-daughter day of pasta, shopping and frequent trips to see if the Debenhams brow bar was available.
Instax Mother Daughter


Wishlist // Gingham Edit

You know how every now and then a trend comes along and sets your heart on fire? This is how I feel about gingham. I want absolutely everything! Yes, it can look a little bit primary school but I didn't spend 5 years training to be a primary school teacher just to throw it all away. My teaching days were spent taking style advice from 8 year olds so why stop now?
Gingham Wishlist

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