Wedding plans: February

6 months to go...
My first monthly update on my wedding plans. This is exciting! Yeah, I'm planning it all in 6 months. Luckily we're having a very low-key thing, not a big fancy traditional wedding! Let's take a look at what I've done this month. 

Booked our wedding/honeymoon
Two weeks in Florida, complete with flights, accommodation on International Drive and tickets to both Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and Walt Disney World. Woohoo! The hotel is the same place I stayed in 2011, so I know it's a nice place to stay, I know where the best local shops/restaurants are, and I know how to get to and from each theme park without relying on the overpriced shuttle bus ($20 for a bus that only leaves three times a day, when you could get public transport that comes along every 20 minutes for $6?)

Bought one part of my wedding dress
I plan to wear a simple white dress below a slightly more extravagant overskirt. I bought the dress for £20 on Boohoo and I absolutely love it! You'll have to wait until August to see it properly though! 

Bought my headband
Without giving too much away, my dress is going to feature mint green, so it made sense to use this colour in my accessories. I've always known I want a return to my beehive for the day, so I wanted a hairband that would fit around the front of it. This Crown and Glory Whole Lotta Rosie headband is perfect! 

Located my shoes
I bought these way back at the beginning of 2011. I knew the shoes I wanted- Rainbow Club's Bonnie- and decided to have a look on eBay. There was one pair in my size, unworn and about £15. I bought them there and then. I've had them all that time just waiting for use, so I dug them out of their storage space ready for use.

Started buying decoration
I popped into Wilkinson's to buy a box for storing all the wedding bits, and stumbled upon the most amazing baking range. The cake stands are absolutely perfect for our homemade mini pavlovas (by handmade, I mean shoving fruit in shop-bought meringue nests!), and the bunting is ideal. I went a little bit insane with ribbon-buying too! The little candle is also from Wilkinson's. It looks just like a Yankee, smells lovely and was only £1. I'm going to buy a couple for each table to go with the vintage hardback books, from a charity shop, as part of our centrepieces. When we went to buy them, I spotted these adorable knitted dolls in the window of a charity shop. I've called them Little Becky and Little Rich! I think they're my favourite thing so far! 

Designed our invitations
It seems silly buying pre-made invitations when I posess the vague ability to use Photoshop. As our England wedding has a literary theme, I copied every bride on Pinterest with these library card invitations. The plan is to have the invites as a "book" with a personalised cover (I've designed a Penguin cover although it's a little cliché!), and a little pocket stuck to the inside with the library card invitation slipped inside. This is just the top of the invite. I was going to include the whole thing here, but it just looked silly since I had to blank out all the personal information. You get the picture from this, though. 

Designed our place cards
Lying in bed, I suddenly had a brainwave. Why not make our place cards mini Penguin books, personalised for each attendee? On the back, they each have a little "I Spy" game, which I've seen around Pinterest a lot and seems a really cute way to get the guests involved, as well as collecting photos from different people. 


  1. The I Spy game is genius! It's guest entertainment at zero cost. Love it :)

    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  2. LOVE the unique place card ideal! your wedding is going to be brilliant and I can't wait to stalk twitter for any photos that will be uploaded! x

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  3. Such lovely ideas!! As a fellow book-worm, I adore the literary touches! Also think the addition of mint to your wedding outfit is very original and a perfect combo with the white...adore it! Seems like you're going to have an amazing day!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  4. Such lovely things! I love the eye spy game :D

  5. So exciting! And the place cards are so good I want to get married again just to use them...
    Happy planning, such fun :o)
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Haha I think Rich and I might have to marry several times!

  6. Love the shoes and the place card idea! Your wedding is going to be amazing :)

  7. Omg, those place cards are incredible! You can totally plan a wedding in six months. I had to plan mine in less than three. I look forward to seeing more planning! :D

    1. I think it's mostly done now so that's good! I've just got little things to do like print off the invites and buy more decor.

  8. We stayed on Internation Drive when we went to Florida too! It's the best place to stay, there's a Hooters right across the street from the hotel that we stayed in and we definitely visited it a few times... dem boobies.


    1. I'll definitely be going to Hooters... and thinking of you!


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