Kailey's Olypsticks post is such a cute idea! 
Rob Ryan designed elements of this wedding dress and it's insanely beautiful! 
Kate's mobile office is so cute!

Other stuff

This little girl makes dresses out of paper and it's the cutest thing! 


Happy Birthday Leona!

If you're familiar with my blog, you'll know my BFF Leona. More so if you've ever followed me on Twitter. In fact, I'm pretty convinced that there's at least one person out there who genuinely thinks we're in a relationship. We're not, although I wouldn't exactly mind. You know, if Rich and Alan Rickman were both wiped off the planet. 

It's her birthday today, so, as she's turning 24, I thought I'd write a little list of 24 things I love about her. It can be her present. Sorry, Leona, no presents for you this year. You can have the gift of love. (I lie, she does have a present!)
1. She isn't offended by anything. I don't have to worry about anything I say because she'll find it funny.

2. She loves Harry Potter just as much as me. Which is really saying something! 

3. And she's a Slytherin.

4. She's always got my back and is not afraid to fight my corner. With swear words. 

5. She's freaking hilarious! 

6. She texts me MCR lyrics out of the blue. 

7. If I insult her,she insults me back. 

8. She's a babe!

9. Her hair is gorgeous.

10. She showers me with compliments. 

11. We can watch endless repeats of Love Actually and still find something new to criticise.

12. She doesn't share my love for Alan Rickman or Richard Osman (more for me!) but she doesn't judge either. 

13. I can text her at any point and know she'll reply with exactly what I want to hear.

14. She's basically a slightly younger version of me!

15. I love how cynical and sarcastic she can be.

16. We always know what the other is thinking. We can do "the look" without being in the same county.

17. She posts cute Rex pictures.

18. Which means she's a dog person- Clearly superior!

19. We've been known to end up buying the same Primark items so she obviously has great taste!

20. She isn't put off by my tweeting her IN BLOCK CAPITALS.

21. My emo days are rivalled only by hers. Oh, how I wish we were friends in 2005!

22. This means she always understands my nostalgic emo musings. 

23. When we got out, we both need to sit down all. the. time so I don't feel so lazy!

24. She's just the best! 


Taking Back Sunday at the Koko

Back in 2004, shortly after my emo transformation, I was stood outside Asda when I bumped into a guy I had gone to school with and got chatting. He said, and I quote, "You can't be a real emo unless you listen to Taking Back Sunday". It wasn't until 2005, after I saw them support Green Day at Milton Keynes, that I realised they were pretty awesome. Fast forward 10 years, and I've just seen them for the 10th time (I think- I've lost count!). I do love that band, and Adam Lazzara's gigantic head. Seriously, it's the biggest head I've ever seen! 

I'd never been to the Koko before, but it's a really beautiful building with a stunning, ornate interior. The only problem I found was that it's set over several small levels, meaning it seems really crowded wherever you go. This is a problem for us since we prefer to stand at the back and dance like nobody's watching. It's also absolutely boiling! 

We discovered a roof terrace with a spongy floor. It was very surreal, and seems pretty dangerous for a place that sells alcohol, but we had great fun waving at people on the street. Nobody waved back though. Boo!

We also took this beautiful selfie. God, we're gorgeous!

Nothing gets me as excited as the view of a lit-up stage! The set was incredible, with a whole bunch of really, really old album tracks. I was also happy to hear My Blue Heaven, which is one of my favourite songs of theirs and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I heard it live. 

You know how I said we dance like nobody's watching? We really go for it! I'm never as uninhibited as I am at a gig. As well as songs I hadn't heard live before- including some which didn't really work live- they played all the old classics like Cute without the E and You're So Last Summer. They even opened the show with A Decade Under the Influence, which seemed a pretty bold move. Who opens the set with their biggest hit? These guys!
We got very, very hot and very, very sweaty but it was a whole lot of fun. I guess I became a real emo in the end! 

Book review: The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim

The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim- Jonathan Coe
I'm going to admit it- I only chose this book from The Mirror Book Club because I liked the cover and I thought it looked like the sort of thing I'd enjoy. Turns out, I was right. It's one of those books that involves the lead character going on a surprising journey, encountering odd events and strange characters, and ultimately discovering themselves.

In this case, it tells the tale of Maxwell Sim, a 48 year old salesman going through a midlife crisis after separating from his wife, who moves away with their daughter. He takes up a job as a toothbrush salesman, driving to the Shetland Islands as part of a PR project. As he travels, the isolation of travelling alone for long periods of time affects him and he starts to lose sense of himself and his mind.
What was interesting about this book is that it starts with the ending. In writing this review, I've discovered that this technique is called in medias res, which I love the sound of! The opening chapter is a newspaper article reporting the discovery of a half-naked man found in a car in Scotland, with two empty bottles of whiskey and boxes of toothbrushes in the boot. This approach was great for piquing my curiosity and propelling me forward in discovering how this event occurred.

I enjoyed the tone of the book. It's told from Maxwell's perspective, and he has an interesting view on life. He doesn't quite see the world in the way that other people might, which is perhaps what makes him predisposed to his spiralling loss of reality. There are aspects of both humour and tragedy, and the overall impression is of a rather naive man who is unsure of the world around him.
As part of Maxwell's journey, we discover the history of Maxwell's father and his friend, Roger. I found this to be the most interesting part of the book and was sad when it ended. I almost felt as though the real story involved Maxwell's dad and Roger, and it seemed like a missed opportunity. 

Although the book was enjoyable, it was quite a generic light read. There was nothing particularly special about it, but still entertaining enough to keep me happy. 


365 50- 56

This was the week of London: 4 of these 7 days were spent in the city. Crazy!

050 Georgie! Rawr! 
051 Beautiful mirror in a packed Camden antiques shop. 
052 Yes, this happened!

053 I was so happy to be given number 13 when waiting for food! It's my lucky number! 

054 Is there anything better than free Nutella for breakfast? No. No there isn't. 

055 Putting my make up on whilst on the train travelling to London (again!)
056 Yummy sweetie! 

Voucher Codes Swap Shop Party 2014

A few weeks back, I received a very exciting email inviting me to this year's Voucher Codes Swap Shop Party. It had a very simple concept: You take along five of your unwanted clothes, shoes or accessories and exchange them for stamps that can be used to "purchase" others' clothes. A perfect way to update my wardrobe and get rid of some of the insane amount of clothes languishing in my closet!

Helen of Blog of Bits and Bobs came along with me and ate everything in sight. 

There was delicious, spicy fried chicken and chips supplied by Mother Clucker. It was yummy!

Cupcakes, chicken and a sweet bar, complete with pick n mix bags to fill up. It's fair to say we were all very spoilt! 

Suave bartenders created mint mojitos and grapetini cocktails for the guests. There was quite a queue for the bar!

In the centre of the downstairs room was a huge table overflowing with craft supplies. Pinned It! Made it! were on hand with pairs of tights that we could embellish to our heart's content. Of course, I favoured the craziest adornments I could find and ended up sticking pom poms on the knees of my tights. Probably not something to actually wear in public! 
My favourite part of the party has to be the incredibly talented Twistina. She is a balloon modeller who was creating balloon headpieces, complete with hairband, based on each attendee's outfit. As I was wearing my teddy bear jumper, I ended up with this amazing masterpiece:

Look how cute he is! I called him Henry and he lasted the whole party and the tube&train ride home. Unfortunately, as soon as I put him down at home, his left eye and ear popped. I was devastated! 

Scouring the rails. It was so gratifying to see people walking around with an item that you'd checked in. Even though they were unwanted clothes, it felt like verification of your taste in fashion!


There were so many other bloggers there that I didn't have a chance to say hi to all of them! I managed to grab a quick hello, but nothing else, with a bunch too. It's a shame it was so hectic and I didn't get a chance to chat! We did meet the very lovely Rebecca of Cinnamon Slipper, though. She is every part as lovely as I thought she would be! 
I got to play with a photobooth and went a little bit overboard (I won't repeat what Rebecca referred to me as!) The guy on the left is the man who ran the booth- We decided to photobomb him. On the right, you can see me, Helen and Rebecca with Paige and Adora

Well, we're certainly pale! Like a pair of friendly ghosts!
Here's four of the six items I picked up: A fluffy blue Dorothy Perkins jumper, a bright New Look playsuit, tapestry H! by Henry Holland oxfords and pink Dorothy Perkins flatforms. I also bagged an ASOS Curve dress and another item from Dorothy Perkins- a monochrome skater dress.

Afterwards, Helen and I popped into Starbucks for a drink and she practised her henna skills on my wrist! We also spent far too long (and far too much money!) in the same Tottenham Court Road Primark that I visited on Saturday. It's definitely the best one I've ever visited, and 9pm on a Monday night seems like the perfect time to visit- It was almost empty! 
When I got home, I discovered some lovely gifts in the bottom of my bag- A Dorothy Perkins necklace, a Boden purse and a £10 Matalan voucher. Lovely!

I had a really great time! It was fantastic meeting so many other bloggers, and it's such a great idea to change up your wardrobe without going out and spending all your money. A huge thank you to Voucher Codes and all involved with the party! 


Wedding plans: February

6 months to go...
My first monthly update on my wedding plans. This is exciting! Yeah, I'm planning it all in 6 months. Luckily we're having a very low-key thing, not a big fancy traditional wedding! Let's take a look at what I've done this month. 

Booked our wedding/honeymoon
Two weeks in Florida, complete with flights, accommodation on International Drive and tickets to both Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and Walt Disney World. Woohoo! The hotel is the same place I stayed in 2011, so I know it's a nice place to stay, I know where the best local shops/restaurants are, and I know how to get to and from each theme park without relying on the overpriced shuttle bus ($20 for a bus that only leaves three times a day, when you could get public transport that comes along every 20 minutes for $6?)

Bought one part of my wedding dress
I plan to wear a simple white dress below a slightly more extravagant overskirt. I bought the dress for £20 on Boohoo and I absolutely love it! You'll have to wait until August to see it properly though! 

Bought my headband
Without giving too much away, my dress is going to feature mint green, so it made sense to use this colour in my accessories. I've always known I want a return to my beehive for the day, so I wanted a hairband that would fit around the front of it. This Crown and Glory Whole Lotta Rosie headband is perfect! 

Located my shoes
I bought these way back at the beginning of 2011. I knew the shoes I wanted- Rainbow Club's Bonnie- and decided to have a look on eBay. There was one pair in my size, unworn and about £15. I bought them there and then. I've had them all that time just waiting for use, so I dug them out of their storage space ready for use.

Started buying decoration
I popped into Wilkinson's to buy a box for storing all the wedding bits, and stumbled upon the most amazing baking range. The cake stands are absolutely perfect for our homemade mini pavlovas (by handmade, I mean shoving fruit in shop-bought meringue nests!), and the bunting is ideal. I went a little bit insane with ribbon-buying too! The little candle is also from Wilkinson's. It looks just like a Yankee, smells lovely and was only £1. I'm going to buy a couple for each table to go with the vintage hardback books, from a charity shop, as part of our centrepieces. When we went to buy them, I spotted these adorable knitted dolls in the window of a charity shop. I've called them Little Becky and Little Rich! I think they're my favourite thing so far! 

Designed our invitations
It seems silly buying pre-made invitations when I posess the vague ability to use Photoshop. As our England wedding has a literary theme, I copied every bride on Pinterest with these library card invitations. The plan is to have the invites as a "book" with a personalised cover (I've designed a Penguin cover although it's a little cliché!), and a little pocket stuck to the inside with the library card invitation slipped inside. This is just the top of the invite. I was going to include the whole thing here, but it just looked silly since I had to blank out all the personal information. You get the picture from this, though. 

Designed our place cards
Lying in bed, I suddenly had a brainwave. Why not make our place cards mini Penguin books, personalised for each attendee? On the back, they each have a little "I Spy" game, which I've seen around Pinterest a lot and seems a really cute way to get the guests involved, as well as collecting photos from different people. 

Sponsor Becky Bedbug in March

I need to stop getting so carried away with my little photos. I'm a bunny! Boing boing! I was going to be the Easter Bunny, until I realised Easter is in April this year. Instead, I'm just a spring bunny, chilling out with my mates Spring Lamb and Spring Chicken. Spring is approaching at last! Let's celebrate the onset of sunny mornings, warm days and- hopefully- less flooding with a sponsorship! 

Let's look at what you get:
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Let's take a peek at the stats:
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Advertisements start from £6 ($10), so there's an option for all budgets. If advertising's not your thing, there are other ways you can get involved, such as sponsored posts and PR reviews. For all the information, take a look at my sponsorship page here


Schwing Along with Wayne's World at the Prince Charles Cinema London

After the fun I had in December seeing Muppets Christmas Carol at the Prince Charles Cinema London with my friends Marie and Christie, it made sense to go back and pay another visit. When we heard about the Schwing Along with Wayne's World event, we knew it was the perfect evening for us! We even decided to make a real event of it and stay the night in a London hostel.

The hostel is called Clink 78 and it's incredible. It's in an old courthouse, complete with two courtrooms and cells that you can stay the night in. Unfortunately the cells only sleep one or two people so we couldn't get one!

The place is absolutely huge! It's like a maze walking through the corridors to the rooms but it's well signposted and there are showers and toilets everywhere. They're single-sex too, so you don't need to worry about men walking in on you! On top of that, unlike the hostels I've stayed in in European cities, the shower cubicles are completely private with lockable doors. Phew!

Our room was... cosy, to say the least. It didn't matter though, as we only needed it to sleep in.
We managed to get a private room for three at a price of £20 each. This is right in the centre of London, just around the corner from King's Cross station. What a bargain! 

The best thing about Clink 78 is how they've given it a modern feel but kept pretty much all of the original features.

Look at this! This is the computer room and it's been kept exactly as it was when it was used as a courtroom. Fun fact: In 1978, The Clash were put on trial in this very courtroom for shooting a pigeon. 

Of course, I made a beeline for the dock! This is my "I'm innocent, your honour!" face. 

The judge's chair! How cool is the neon sign?

I could have stayed in here forever, hunting out all the tiny little details. The TV room was also a courtroom but it wasn't as faithfully preserved as this one.

After settling in, we headed to a lovely pub called The Yorkshire Grey. It had a really relaxed atmosphere and the food was incredible. The garlic fries are to die for! If you're ever in the Holborn area, I fully recommend it!

When in the pub, we discovered that it was only a mile from Oxford Street, so we hopped on the bus outside and made a stop off to the Tottenham Court Road Primark. It was much better than the Marble Arch one- absolutely huge but not swarming with people, even though it was Saturday afternoon. 

Anyone for a jumper sponsored by McCain? You get 50p off your next packet of oven chips...

I was desperate to find the My Little Pony jacket that I'd seen in Company this month and I was certain it would be in this branch. After looking over the whole shop, even asking a member of staff where I could find it and having her looking at me like I was insane, I finally found a rail full of them just as I had given up and gone to pay. Hooray! 

Rather than tackle the sweaty, crowded tube, we got the bus back to King's Cross and, after quickly getting into our Wayne's World-inspired costumes, we checked out the hostel bar down in the basement. The music was catered to the international crowd since they get so many backpackers, so it wasn't really our thing. 
My costume was inspired by Stacey. I wore a blue velvet dress and floral bomber jacket with black Converse hi-tops.  
Do you think we did a good job?
Of course, you can't attend a Wayne's World event without canvas sneakers! 
Then we got to Leicester Square ready to party in the bar before the film. Unfortunately, the advertised "90s themed pre-party in the bar" was non-existent and the staff seemed to know nothing about it. To appease us, and the other attendees who were confused by this, they played some 90s rock in the bar and let us wait down there. 

We got free red solo cups with our drinks so we could pretend we were in Stan Mikita's.

When the screen opened, we were each given a free donut. Yum yum! Our host was named Ralph and he was hilarious! He got all the Garths on stage for a Bohemian Rhapsody headbang-off. Marie also managed to wangle a place in the contest but unfortunately she didn't win. Ralph also encouraged us to get involved with the film, booing Benjamin, whistling Cassandra, and, of course, schwinging along! It was so much fun to quote along with the film. There was a real party atmosphere and everyone got involved.
Afterwards we were pretty tired so we went straight back to the hostel and climbed into bed. Annoyingly, we were woken up at 7:50am by the fire alarms going off but at least it meant we were early to breakfast! Unlimited breakfasts of toast, cereal and juice (as well as tea and coffee). I made a beeline straight for the little Nutella pots!
Once we'd filled up our tummies, we got the train back home. There was a man sitting behind Marie who was playing The Rolling Stones and The Jam very loudly on his iPod. We absolutely loved it but he had no idea that he'd caused a mini disco behind him!

It was a fantastic weekend out. In fact, the Prince Charles Cinema have an overnight Pixar pyjama party coming up in March and I'm organising an informal bloggers' sleepover out of it. All the details are here if you want to come along! 

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