365 104- 111

This week has an extra photo since I was in Plymouth with Leona last week and couldn't add the 104th photo to my post.

104 Loveliest train journey to Plymouth.

105 Plymouth is pretty! 
106 I'm obsessed with Extra Bubblemint chewing gum, thanks to Helen

107 Lunch in Costa with my grandma
108 Taking outfit photos.

109 Chocolate time!
 110 Still munching through the chocolate! 
 111 Keeping my piercing clean.

By the way, if you enjoy reading my blog and would love to see me in Company magazine (let's face it- that would be AMAZING!), you can vote for me here


  1. I've never been to Plymouth, looks really pretty. I've been loving my easter chocolate too! xxx

  2. Just to warn you, I will never ever tire of seeing your hands. They are the cutest bloody things I have ever seen. X

    1. I got sized for my wedding ring. H AND A HALF!

  3. Is that a lindt bunny I see there?!

    1. YEAH! One of my kids from last year bought it for me, bless him!


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