Day in the life of Becky: February 2014

10am Fluffy bum!

11am Quick shower so my hair is ready for my haircut.

12pm A bit of lunch before my mum picks me up.

1pm Dancing ladybird in my mum's car. 
 2pm Chilling at my mum's before my hairdresser gets started.
3pm Waiting for the train to London. 
 4pm On the tube.
 5pm Shopping at Camden Stables.
 6pm Nando's for dinner.
 7pm Settling down at the theatre. I love this sign! 
 8pm Still at the theatre in our fancypants box! 
 9pm Ice cream in the interval. 
 10pm Heading back to the tube station.
11pm Myles and Eugene the Squirrel on the train home. (I asked Myles what name I should give the squirrel. Without even pausing for thought, he replied with Eugene. So Eugene it is!)
12am Home time, jumping in the bath to calm down from all the excitement and then straight to bed! 


  1. I loved this post! Love the photos, the theatre looks like so much fun.

    Rebekah | Love From Rhj

  2. Myles was definitely hoping you'd ask him to name the squirrel if he answered that quickly! My brothers would have taken an age to come up with something as good as that! x

    1. Haha I think you're right! He didn't pause to think for a second. I bet he'd already been talking to him in his head: "Hi Eugene. I'm Myles. Come on, Eugene, let's go and get the train!"

  3. Love this post! The pictures are awesome! ^_^

  4. Great post:) Looks like such a fun day!

    1. I always have fun with Myles. I love that little dude! (Although he's WAY taller than me now so not so little haha!)


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