18th August 2012

Cardigan: New Look
Dress: Motel Rocks

It is so, so hot today. Lie-on-the-sofa-and-melt hot. Ok, so those of you in America would cry with laughter over how much I'm dying in 29 degree celsius heat but, trust me, it's hot for us!

Still, it was the perfect opportunity to wear my new dress which is just made for this weather. It's so light and cool. Plus, it's super pretty. (Don't forget that you can get your own dress, or anything else you fancy, with a 20% discount at Motel Rocks by using the code BeckyBedbug).

This dress is a size 14, so that's the size I'm going to be today as I join in with Rachele's Proud of my Size link up. I thought it would be interesting to show the variety in vanity sizing rather than pigeonholing myself into an estimated size.

How are you spending your weekend? Are you slowly melting like me or are you actually doing something?


  1. Gorgeous, feminine, pretty and very vintage looking.

  2. Such a great dress! I'm on the MR street team also!
    Sincerely, Kristen
    stylish in sequins | Enter our $25 Jemesuis Vintage Giveaway!

  3. Love this dress, its so pretty! I'm currently sitting inside with the shutters closed because I just can't take the heat, it would probably be ok if I was sitting in the grass with a beer but after walking round all day I just feel disgusting. I feel your pain xo

  4. you look SO beautiful in that dress! All of that colour is pretty on you :)

  5. Eeeep! this is such a cute dress, it looks darling on you!!! :) p.s. lovely hair too, love the vintage feel!

  6. Oh, this dress is so girly and sensitive, I really like it <3.
    You look gorgeous, just like usual :)

  7. So tropical and Palm Spring-y! Love it!


  8. that dress is absolutely gorgeous! shame summer's almost over, still maybe i could order it for next summer? hmm...

    1. Haha I keep buying summer dresses in the sale for next year!

  9. love this look :-) that dress is super cute.

    following :-)

    hope youll show your support back

  10. I'm a 14 too and I'm loving your style! Followed :)

  11. Lol 29 is a mild Spring day here! I seriously can't wait to avoid the 40 degree C weather here in Australia! I won't miss it one bit. This dress is soooo lovely I want it! Looking spesh as always m'dear!
    Ps m
    In reply to your comment, have never been to England let alone in the winter! I will whine about the cold I'm sure haha


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