Wedding plans: April

Acquired my wedding ring

Ok, so this doesn't look much like a ring at the moment but it will do! It's my grandma's wedding ring, and she has very kindly offered it to me for my own wedding ring. As she's been wearing it for so long, we had to go to a jewellers to get it cut off, which is why it looks like this at the moment. It has a lovely little story behind it:

My grandparents married in 1955 and my grandma had a teeny tiny wedding band. A few years later, she took it off when cooking and couldn't find it again. They looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be seen. In 1963, my grandparents visited Guernsey, and my grandad bought her a new one. He stood at the window of the ferry and repeated his vows as he placed it on her finger. A while later, my grandma was cooking and finished her tin of Bisto. There, at the bottom of the jar, was her original wedding ring. Ever since, she has worn both wedding rings, but now the Guernsey ring will have a new home on my finger.

Obviously, it needs to be put back together and sized to fit my super small finger. I'm also going to have it reshaped so it fits around my engagement ring. So, when you see it again, it will look a little different to this but it will still be the ring that symbolised a long and very happy marriage. I've always wanted a marriage just like my grandparents', so I'm taking this as a good omen! 

Incidentally, I have also:
Given my engagement ring and wedding ring to the jeweller
Since my wedding ring needs to be reshaped around my engagement ring, they needed to take that one too. My finger feels so naked without it, but I can't wait to see how the wedding ring looks! After consultation with the jeweller, they're going to thin it out so it doesn't overpower my finger, cut out a little section for my engagement ring to slot into and resize it to my tiny size H 1/2! It's going to be perfect! 

Booked the venues
The venues for our England wedding are all booked and paid for: A lovely little pub in Winchester for the meal, and the Winchester Guildhall for a party afterwards. 

Bought bridal leggings
This is a very boring but very necessary part of my wedding outfit. Since we're getting married in Florida in August, I knew I would need leggings. Nobody wants chub rub on their wedding day! I didn't want long leggings since they would be insanely hot and kind of ruin the look. I definitely didn't want black ones either. Can you imagine a lovely mint and white outfit with black leggings poking out the bottom? Then New Look came to the rescue! I found these perfect white cropped ones for £7. Bargain! You probably won't see them under my dress but, if they do peer out from under the hem, they won't spoil the look. I'm thinking of sewing some lace to the cuffs just to make them that little bit prettier. 

Booked the hen do
Last month, I'd had everything organised but I just needed to make bookings and reservations. Now I have booked the tickets to the London Dungeons. Not gonna lie, I'm terrified! 

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April in review

Favourite outfit

You can't go wrong with a Harry Potter dress, right? 

Favourite book

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly is the sweetest story! 

Favourite day out

It couldn't be anything other than my trip to Plymouth to see Leona. 

Other favourites

I met Becca for an evening of ping pong at the Rare SS14 event

A day on the beach at Brighton

Lewes Castle is beautiful! 

7 things I learned from my family home videos.

A rainy afternoon with Rich sightseeing in Winchester

My melodramatic review of My Chemical Romance May Death Never Stop You

Brookwood Cemetery is absolutely stunning! 

Word of the month

I planned to post 3 OOTDs a week, which totals 12 in the whole month. I ended up posting 10, so I wasn't far off. I even posted (mostly) daily Instagram OOTD photos. I'm really going to work hard to keep this up now. 


365 112- 118

112 One of the boys in my class came back from Pakistan, where he had bought me this gorgeous trinket box. What a cutie! 
113 Rich bought me an early birthday present- A Baby Oleg! 

114 My new iPod arrived and it is a thing of emo beauty!

115 Such a cute name!

116 Writing up everybody's favourite post!
117 My super special secret Lush ballistic arrived! 

118 Sick days call for reading in bed. 

101 in 1001 XVII

April has been a great month for my 101 in 1001! It's always amazing when I have a long holiday and get to knock a whole bunch of things of my list. In fact, because of the bank holiday, I had an even longer break than usual this year. Pure bliss! 

#12 Attend a blogging event
It was a lot of fun at Bounce for the Rare London SS14 collection launch

#13 Meet a blogger

When I was at Bounce, I met up with Becca, who I had only briefly talked to before, and I also met a whole bunch of other lovely bloggers too. 

#74 Buy a vintage accordion
I've wanted an accordion for years, and when I visited Winchester at the beginning of the month, I finally found one! Now I just need to learn how to play! 

#94 Get my rook pierced
Yay! When I visited Leona in Plymouth, I finally got my rook pierced. Hooray!

#96 Read 75 books (63/75)
I can't believe I managed to read 6 books this month! I'm well and truly back on track to achieving my goal. Since I spent so much time on trains all over the south of England, I had plenty of time to curl up and lose myself in a book. 

#101 Watch all the films

Only one film this month. After reading Dracula this month, I watched the 1992 film. It's a classic, right? It has Gary Oldman in. Can't go wrong, surely. Except it's absolutely terrible. 

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Giveaway from Cohorted: Bleach London dye, Topshop lipstick and Lush Shampoo & Conditioner

Have you heard of Cohorted yet? I recently discovered it, beauty bloggers are obsessed with it, and it's pretty much the best thing in the world for beauty fans. Cohorted is a social shopping site: If you see something you like, you join a cohort, which is essentially a bunch of people who are going to buy the item. The more people who join the cohort, the lower the price drops. Think of it as an awesome, online version of Price Drop TV for beauty products. Latest products include MAC Viva Glam lipsticks sold for £9 and Nars Sheer Glow for £22.50. It's perfect for those of us who have high-end tastes, but not quite the high-end budget!

So, this all sounds prettty great but I've got some good news. Cohorted have got in touch to offer some of their products as part of a giveaway for my readers. The prizes were carefully selected to reflect my blog, so if you enjoy reading the items I review, you'll probably love these prizes.

What you'll win:
Bleach London I Saw Red Super Cool Colour
Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio
Lush Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo
Lush American Cream Conditioner

How perfect are those prizes? To enter, just use the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway runs until 4th May and it's open to readers from the UK. Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you don't win this time, remember to check out Cohorted for beauty bargains. Everyone's a winner! (Too cheesy?) Next week, Cohorted will have Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion,
MAC Crew Highlighting Powder, Moroccanoil Treatment and Diesel Loverdose EDP Spray for sale, so don't forget to join a cohort and watch the prices drop. 


27th April 2014

Dress: Sainsbury's
Cardigan (below): New Look

Back in September 2012, I became obsessed with this Dolce & Gabbana striped dress. I scoured every clothing website I could to find a high street replica, but my search was completely fruitless. Then, 18 months later, I stumbled across this identical version in Sainsbury's. I couldn't breathe for a little while from the excitement of finally owning a dress like the one I've wanted for so long! 
Even better, it fits like an absolute glove. The waist even sits on my own, unnaturally high waist. It's like it was meant to be or something! I'm so, so happy! 

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Sponsor Becky Bedbug in May

Oh my goodness, it's almost May! I'm so excited about the onset of summer, not least because this will be the greatest summer ever. I have so much lined up before the end of August: Visiting Bath and Bristol, my hen do (and birthday!), the SW Blog Social, the biennual Air Show, two Pride parades and, of course, my Florida and England weddings! Phew!

Let's look at what you get:
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26th April 2014

Cardigan: New Look
Dress: Primark

This cardigan was a gift from my grandma and I absolutely love it! I've had the same style in black for a while and it's one of the staple items in my wardrobe. Of course, I love a bit of pink, so this shade is perfect for me. It's so soft and snuggly, with the lovely floral mesh detail. 

The dress is also one of my most-worn pieces. It's made from a simple jersey fabric, so it's really comfortable and so easy to just throw on in the morning. Despite the print, it pretty much goes with everything so I don't need to think about what to pair it with: Perfect for weekdays! 

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4 films that are better than the book

I’m more of a book person than a film person. I’ve always been a huge bookworm and I will often read the original book before watching a film adaptation. Usually, of course, the books are better than the film, as any Harry Potter fan will testify (although, admittedly, the books don’t have an abundance of Alan Rickman!). However, I occasionally come across a film that is miles better than the book it was based on. Here, I’ve rounded up my top four films that are better than the book.

The Notebook
I know The Notebook is a hugely clichéd film, but I have to admit that I love it! To me, it’s absolutely heartbreaking and beautifully romantic at the same time. It’s totally the sort of romance that I appreciate- truthful, honest and not entirely dignified. On the other hand, the original novel by Nicholas Sparks, which I reviewed here, is bland, stiff and unnatural.

The Green Mile
No photo here as my copy's at my mum's house.
Don’t get me wrong here: I love Stephen King's The Green Mile. I read it a fair few years ago now and I found it to be an uplifting, if heart-wrenching, tale of unlikely friendship and the true nature of both human brutality and gentleness. However, for me, the film is just that little bit superior. Although Tom Hanks is great as ever, Michael Clarke Duncan is incredible as John Coffey. It’s the cruel Doug Hutchison as Percy Wetmore who steals the show for me, though. I’ll never forget the utter desolation I felt when he killed Mr Jingles.  The film tapped into my emotions in a way that the book just missed out on.

This was an easy one for me because I cannot stand Ian McEwan! After trying, and failing, to complete his novel Saturday, I decided to give Atonement a go. Again, I failed to finish it. That’s a big deal: I’ve only ever left three books unfinished (the third was Cloud Atlas).  On the other hand, the film is breathtaking in its beauty. Although it stars Keira Knightley, and the acting is a bit shoddy throughout, the cinematography is beautiful and the costumes, which I had the good fortune to see at the V&A Hollywood Costume exhibition, are incredible.

The Great Gatsby

I read The Great Gatsby at 17, and hated it. I felt totally removed from it and, by the time Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation was released 8 years later, I had forgotten everything except the introduction of Daisy Buchanan. I wasn’t expecting great things from the film, but it took my breath away. The decadence, the dizzying pace, the excitement: It’s amazing! After watching, I reread the book and was pleased to find I much preferred it now that I was older. Let me make this clear: I love the book. I just prefer the chaotic pace of the film.

I'd love to know which films you prefer over their book counterparts. 



Polly's outfit is so crazy but I love it! 
I'm not going crazy- Vintage nightwear is totally a thing! 
Becky's miniature dachshund is so cute! 

Weekly Wishlist
A Polaroid cushion? Yes! 
Speaking of cushions, this little pug cushion is the cutest thing ever! 
Such a cute passive-agressive bunny sweatshirt
The print on this Harry Potter-inspired skirt is made from the locks of Gringotts vaults. 
It's impossible to choose which of these Brand New lyric posters I want the most! 
I need this unicorn jumper in my life! 

Other favourites
Who wants to see a llama partying to DMX?

I had a go at this quiz to see if I can still do school maths. Thank the Lord I got full marks! 

I'm a big fan of poetry. I think it's hugely underappreciated but that's a post for another day. This list of life changing poems features both my favourite poet (Philip Larkin) and my favourite poem (Mid Term Break by Seamus Heaney). There were a lot of poems new to me here and a fair few of them made me cry. Poetry is amazing. 

Book review: Love Letters of the Great War

Love Letters of the Great War- Mandy Kirkby
World War I broke out 100 years ago, on 28th July 1914 so the bookshops are filled with WWI-themed books. I'm not usually a reader of war texts, whether fiction or non-fiction, but I am a bit of a history geek. I was always much more interested in the lives of everyday people, rather than political or royal history, so this book, a collection of love letters written to and from soldiers in the trenches, seemed right up my street.

The letters presented here, which have been collected from various sources, are categorised into 8 sections, which include letters sent shortly after the commencement of the war and those sent after peace was declared. It also includes a section on how soldiers found happiness during warfare and one with letters looking towards the future.

Of course, it's expected that there are going to be a lot of sad, traumatic letters. This is indeed the case, with some soldiers detailing the horrors of the war, letters from wives cutting short their relationships and several letters sent from sweethearts when their partner had already been killed in action, unbeknown to them. There are a few occassions of letters being published from the same couple more than once in the book, which means you get some understanding into how their relationship developed under the conditions.
My favourite letter... although I don't think you could call it that. The letter that moved me the most, shall we say... was that sent from Phyllis Kelly to her boyfriend Eric Appleby. During a period of two years, the couple sent over 200 letters to each other, two of which are published in this book. Eric was enlisted in 1914 and sent to Ireland for training, where he met Phyllis at a dance. They conducted their relationship entirely through letters to each other, until 1916 when Phyllis learns that he has been dangerously wounded. She sends him a panicked letter praying for his recovery, but three days later is sent a telegram to inform her of his death. There is a note in the book explaining that, although Phyllis and Eric had only known each other for 2 years and had a relationship based purely on letters, she never married and had his photo hanging above her bed for the rest of her life.

However, it's not all heartbreak and tragedy. One brilliant letter, from a German lady to her husband's commanding officer, politely asks for her husband's leave of absence "just once for the satisfaction of my natural desires". The commanding officer replies and very generously explains that he will place her husband's name on list for leave.

Another favourite of mine was a brusk note written by Private Horace Humpage to his girlfriend Patty. In it, he rather matter-of-factly explains that "I think when I get settled, I would like to get married". Despite his tone of emotional disconnect, Horace and Patty were married sixty years. 
As well as the letters from everyday couples, there are also some from couples who went on to become rather famous. In 1915, Winston Churchill writes a goodbye letter to his wife to be opened in the event of his death and a nurse named Agnes von Kurowsky writes a letter breaking up with her fiancé: Ernest Hemingway. 

Another thing I found really interesting was the occassional inclusion of photos and letters that the soldiers had on their possession. It was really interesting to have that glimpse into their lives.

I found this book a fascinating look into the lives and relationships of ordinary people during the First World War. Although it was often heartbreakingly sad, there were also many happy moments and it left me with a real belief in the strength of love. 

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24th April 2014

Jumper: Present from Leona
Dress: Primark

I HAVE A WEASLEY JUMPER! When I went to visit Leona last week, she gave me her Christmas present and she'd only gone and got me a monogrammed jumper knitted! It's even in the Slytherin colours. Apparently the lady who knitted it (Leona's mum's best friend) spent ages trying to find the perfect shades of green and silver! 

It's insanely cosy and warm so it will have to wait until autumn until I can wear it properly but look at it! Isn't it perfect? I'm so happy. Thank you Leona! 

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What's on my bedside table

My poor bedside table is an absolute dumping ground. It's only a little cabinet, but it's bursting at the seams with books, magazines and candles. It was high time I gave it a little clear out, so I thought I'd show you what has been living inside it all this time. 
Clockwise (in a spiral motion) from bottom left:
Hot water bottle// Two pairs of scissors (I don't know why there's one pair, let alone two!)// Magazines dating back to 2012// My to-read pile of books// My diary// Passport photos of myself// Beauty samples from magazines// Lavender essential oil// Lip balm box (no lip balm inside)// Benefit lipgloss// Benefit blusher// "Love" sign// Primark, Sainsbury's and Yankee candles// Sudocreme// Candle lighter and lighter// The books I've read this month// The remote for the bedroom light// USB// Tablets// Ticket from Vogue Festival// Pens, pens, pens.

You'll be glad to hear that my bedside table is a lot neater now with only the essentials: Candles, books and my diary. It looks so much nicer! 

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365 104- 111

This week has an extra photo since I was in Plymouth with Leona last week and couldn't add the 104th photo to my post.

104 Loveliest train journey to Plymouth.

105 Plymouth is pretty! 
106 I'm obsessed with Extra Bubblemint chewing gum, thanks to Helen

107 Lunch in Costa with my grandma
108 Taking outfit photos.

109 Chocolate time!
 110 Still munching through the chocolate! 
 111 Keeping my piercing clean.

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