Word of February: Plan

I really don't want to bore you guys, and I'm terribly sorry if I'm turning into one of those wedding obsessives, but the next 6 months might be a little wedding-heavy. Since we've decided to actually get married this year (more on that later this week!), my February is going to be made up of planning, planning and more planning!

I only have one real goal here, which is plan/ book as much as I can and then post an end-of-month update on my planning progress. Exciting times! 


  1. Eek! Exciting times ahead, cant wait to read all your wedding-related posts!

  2. I think this is SO exciting! I can't wait to do this some day too :)
    Rosie from Every Word Handwritten x

  3. Do you have Pinterest? I've found that if I'm trying to organise anything (holiday, birthday party etc), it helps me save not only inspiration but also links to things. Although I've heard that it's so easy to get sucked in if you're planning a wedding. It was made for wedding planning.

    1. I do! I don't like it usually but I love it for wedding planning!

  4. Yay wedding stuff! I'm really looking forward to reading about it all! xx

  5. I nominated you for a Liebster award!

  6. Good luck with planning hope all goes well for you! xx


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