Lewes Castle

When I visited Laura earlier this week, she showed me Lewes Castle. It's a small castle but absolutely beautiful! We were so lucky to have such a wonderful, clear day as we could see for miles!

To get to the castle, we walked through Southover Grange, which is blooming with wonderful spring flowers. So much colour!

I love some public art, especially when it's a sculpture. I'm a real sculpture geek! 

Just look at this castle! It's 1000 years old and still in amazing condition. It's incredible to think that the Normans built such sturdy buildings. It makes me wonder if our modern buildings will still be standing in 1000 years time. I have a feeling not!

Uh oh! I've clearly done something bad! Did you know that, despite popular belief, tomatoes were never thrown at people in the stocks, since tomatoes didn't come to Britain until the 16th century!

The castle consists of two towers, or mottes. This is the lower of the two, and was built first. It was originally made of wood and later rebuilt with stone.

On the way up the towers, there are different rooms that you can explore. This was my favourite one since it had dressing up costumes inside it. If we've learned anything since my trip to Winchester, it's that Becky loves fancy dress! 

There was also this very creepy dude hanging out on a windowledge!

Halfway up the taller motte is a circular flat called the Pleasure Gardens. It's stunning and the perfect place for a picnic! You can also get married here (although you'd need to make sure all your guests can walk up the multiple flights of stairs!)

Such a wonderful view of Lewes!

Here's another fun fact for you: Spiral staircases always descend in an anti-clockwise direction to make it easier for a castle defender, wielding a sword, to fight off invaders down the stairs.

The view from the taller motte is even more amazing! The fields just never end. 
After popping into the shop, where I bought a colour-in postcard because it has a B on it, we visited the museum.

I can't help but be fascinated by skeletons. This Roman woman was found with necklaces still hanging around her neck, and look at the teeth still in place along the jaw! 
One room showed a fascinating film about the history of Lewes. I had no idea that it was so rich in history, from Roman conquests to Victorian enterprise. This huge model village of the town was lit up to show the areas discussed in the film. 

The White Hart Hotel was mentioned in the film as a place where debates were held during the Victorian era. 

What a stunning monument! 

I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of Lewes. It's not somewhere I'd been before but it's absolutely breathtaking and it has such a fascinating past. I can't wait to visit again!

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  1. I always love your photography, Becky. Looks like you had a great trip :)

    Love in Modern Life

    1. Thank you Chelsea! That really means a lot to me! :)

  2. I must say, I have actually never heard of Lewes, but these photos make me want to investigate it!

    Lovely statues and monuments, and the little model village is so cute. Thanks for sharing this!:)

  3. Beautiful photos, Becky. I love Lewes, you seriously need to go there for Bonfire Night if you ever get a chance. It's kind of terrifying, but also amazing! x

    1. I really want to go but I'll have to wait until 2016 when it's not a school night!

  4. I love your photos, I reckon you could make everywhere look amazing :)
    Looks like a great place, I love castles. I can see one (or what I think is one) from my lab window that we're going to investigate tomorrow :)


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