24th April 2014

Jumper: Present from Leona
Dress: Primark

I HAVE A WEASLEY JUMPER! When I went to visit Leona last week, she gave me her Christmas present and she'd only gone and got me a monogrammed jumper knitted! It's even in the Slytherin colours. Apparently the lady who knitted it (Leona's mum's best friend) spent ages trying to find the perfect shades of green and silver! 

It's insanely cosy and warm so it will have to wait until autumn until I can wear it properly but look at it! Isn't it perfect? I'm so happy. Thank you Leona! 

By the way, if you enjoy reading my blog and would love to see me in Company magazine (let's face it- that would be AMAZING!), you can vote for me here


  1. Yay Weasley sweater! How cool! Yeah it may be a little too warm for it now, but it'll be waiting for you once fall rolls around!

  2. That is one awesome jumper! xxx

  3. I want a Weasley Jumper! It would have to be maroon with a huge R on it though, to be just like Ron's!

    Rachel xx
    The Inelegant Wench

  4. Oh my gosh.. that is so so amazing! Lucky lady! xxx


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