Becky Reads Company: May 2014

Before we get started, can we take a moment to really look at the expression of this month's cover girl? I don't know who Bella Thorne is but the poor girl looks so uncomfortable and unnatural in this pose. Is this honestly the most appropriate photo they had of her?

The good

I need this camera bag in my life! 

A Clueless- inspired high street edit? YES! 

I love it when I see some of my favourite bloggers in Company. This month it's Kayla Hadlington's turn. 

I absolutely love Matt's idea of alphabet dating- Each month, you choose a dating experience that starts with a letter of the alphabet in order. I imagine mine would go something like amusement park, beach, casino...

As an introvert myself, I totally agree that the internet has made it a lot easier for us to get by in life. This article reaffirmed everything I already knew about this but it was great to read about other people who understand life from my point of view. 

I've always loved the concept of trying out trends on the street to see how they work in real life. I might actually try something like this myself! 

The bad

I found Jameela's article this month difficult to connect with. She describes our generation as one of bums, since we're not building architecture as beautiful as that of Rome's. The fault of this is, supposedly, technology. Does she not see that the use of technology is creating geniuses of a whole different breed? 

...and, erm, that's it! Not bad this month! 

The ugly

"Fashionableness" is not an adjective. Neither does it achieve the (presumably) intended humourous effect. It just sounds silly. Apparently, the editor would be a florist if she weren't in her present job. I tell you what, florists don't need to use adjectives...

"Cos". No, not the shop. Just a terrible abbreviation of "because". Technically it should be "'cause" but, one way or another, it needs to have an apostrophe to show the omission of "be".

"Wednesday  Adams" (p. 30). Complete with two spaces between the words and a misspelled surname. Research: It's a wonderful thing! 

Well, this month's issue was pretty good. Company, you've impressed me! 

By the way, if you enjoy reading my blog and would love to see me in Company magazine (let's face it, that would be AMAZING!), you can vote for me here. I know this might seem odd, but as I have said many times, I do enjoy Company and love their "spirit", if you will. I just think it could be improved. As I always say to the kids "I'm being picky because I believe in you and I know you can do better!" 


  1. Ha I love it when you do these reviews of Company.
    The main thing I've taken away from this post though is alphabet dating... this is happening!!
    Jen x

  2. I have been going through your blog and just wanted to say that I really like it :)

  3. Your critical analysis always makes me laugh! I noticed the Wednesday Addams mistake too!

  4. I love this post. Alphabet dating sounds fun, if only I had someone to go on them with eh haha. Also I need that camera bag asap!

    Sophie x

    1. You could do alphabet days out with your friends?

  5. Alphabet dating sounds awesome! First i need a that 'generation' of bums thing has annoyed me. I don't see Jameela making a difference?! I actually stand up for things that are important, maybe she should do the same!

    1. It annoyed me too! Maybe she's not doing anything but plenty of people out there are!

  6. Cos is a lettuce, not an abbreviation. xx

  7. I'm a Company reader too and love their recent focus on bloggers and blogging. I, too, was disappointed with Jameela's column this month, especially after her quest to quit self-criticism last month.

    And I like the camera bag but love the (super expensive, boo) Kate Spade one more

    1. Good point! I didn't relate this column to her last!


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