A-Z of Becky: F

F is for Family, Friends and Fluffy!

This needs no explaining really, does it? So, to illustrate my point, here are some photos of my favourite people.

Fluffy pulling back the covers for me!

Me and my best friend Laura recreating Titanic in Florida.

My other best friend Marie sat on my lap on the way to see Brand New.

My family: Me with my mum and brothers Jamie (the big one) and Myles (the little one).

Me and Rich at my favourite time of the year!


  1. lovely post! I enjoyed my visit to your blog xo P.S. following you now :-)

  2. Awww that little pig is so cute! =)

  3. Love your style, and your blog! That red dress looks absolutely fantastic on you too <3

    xoxo Coco
    Fancy Drew

  4. The christmas is picture is postcard-perfect!


  5. That is an adorable post! especially the one with you and your boyfriend under the tree! aww! :)


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