Becky Reads Company: March 2014

The Good
 Hey look, it's Charlene! I love her! 

I don't know who this Ella Henderson girl is but I love that she's not stick thin! 

Apparently, back in September, Company were looking for new creatives, including writers. Why did I not see this? (Although I am public enemy number one when it comes to bad grammar). Anyway, turns out- surprise, surprise- that the amateurs are better than the professionals! 

I loved this article on the links between pop music and fashion. Though they definitely got them the wrong way round: Rihanna's River Island collection is the lowest of the low, and I would call emo-meets-Barbie awesome, not "*facepalm*". Ironic use of emo Myspace formatting there. Maybe. Oh, and look what they feature a few pages later. 

Like this isn't emo-meets-Barbie! Mind you, you'd "def get street-styled" at a festival with this hair. Ha! 

The prettiest colours and textures! I love spring collections! Although we are dangerously close to seeing a little more than I'd like on the right there! 

Unlikely style icon: My Little Pony. I WANT ALL OF THIS! Oh my God, a My Little Pony bomber jacket. Get me to a Primark! Now! 

The Bad

This article about the changing face of music discovery could have been interesting, but it's just nothing new. Singers are discovered on the internet these days? Really? It's not like that happened with Lily Allen in 2005.

"This is the first social platform that lets you, the user, fully curate your own digital magazine". Erm, Glossi anyone?

This design is just awful. I have no words. 

Because Popbands weren't bad enough, now you can buy another brand for twice the price.

The Ugly

Just a little niggle this month. How can you work in the magazine industry for so long without knowing how a full stop works? Some of my 7 year olds have a better grasp of punctuation than this! 

"Inspo"? Eeurgh. Using the phrase "my 70s inspo" in two different comments? Double eeurgh.

"Nick Hornby writes great films (About a Boy)". Not only is this a horrendous, clumpy, boring sentence but he's a fricking author! He didn't even write the screenplay! About a Boy was originally a book. A book. You know, those things you read? 
"Fashion has pulled their socks up (literally)"... "You're literally glowing"..."literally bowled me over". Note to Company: Invest in a dictionary and use it to look up the definition of "literally". You'll thank me for it.
Sentences are amazing things. Use them. You're one full stop and one capital letter short here. 


  1. I love these posts more than life itself.

  2. This post is excellent. I do enjoy you and your observations!

  3. Okay this is my favourite thing ever. I think it would be amazing if you took a tv series and did the same kind of thing! I'd love to do reviews of fanfiction just because I think there is some shocking stuff out there. Would that be okay with you? :) I'll of course credit you as the inspiration! :) xx

    1. That's a good idea! Please do it! I'd love to read it!

  4. I look forward to these more than I really should :P the Nick Hornby comment made me facepalm so bad! xoxo

    1. It made me want to hit myself in the face haha!

  5. Are these posts are so great! I do love the fashion in company, but your commentary is the best! #companyhirebecky


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