Brookwood Cemetery: South Side

Once I'd explored the north side of Brookwood Cemetery, I'd spent 2 hours there and was ready to go home. I just thought I'd check out the gnarly tree in the corner... and spotted more cemetery across the road! It then transpired that I'd only been around the smaller side of the cemetery. I contemplated going home and coming back another day but, since I was there, I figured I might as well explore the whole thing. I'm very glad I did, because this part of the cemetery had some of the most beautiful monuments I've ever seen. 

This is one of the most beautiful gravestones I've ever seen. Her stance is perfect: She's completely throwing herself to heaven with the utmost trust. 
Here's how it looks from the front. I think the flower she's clasping is a lily, which symbolises innocence and purity. 
The most picturesque chapel is found near the entrance to the south side of the cemetery. It looks as though it's in Colonial America. 
Behind the chapel are the monastery buildings, which are the residences of the St Edward Orthodox Brotherhood.

This is another one of my favourite headstones. The landscape appears to be St Paul's Cathedral, with the beautiful angel overlooking.

I've saved the best for last. When I spotted this monument, I gasped out loud. It's the most beautiful, tragic headstone I've ever seen. It's a little difficult to see clearly from the photo above, but it features a mourning man cradling his wife, with an angel at his shoulder. The angel seems to be both comforting him and, at the same time, taking his wife away to heaven. The sheets below the wife are engraved with the words "Into the way of peace". I've never seen anything like it before. 
 Here's a clearer photo of the wife and her mourning husband. Isn't it amazing?

If you're interested in cemeteries, I definitely recommend Brookwood Cemetery. Although be prepared to spend several hours there and don't forget to wear your comfiest shoes! It's a wonderful place that's absolutely steeped in history. Absolutely worth a visit. 


  1. I live in Woking and have been meaning to visit Brookwood for ages, after seeing your posts I am definitely going on my next day off.

    1. Hey, that's near me! I definitely recommend it! (Brookwood that is, not Woking!)

  2. This looks amazing. Once you look past the initial thought of it being a cemetery they are actually very beautiful. It's a shame people don't put the same love into it anymore.

    1. They are so beautiful but these days it's not the same.


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