Sponsor Shoutout: Blue Hair in Belgium

Kerri of Blue Hair in Belgium has been one of my favourite people on Twitter for a long time now. A British ex-pat living in Belgium, she is brilliantly vocal about the causes she believes in, and is the host of #chatMH- a mental health Twitter chat every Thursday at 9pm. Apart from the fact that she's awesome, let's take a look at three very good reasons to follow her blog:

1. She visits the coolest places!
"Cool" for me might not be the same as most people but, luckily, Kerri seems to have exactly the same perspective as me! Whether it's a model village, ice displays or Interrail adventures to the like of Paris (Ok, that's actually cool-cool!), she's always up to something interesting.

2. She can cook!
I am the world's worst cook. By that, I mean I cook perhaps once a year, and it always goes wrong! I didn't know how to make a Pot Noodle until I was 18! Luckily for me, Kerri posts yummy, easy recipes regularly. The lamb curry looks especially delicious! 

3. Her outfit posts are gorgeous! 
I love Kerri's style so much! She wears clothes with the cutest, quirky details such as the dodo jumper above, lighthouse print dresses, and giraffe earrings

Bonus reason 4: Montly outtakes!
Kerri posts OOTD outtakes as a monthly feature and they're amazing. They really show off her fun personality. I reckon she'd be a lot of fun to hang out with! 

Seriously, go and follow Kerri now. I promise you won't regret it! 

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