Day in the life of Becky: April

10am Gummy bears for breakfast! (Actually, not for breakfast. We had some cereal first!)

11am Chilling with Rex in the sunlight.

12pm Snacking on Crunchie Rocks. Wow, we were healthy!

1pm Filming videos on the sofa.
 2pm Gettin' dippy wit it in Nando's. Na na na na na na! 
 3pm Fancy egg in the coffee shop. 
 4pm Time to get needles rammed in our heads!
 5pm Walking along The Barbican. Look how pretty! 
 6pm Settling down on the train for my long journey ahead.
 7pm Passing shipwrecks (well, yachtwrecks) at Exmouth. 
 8pm Gooey muffiny goodness!
 9pm Making a nest on the second leg of my journey. Yep, feet on the seats. Arrest me. 
 10pm Finally home! Yay!
Afterwards, I had a bath and snuggled down nice and cosy in bed. And so ended my crazy week of travelling! 


  1. This is so neat! I love taking pictures throughout my day to kind of record the best little moments :) I've done a couple of these so far, but it's just a photo journal (not an hour-by-hour laid-out day).

    And there's nothing wrong with candy for breakfast! Don't they say to eat all your sugar/junk food early in the day anyway??? haha
    My photo journals:

    1. Haha good point! More time to burn off the calories!

      Your photo journals are cute. I've seen a couple of them set out like that.

  2. I love this idea! :) Love your big over night bag too! Wheres it from?

    1. I got it at a vintage fair about 5 years ago and managed to break the zip in Plymouth. Boo!

  3. Busy busy, starting the day with gummy bears, you can't go wrong!

    Sophie x

    1. It's going to be a good day when you start with gummy bears!

  4. Your day sounds about 100 times better than mine! So many yummy treats :)
    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. the design of your blog is so cute! beautiful photographs

  6. I'm reading Dracula as well just now. It's a very dense read!
    (Love the little picture of you & Leona peeking out under it)

    What type of muffin is that? It looks glorious!

    1. How are you finding it? I'm about 250 pages in now and I'm really enjoying it but this section seems to be dragging. It all seems a bit unnecessarily long-winded right now.

      It was some sort of chocolate-fudgey-caramel muffin. It had a gooey centre.

  7. I liked the start of it, quite long-winded and overly detailed at some parts, but very intriguing. I'm not as far in as you but it's definitely one of those books you have to sit with for a prolonged length of time rather than just dipping in and out of (which I've been doing...)

  8. Oh look! It's our beautiful faces peeking out from your book. Aren't we sexy?

    Come back. I miss you!x


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