13th April 2014

Cardigan: Vintage bed jacket
Dress: Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop

No make up! (Well, lipstick and blusher, clearly but other than that...) My eyes are horrendously puffy and watery at the moment so it didn't make sense to put eyeliner on. It's just going to pour down my cheeks anyway. 

This is one of my favourite dresses. Last time I wore it, somebody told me that no human being should wear it since it's so unflattering but I love it anyway! I know you can totally see my legging top (and bra, if you look close enough!). I usually wear a bodysuit with this but I couldn't find one and I was going to wear a jacket over the top anyway so... 

This post has just been one little waffle. Sorry about that. Here's me. Here's my outfit. Done.

By the way, if you enjoy reading my blog and would love to see me in Company magazine (let's face it- that would be AMAZING!), you can vote for me here


  1. Love that you're wearing a Vintage Bed Jacket! I too love wearing my Vintage Kimono Robe just as a cute cardigan haha!
    xx Sally-Jean

  2. I love that little bed jacket!


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