FF VIII: Matches Fashion Special

You may not know this about me but I love designer clothing. I subscribe to pretty much every fashion magazine (and buy the others at the newsagent every month) and I'm building up a little collection of designer clothes, albeit very slowly! In fact, last night I even dreamed about owning an Alexander McQueen scarf.

So when Matches Fashion contacted me about their new collections, I jumped out of my seat (Ok, maybe not literally but I did sit up a bit straighter and furiously typed out a reply!). With the depressingly imminent retreat of summer, the only thing keeping me going is the thought of the new clothes I can buy for the changing season.

I've chosen a key piece from three of the most exciting collections and tell you how I would style it if I was given free reign.

Max Mara Top
When it's gloomy and miserable, I like to wear colour. If I stare at it for long enough, I can trick myself into thinking that it's actually summer. Almost. This orange Max Mara Vata top would do just the trick. I really like the vintage-inspired neckline so I would team this with a full black skirt, black opaque tights and patent ballet pumps.

Dogtooth skirtI love dogtooth. I think it comes from my decades-long obsession with the sixties (Wow, I'm old enough to use the plural of decade? Ouch!). I was super excited when I saw Emma Stone on the cover of last month's Vogue in a dogtooth jumper. This Diane von Furstenberg Melissa skirt is even better- Look how bright it is! I'd channel the vintage vibe with a black fitted jumper, opaque tights and black suede boots.

Alexander McQueen dress
Ok, time for the big guns: Alexander McQueen. This is my ultimate fantasy dress- the Victorian lace jacquard knit dress. Look at it. The opulence. The drama. I can't take it. This is the sort of dress that Rich can hear me finding because I make my "pretty clothes noise". I'd simply team this with black strappy heels. I wouldn't want to distract from the dress.

Other things I am loving this week:

Mo Farah running away from things
Mo Farah is my favourite athlete from the Olympics. This meme, Mo Farah Running Away From Things, is absolutely amazing.

Perfect eyeliner tutorialI love this vintage tutorial on achieving flicked eyeliner. So pretty! I saw this image on another blog but I lost the source when I copied it over. If anybody knows where it's from, please let me know.

Young Me Now Me
I absolutely love the concept of Young Me/ Now Me. The basic premise is that you take photos of yourself in the same pose, clothes and (for the really extreme) location as your childhood photos. I really, really want to grab my brothers and try this!

What are your favourite things this week?

Post written in collaboration with Matches Fashion


  1. I absolutely love that you have a "pretty clothes noise"! And I love that Alexander McQueen dress. Pure heaven!

  2. I love the young me/now me photographs! That is too funny!!

  3. Oh my, those clothes are awesome! I think the orange top (my fav colour!) would look especially fab with a pencil skirt. Very Jane Holloway.
    And that McQueen dress is stunning. I keep meaning to buy the Alexander McQueen book when I have the spare pennies, but it always slips my mind when payday rolls around. I really ought to fix that, his work is so inspiring!


  4. Love the eyeliner tutorial, and your blog - where do I start?

    Anyways now following, feel free to check out my blog if you like.

  5. Hello! Thanks for following my blog :D I love the shot of the three brothers, it's so adorable. And that flicked eye liner tutorial is extremely helpful, mine's different every time I do it, and I want a bit more consistency

  6. wow first thing <3 my heart is melting.

  7. awesome winged eyeliner tutorial! definitely doing it!
    just followed you.. :)

    Hopefully you can help me by checking my blog out and we can follow each other back. thanks!

    xox, Jezzel

  8. The eyeliner pic is beautiful! I have to help myself with some tape to achieve this look. :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


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