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This month, I'm turning my attention towards women who need help in abusive situations. Refuge assists victims of domestic abuse, helping them find emergency accommodation and outreach workers for those who cannot leave home.


Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence can happen to anyone. In fact, one in four women will be abused in their lifetime so, chances are, if it hasn't happened to you, it's happened to somebody you know. Of those, two women are killed every week by a former or current partner and every single day, 30 women in the UK will attempt suicide to escape violence. Every week, three of those women will succeed. Imagine living a life where it feels like your only option is to kill yourself. Where you cannot simply leave. Women, and children, who live in these conditions need our help.

Thankfully, Refuge is working tirelessly to improve the lives of victims and to give them hope. They campaign tirelessly to improve legislation that operates around women's safety. Over the country, shelters are run by Refuge and managed by specialist staff to provide women and children safety when fleeing abuse. Outreach services assist those who cannot leave and the Domestic Violence Helpline is open 24 hours a day.


As well as standard donations, you can donate the cost of a refuge parcel or support a stay. If sporty fundraising is more your thing, you can take part in Walk4 in London, or raise money through a range of cycling or running events.
However, this month is special because Benefit are supporting Refuge in their Bold is Beautiful campaign.For every brow wax during May, Benefit will donate 50% of the profits to Refuge (the other 50% will go towards Look Good, Feel Better). You'll even get a free full-sized Gimme Brow as a thank you. What's more, on Sunday 10th May, Benefit are holding the Bold is Beautiful March through London to raise further funds. 


Unfortunately, domestic violence is a part of life for an estimated 1.1million women in the UK. Refuge are campaigning tirelessly to stop that and together, we can give them hope.


  1. Refuge really are a very important charity and one that I support myself, thanks for sharing. xxx

  2. Such a brilliant Charity!. Its also so good to see a brand such as Benefit get behind a charity like Refuge to give them support as well as help bring awareness to such a huge problem. Seeing just how many people are affected by domestic abuse is heart breaking. Thanks for sharing :)

    Caitriona |

  3. What a wonderful charity!!

  4. This is terrible.. I volunteer at a shelter for abused women & children, and can't stand knowing what those women and kids have been through. They're so strong, and they've been through so much.

  5. Refuge is such a great charity and it's so important. I'll definitely be getting an eyebrow wax and making a donation as well.

    Emma x
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