Diaries behind-the-scenes: The Rich years

This is my last ever diary post! It's gone as far as it can now which makes me really sad, although I might do a little diary-reading series on YouTube  (if I ever get a move on with that!). When I looked through the back of these final three diaries, it turned out I was an emo kid for a lot longer than I thought! I'm calling these the Rich years, even though the first two diaries were pre-Rich.

Cupcake (15th February 2007- 4th December 2007)
I had a dream about cheesecake and felt the need to record it in detail.
Cute little doodle. I like this. 

Jack December (18th August 2007- 28th April 2008)
More quotes and song lyrics. Yes, Leona, that's Paramore. Are you proud of me?
I have absolutely no idea what this is but I quite like it, even if it is horrendously pretentious!
I've Googled this but it's not given me any hints as to what it is. Perhaps it's something I wrote myself. 
Angry scribbling. This was pre-Rich, when I was with a boyfriend who made me feel pretty bad.

Severus (24th August 2010- 5th July 2011)
More quotes and lyrics. Motion City Soundtrack, this time. 
A list of injokes I have with one of my best friends, Laura.
I tried to list every band I'd ever seen. I don't think I managed it!
This is the end of a poem I wrote. The deliberation over the full stop was a big deal.
In summer 2011, I went through a pretty major Taking Back Sunday kick. I was pretty much writing their lyrics everywhere.

And that's it. All done. I feel sad now!


  1. I was so excited to see the Motion City Soundtrack quote! I'm not sure if that makes me a little bit sad, but I'm giving you extra cool points for that.

    1. I think it makes you a little bit cooler!

  2. Aw, I thoroughly enjoyed these posts! Sad to see the end of them. x


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