Too Cool to Pool with PrettyLittleThing

When I was about 12, I got my first bikini. It was blue and yellow with starfish motifs on- very cute! A year or two later, I'd decided I was too fat to get my stomach out and, for the next decade, I resorted to wearing only tankinis or one-pieces. And then, in my late 20s, I had an epiphany. What if I just wore what I actually wanted to? I tentatively tried a bikini on and walked around a hotel swimming pool. And you know what? It was liberating! Since that day, I haven't looked back. I absolutely love a bikini and with fashion sites like PrettyLittleThing offering gorgeous swimwear in a range of sizes, it's getting easier and easier for me to find my perfect beach outfit.

Red plus size PLT bikini

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