If you really knew me...

I thought it was a great idea to reveal a little more about myself so I've decided to create my own If you really knew me post. Ok, here goes!

If you really knew me:

You'd know that I can't go shopping without touching everything. Even if I don't like it. Especially if it's furry.

You'd know that I am the calmest person in a real crisis but that I fall to pieces over the tiniest every day things. I can cope with being lost in the sand dunes without a mobile phone aged 12 accompanied by two younger brothers (yes, that really happened) but losing my bus ticket is the biggest catastrophe ever.

You'd know that I hate being late so I am always ridiculously early. This means I end up having to sit at the train station/ bus stop or take a walk around the local area so that I don't turn up too early.

You'd know that I have a phobia of Edward Scissorhands that is so severe, I am afraid of anything associated: Scissors, disembodied hands, whisks, hedges shaped like animals... (Seriously).

You'd know that MmmBop is still one of my favourite songs, that I haven't updated my music collection since 2006 and that I've seen My Chemical Romance 16 times.

You'd know that I still go to bed with cuddly toys: A pig called Fluffy who I've had since I was 8, a dinosaur called George who my best friend gave me last year and a Bagpuss that heats up in the microwave that Rich bought me last Christmas.

You'd know that I wrote my dissertation in 6 weeks entirely in the local pub. I couldn't work at home without being distracted so I went to the pub from 11am- 6pm 5 days a week and worked my little socks off. I graduated with a first class honours degree.

You'd know that I was summer born and grew up on a council estate, in a broken home, on free school meals. I wasn't supposed to do well at school. I wasn't supposed to make it to university. I wasn't supposed to succeed. And for that, I refuse to see children by their background and instead see them for who they truly are.


  1. I am the same way about being late... it's kind of ridiculous actual. But I'd rather be too early than late!

    1. My mum is the least punctual person I know. We were ALWAYS late to school and it made me feel so anxious having to walk into the classroom when everyone was already seated. I think that's why I have to be so early all the time.

    2. I totally agree - luckily my Mum is as early as me, but I try to explain this to parents at school whose kids are always late and they don't get it! Grrr. Great post by the way, I've seen a few of these lately and really like the idea- might do my own this week! x

  2. I am so in love with these posts. I really should do one. I get nervous with link ups though, weird anxiety issues. I think we'd be great friends in real time.

    1. Aaw, thanks Bekuh! That's such a lovely comment. Clearly we'd be good friends- We have the best names in the world!

      I have weird anxiety issues too so I get that. If you do decide to do one, I'd really enjoy reading it, I think.

  3. Quite the pic - you have an Adele-esque sort of look.

    Popped in from Wonderful Wednesday ~


  4. this is such a lovely idea for a post :) as if you did your dissertation in a pub and got a 1st?! well done!!


    1. Thank you! Luckily, I don't drink so I wasn't swayed by vodka! I did have a cheeky bowl of chips sometimes though!

  5. I did this too, isn't it so fun? And we must be the same person when it comes to being late. I am getting better, slowly, though :)

    Also, tank you so much for linking up today! So excited to have you today!

  6. Lovely post! Congrats on completing your dissertation! :) Difficult stuff for me...

    My Mom touches everything while shopping too. I've watched her do it my whole life and now I'm weird about how certain fabrics feel (some feel slimy *shudder* and some feel so clean *yay!*) that I'll pass up excellent vintage/fit/price/etc because I can't stand the thought of wearing something oogy feeling close to my skin.

    Happy Wednesday!


  7. I might have just spent the past hour blogstalking you! So glad you linked up and I found your blog :D
    Thanks for linking up!

    WW co-host

  8. This was a really fun post to read! I tend to touch everything when I shop too haha

    xo Jennifer


  9. Your story is really touching. Good for you for doing so well for yourself. I love finding out more about bloggers. You're so damn lovely, girl!

    Ava Tallulah

  10. My dad was so crazy if I was late, he'd yell at me! So now I'm really anal about being on time, except for work, weird!

  11. Oh my... this story is so touching. I'm glad that you are ok now.

  12. This is such a brilliant post - and the last bit was just lovely. Glad you've done so well, you should be so proud! I'm sure you're inspiring so many other young people already (:


  13. I do the turning up early thing too. As such, I always carry a book, though I usually end up procrastinating on my phone...
    Oh, and I still sleep with cuddly toys too! It's awesome and snuggly and I'll never hear a word otherwise ;)

    Also, more people should think like you with regards to judging based on the person, not their background. Backgrounds can be deceiving, appearances can be deceiving, and so many are quick to judge based on what they can see on the surface without delving any deeper. I just read your other post on Identity, and while my situation was different to yours, I too came to the same eventuality (to judge based on the person, not their circumstances. Or even better, not to judge at all and just to try to understand). On the outside, my background was perfect and I came from a total background of privilege, but under the surface things were dark, and really horrible. To this day I'm still judged as a brat who doesn't know how lucky she is, when in fact, I've just done a very good job of protecting the dark secrets of those who failed me.

    Allie xx


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