A-Z of Becky: J

J is for jetting off

I hate flying. Which is odd because from the age of 6-13, I flew once a year and absolutely loved it. My grandparents took us on several cruises from Palma and we often flew from London to visit my dad in Liverpool. Then I had a 3 year break from flying and, much to my surprise, spent the entire trip to Ibiza clinging to the seat in terror, convinced that the plane would fall out of the air and we all would die.

Due to university and lack of money, I didn't go on my first trip abroad sans-family until last year, aged 23. Then I went crazy and went on three holidays in the space of 4 months: Madrid, Florida and Amsterdam. The photo above was taken as we landed in Madrid.

I'm still terrified of flying but Florida is my favourite place on earth. I'm getting married there next year. I also have a huge list of places that I want to go to in the next couple of years: Germany, New York, Stockholm, California...

I think I'm going to need to stock up on Bach's Rescue Remedy.


Business Cards

For the longest time, I've been meaning to make up some business cards. With the news that I am heading to London Fashion Week, I thought it was high time that I got some printed so I've finally designed my card.

They're all white so it's a little difficult to see on the white background of my blog. Nevertheless, this gives you an idea of what they'll look like.



What do you think?



Noemie at The Sun Was High has the cutest boots in the world ever! What an adorable idea! The rest of the outfit is cute too. Check it out.

Last week, whilst watching Styled to Rock (What? I love trashy TV!), I saw one of the guys in Rizzle Kicks wearing the most amazing tapestry bomber jacket. I wanted it so badly. It haunted me until I finally found it online at To-orist... for £300. Gutted!

I absolutely adore this customised sweatshirt over at So Zo. What a fantastic idea and brilliant inspiration too! I must try out something like this myself!

I'm not ashamed to admit that Up makes me sob like a little baby. I had no idea what I was in for when I first watched that film. My gosh, the trauma! Still, I love it and I think this poster is just gorgeous! The simplicity is beautiful.

This is an oldie but I absolutely love it! It's also pretty topical since I have just today found out that I have a press pass for London Fashion Week. Ooh, I'm so excited! Has anyone been to a fashion week before? Any advice for a newbie?

Speaking of P'Trique, how excited are we that he's going to be on America's Next Top Model? Oh my, it will be totes amaze! I absolutely adore P'Trique! If I was a designer, he would be FROW fo sho!


23rd August 2012

Dress: River Island

I just picked up this dress in the sales and, oh my goodness, I think it might be my favourite. I originally had two in my basket- This one and an identical one in a pale pink shade. I ummed and aahed about it and, typically, as soon as I decided to buy them, the pink had sold out. I'm gutted now since the dress is amazing.

It's made of the most amazing, thick jacquard fabric so the skirt keeps it shape at all times and, in winter, it will be really warm. I can't wait to wear it over a long-sleeved white chiffon blouse! This is a size 16 and it fits absolutely perfectly! So that makes me a 16 for this week's Proud of my Size Link Up!

Here's a close up of the fabric so you can see what I mean. It was such a great surprise when I pulled this out of the parcel bag!

I was looking after my little bro today so we went for a pub lunch and I began teaching him how to use my DSLR. We covered shutter speed and focus today and he took to it like a duck to water! Now he really wants a camera of his own!

These are the photos that he took- Not bad for a 12 year old's first attempt, right?

I think we'll work on composition next. This is my favourite of his shots. I absolutely love how he has captured the delicacy of the cobweb and the light dancing on the leaf.

How good is that! That child has far too much talent... Football, rugby, boxing, drumming, styling and now photography? There is no end to that kid's abilities!


A-Z of Becky: I

These, frankly amazing, photos were taken by my little brother when he was 10. I've done what I can with them but excuse the dodgy composition/ exposure. Not bad for a 10 year old though!

I is for Identity

Identity is very important to me. There are a number of things that I feel make me who I am, but the most important is my background. I briefly touched on my upbringing in my If You Really Knew Me post. I don't have a sob story. My childhood wasn't a pit of despair (despite what Jacqueline Wilson would have you believe, but we won't go into that now) but it was certainly instrumental in making me who I am.

My parents divorced when I was 8 and, after a couple of years with joint custody, my brother and I went to live with our mum on a council estate. We didn't have a great amount of money but we always had what we needed. I worked hard at school and eventually went on to university.

It was only when I got to university that I realised the stigma that still surrounds council estates. A lecturer once announced that we need to support children from council estates because they certainly won't make it as far as university. Another informed us that children in council houses don't have a high quality of life.

I thought that was bad enough. Then my friend told me that her sister was "hanging around with council estate people... You just don't want your sister seeing those sorts of people". Later, on bursary day, she would say "I wish my parents didn't earn so much money so I could get a big bursary like you". Wow!

To this day, my little brother's predicted grades are calculated by his postcode. You read that correctly. His exam results are consistently above his predicted grades because he is assumed to get low grades due to his address.

Despite the stigma, I am ridiculously proud of my council estate roots. It has made me tough and resilient, especially during my emo years, when just stepping out of the house was a guarantee of verbal abuse from the local kids. It's made me determined to make something of myself and prove all those people wrong- the ones who think that children from council estates will never amount to anything. Most of all, it's made me completely grounded. I always remember where I came from and I appreciate everything that I get, every opportunity that has been presented to me.

This is the house I grew up in. Yes, there's a skip and a broken fridge in the garden. I'm a primary school teacher with a first class honour's degree. What's your point?


19th August 2012

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Glasses (below): c/o Firmoo

I ventured out this evening. It was so hot during the day but thankfully, by the time we went out at 8pm, it had cooled down a lot. I picked up this dress in the Topshop sale at Oxford Street. Even though it has long sleeves, it's a really light fabric so it's cool in the heat.

I should also mention the comfort shorts that I'm wearing. I got them from Evans and, let me tell you, I think they might have revolutionised my wardrobe. No more tights in summer to prevent the dreaded chub-rub! The only problem is that they're a little long so short skirts (which, I have to admit, I favour) are out of the question.

I also snapped a couple of photos of me in my new Firmoo glasses. Firmoo is an online glasses retailer that offers some pretty nifty glasses for a low price. Since these were a gift, I decided to go for something different. These would be perfect for my Garth Elgar costume. (Yes, I have a Garth Elgar costume). I like them a lot actually.

They fit my face just perfectly since they asked for various measurements when ordering and the frame is very light so it's good for occasional use. These are prescription glasses but, as I have continuous wear contacts in at the moment, I can't verify the accuracy. (It's interesting seeing what normal-sighted people see when they look through my glasses!) Shipping was pretty quick too, considering they came from China. I'd recommend them if you're looking for some new frames.

I hope all you lovelies had a great weekend. What are your plans for the week ahead?


18th August 2012

Cardigan: New Look
Dress: Motel Rocks

It is so, so hot today. Lie-on-the-sofa-and-melt hot. Ok, so those of you in America would cry with laughter over how much I'm dying in 29 degree celsius heat but, trust me, it's hot for us!

Still, it was the perfect opportunity to wear my new dress which is just made for this weather. It's so light and cool. Plus, it's super pretty. (Don't forget that you can get your own dress, or anything else you fancy, with a 20% discount at Motel Rocks by using the code BeckyBedbug).

This dress is a size 14, so that's the size I'm going to be today as I join in with Rachele's Proud of my Size link up. I thought it would be interesting to show the variety in vanity sizing rather than pigeonholing myself into an estimated size.

How are you spending your weekend? Are you slowly melting like me or are you actually doing something?


FF VIII: Matches Fashion Special

You may not know this about me but I love designer clothing. I subscribe to pretty much every fashion magazine (and buy the others at the newsagent every month) and I'm building up a little collection of designer clothes, albeit very slowly! In fact, last night I even dreamed about owning an Alexander McQueen scarf.

So when Matches Fashion contacted me about their new collections, I jumped out of my seat (Ok, maybe not literally but I did sit up a bit straighter and furiously typed out a reply!). With the depressingly imminent retreat of summer, the only thing keeping me going is the thought of the new clothes I can buy for the changing season.

I've chosen a key piece from three of the most exciting collections and tell you how I would style it if I was given free reign.

Max Mara Top
When it's gloomy and miserable, I like to wear colour. If I stare at it for long enough, I can trick myself into thinking that it's actually summer. Almost. This orange Max Mara Vata top would do just the trick. I really like the vintage-inspired neckline so I would team this with a full black skirt, black opaque tights and patent ballet pumps.

Dogtooth skirtI love dogtooth. I think it comes from my decades-long obsession with the sixties (Wow, I'm old enough to use the plural of decade? Ouch!). I was super excited when I saw Emma Stone on the cover of last month's Vogue in a dogtooth jumper. This Diane von Furstenberg Melissa skirt is even better- Look how bright it is! I'd channel the vintage vibe with a black fitted jumper, opaque tights and black suede boots.

Alexander McQueen dress
Ok, time for the big guns: Alexander McQueen. This is my ultimate fantasy dress- the Victorian lace jacquard knit dress. Look at it. The opulence. The drama. I can't take it. This is the sort of dress that Rich can hear me finding because I make my "pretty clothes noise". I'd simply team this with black strappy heels. I wouldn't want to distract from the dress.

Other things I am loving this week:

Mo Farah running away from things
Mo Farah is my favourite athlete from the Olympics. This meme, Mo Farah Running Away From Things, is absolutely amazing.

Perfect eyeliner tutorialI love this vintage tutorial on achieving flicked eyeliner. So pretty! I saw this image on another blog but I lost the source when I copied it over. If anybody knows where it's from, please let me know.

Young Me Now Me
I absolutely love the concept of Young Me/ Now Me. The basic premise is that you take photos of yourself in the same pose, clothes and (for the really extreme) location as your childhood photos. I really, really want to grab my brothers and try this!

What are your favourite things this week?

Post written in collaboration with Matches Fashion


A-Z of Becky: H

H is for Harry Potter

When I was 11, my year 6 teacher Mrs Neve decided to read us a book that her friend had recommended for the class. It was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I became obsessed for a year or so. Then I relaxed a little. I still read the books and watched the films when they came out but I wasn't a complete nutcase like before. When I discovered emo aged 16, I completely lost interest. I didn't read the newly released books, I didn't go out of my way to watch the films. I just didn't care much.

Then I met Laura. Laura, who became my best friend, was a total Harry Potter geek. She got into it at the same time as me but never lost that love. We bonded over a joint nostalgia for Hogwarts and slowly she brought me over to her side.

Then we ended up going to a Harry Potter convention in Florida and she'll be maid of honour for my wedding at Wizarding World of Harry Potter next year. Yeah, I'm more obsessed now than I was at 11. Thanks Laura!


If you really knew me...

I thought it was a great idea to reveal a little more about myself so I've decided to create my own If you really knew me post. Ok, here goes!

If you really knew me:

You'd know that I can't go shopping without touching everything. Even if I don't like it. Especially if it's furry.

You'd know that I am the calmest person in a real crisis but that I fall to pieces over the tiniest every day things. I can cope with being lost in the sand dunes without a mobile phone aged 12 accompanied by two younger brothers (yes, that really happened) but losing my bus ticket is the biggest catastrophe ever.

You'd know that I hate being late so I am always ridiculously early. This means I end up having to sit at the train station/ bus stop or take a walk around the local area so that I don't turn up too early.

You'd know that I have a phobia of Edward Scissorhands that is so severe, I am afraid of anything associated: Scissors, disembodied hands, whisks, hedges shaped like animals... (Seriously).

You'd know that MmmBop is still one of my favourite songs, that I haven't updated my music collection since 2006 and that I've seen My Chemical Romance 16 times.

You'd know that I still go to bed with cuddly toys: A pig called Fluffy who I've had since I was 8, a dinosaur called George who my best friend gave me last year and a Bagpuss that heats up in the microwave that Rich bought me last Christmas.

You'd know that I wrote my dissertation in 6 weeks entirely in the local pub. I couldn't work at home without being distracted so I went to the pub from 11am- 6pm 5 days a week and worked my little socks off. I graduated with a first class honours degree.

You'd know that I was summer born and grew up on a council estate, in a broken home, on free school meals. I wasn't supposed to do well at school. I wasn't supposed to make it to university. I wasn't supposed to succeed. And for that, I refuse to see children by their background and instead see them for who they truly are.


11th August 2012

T shirt: Primark
Skirt: Topshop
Leggings: Primark

This is only the second time I have worn leggings in public. I just don't like them. After my trip to London, my poor legs were very sore and I needed to wear something more comfortable than tights. So leggings it was.

Actually, I have to admit that I kind of like it. I look all ballerina-y. I actually think I look pretty good here which is handy since this is my (rather late) contribution to Rachele's Proud of my Size Link-Up. So this is me, a size 16, and Doris, who is a size 8. She's proud of her size too!


London Olympics 2012 and Grayson Perry The Vanity of Small Differences

So I did it! I bit the bullet and headed into London at the peak of the Olympics. We mostly went to see the Grayson Perry exhibition at the Victoria Miro gallery but, since it's the Olympics and all, decided that we might as well pop over to Hyde Park too.

Before heading to the Victoria Miro, we built up our energy with a Nando's stop-off. The Charing Cross restaurant is my favourite, mostly because it's in Chandos Place and that makes me laugh since Charing Cross Nando's can be shortened to Chando's.

Since we were so nearby the National Portrait Gallery, we figured we would drop in and see Marc Quinn's Self (after a quick photo opportunity with my new mate Wenlock, above). This is one of my favourite sculptures because I love seeing people's reactions when they realise it is made out of blood.

Marc Quinn Self (left) and Sarah Sze Model for a Twin (right). The Sarah Sze piece is from her exhibition at the Victoria Miro. I love these lines of coloured thread.

After a fairly long walk from the tube, we finally found the Victoria Miro down a little anonymous side street with nothing of note except a McDonald's. In fact, there's a danger of walking straight past it since the entrance is just a little door in the side of the wall.

The Grayson Perry exhibition is called The Vanity of Small Differences. If you haven't heard of it, I'd recommend watching the Channel 4 series All in the Best Possible Taste, in which he explained his process. It's a commentary on class and taste in England, told through a series of six tapestries. I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about class, so I very much connected to these, specifically the two that examine the working class, The Adoration of the Cage Fighters and The Agony in the Car Park.

The tapestries are insanely detailed. Each time I looked at one, I noticed something else that I hadn't seen before. They are just so clever. I was completely in awe.

"A normal family, a divorce or two, mental illness, addiction, domestic violence... the usual thing"
The Adoration of the Cage Fighters

The Annunciation of the Virgin Deal


There was also a collection of 3 pots and a drawing. This was a pleasant surprise since I was only expecting the tapestries.

(Left to right) Voting Tactics, Work in Progress and The Existential Void.

The Existential Void

Red Alan Measles!
Work in Progress

Voting Tactics

I was just typing to say I recommend it and to visit whilst you still can since it's not open for much longer. I looked up the dates and discovered that the final day is today. So I am extremely glad that I got to see it just in time!
Then it was time to head to Hyde Park. I thought they just had big screens to show the events. I had no idea that they were putting on free concerts! Yesterday was Feeder and a couple of people I've never heard of so we didn't hang around for that (Can anyone name a Feeder song other than Buck Rogers?) but it was still great to sit in the sun and watch the diving.
I couldn't resist a little gold Wenlock!
The Sun garden was great. Deckchairs, bean bags, cheerleaders... I found this Union Jack flag so I got to wave my colours with pride!
Watching the diving. Is that a massive Topshop bag? Erm... no. I didn't get sidetracked by the sale. Not at all. (As an aside, props to the Oxford Circus Topshop team. We weren't given our free scarf at checkout so we asked customer services about it. We ended up getting the scarf and two free tote bags. Result!)
A beautiful sunset to end a great day.

I truly love London. I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to experience the Olympics there, even if I didn't have tickets for the actual games themselves.


9th August 2012

Top: Primark
Skirt: H&M

Today, after days of lounging around the living room, I finally left the house and went to see my grandma. Tomorrow I'm heading into London. Unfortunately not to see an Olympic event, although we're going to go to Hyde Park and watch on the screens. I'm very much looking forward to it!


A-Z of Becky: G

Every Time I Die. 27th May 2012.

G is for Gigs

9th April 2005. London Astoria. My Chemical Romance.

This photo isn't actually from my first gig. This is the third time I saw MCR- 5th November 2005.

My first gig. I was 16 years old and I bought my ticket with my EMA. I wore dark blue jeans, pink checkered Vans, a black vest top and a black studded belt with pink rhinestones that I bought in Claire's Accessories. I thought I was so cool. I got even cooler when I bought a bootleg hoodie whilst in the line. Then I got as close to the barrier as possible, completely naive of the pushing that would happen as soon as Bob Bryar entered the stage before freaking out and retreating to the safety of the back.

Nevertheless, it was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced. I was hooked. I couldn't even begin count how many gigs I have been to. Let's put it this way- I have seen MCR 16 times alone. Yes, I am a huge massive emo kid!

There is no better feeling than being in a hot, sweaty mass of people with someone else's hair in your mouth and your face pushed into someone's shoulder blades, screaming out the lyrics of your favourite songs until you lose your voice for a week and can't move your legs for days.

2nd August 2012. Sub 89, Reading. Funeral for a Friend.

The last gig I went to. I've seen Funeral for a Friend so many times that I've lost count but I'm pretty sure it must be between 12 and 15 times. They just always seem to be touring! The cloakroom was closed for this gig so we were forced to stand at the back of the room. I didn't get any good photos because of this so this one from Shepherd's Bush Empire, 23rd July 2010 will do.

My next gig booked is Every Time I Die at the Electric Ballroom on 29th October. Just before Halloween? Sounds perfect to me! We're going in fancy dress and coating ourselves in a bucketful of fake blood. It's all fun and games!

Oh, and before I go, I want to share this photo of Dave Grohl. For no reason other than it's pretty awesome.


Charity Shop Finds II

Yesterday was time for my weekly (well, bi-weekly) trip to the local charity shops. For me, the fun is really in the stuff that I don't buy rather than what I do come away with.

Did anyone else love The Rainbow Fish as a child? How adorable are these little prints?

Yes, this is the face I make when looking through a viewfinder! Attractive, I know! Contain yourselves!

I really, really wanted this but a quick Google search revealed it's nigh on impossible to buy the film. I wasn't about to pay £10 for something inoperable so, with a very heavy heart, I put him back on the shelf. They did have a whole collection of cameras, though so maybe I'll pick one up next time.

How adorable is this little fella? Apparently his eyes lit up. I didn't want to get too close because he was just too cute and I knew I'd have to bring him home if I got too attached!

We came very, very close to buying this! However, as I'm not pregnant, it did seem a bit of an odd choice. Still pretty cool though!

Ok, so what I did end up with: A suspender skirt, a Baywatch t shirt that I saw in Primark a little while ago, an H&M cardigan, a flat cap that Rich sneaked onto the counter when I wasn't looking and a whole load of books.

Have you had any luck lately?

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